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Little Princess ass fucked and put in her place

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Welcome back our little sexy Princess Remy LaCriox. Remy started in porn career in Jan of 2012, six month later she is retired entirely from the industry.

She burned bright and hot, and made a huge impact on the porn world, we are all sad to see her and her freckled face and amazing ass go.

We bound her in a way to showcase that amazing oiled ass. With her elbows severely bound back, until we had to move them Remy was as helpless as they cum, and she came alot. She was ass fucked to orgasm, she was vibrated to orgasms, she was made to cum over and over. If you loved Remy LaCroix, then don’t miss one of her last scenes she did anywhere. She was a little treasure my crew will never forget.

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Flying Inverted Category 5 Skull Fuck

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

The amazing Cassandra Nix returns to Sexually Broken for another round of extreme rope bondage to the severity that can only be found on the best rope bondage site on the net,

19-year-old Cassandra starts on the floor in a beautiful spread eagle position. We work her over hard with cane and flogger. There is nothing sexier then making a 19-year-old cum while she is helpless to do anything at all about it. As far as pain goes Cassandra takes the hardest hits we deliver on this site. Her pussy and feet take the brunt of the pain.

Like most ties here at Sexually Broken, we evolve the bondage before your eyes. What starts out as one thing gracefully turns into a Category 5 suspension. Now our sexy 19 year old is fucked. Her mouth opens to let out a moan as she sinks into the ropes, and a hard cock is jammed down her throat. She suffers a brutal face fucking while relentlessly subjected to devastating and unbearable orgasms. She never loses focus, this girl can multi task.

Sexually Broken has the most extreme, inescapable bondage on the net along with cock and orgasms. All done before your eyes by one rigger/handler. If you’re tired of weak bondage and sex, or tired of a model pre-tied and a male porn star walking into a scene, then join the most authentic BDSM sexual site in the world.

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Former Romanian National Gymnast Champion

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Welcome 5 time Romanian National Gymnast Champion to Sexually Broken! Lea Lexis is beautiful, strong and as sexy as they come.

Bound to an H frame, we take advantage of Lea’s strength and flexibility. She is in the perfect postion to skull fuck and with a slight adjustment we can also fuck that tight, hot pussy of hers.

We warm her up with a bit of heavy flogging, then bend her back over the beam and face fuck the back of her throat. Suction cups make her huge nipple bigger. We add string to her puffed up nipple and pull them out the the frame.

We then attack our sexy gymnast with fingers, vibrators and cock. She suffers orgasm after orgasm. It is a battle royal from face fucking to cumming to fucking to face fucking, it’s a sexual over load. After we wear out a 5 time nation champion gymnast and porn star with orgasms and throat fucking we leave her to suffer in the bondage. A crotch rope is tied back to a neck rope and Lea is severely bent and stuck over the beam, her ability to even breath greatly reduced as she is brought to her very tippy toes to languish.

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cock Overload

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Beretta James is back on Sexually Broken. This hot 35 year old is single hot and by definition a genuine cougar. There is nothing better then dicking down a mature women who is bound and helpless.

This is just rough sex and cock punishment. The bondage is tight and inescapable. Beretta is simply manhandled and brutally fucked. She endures a devastating skull fucking and penetrating deep throating. We don’t care if she gags on it. We torture her with cock. Just when she thinks she can’t handle anymore we fuck her and fuck her well.

From pussy to mouth and back and forth. In the end our sexy cougar is on the floor laying in her own squirt slightly convulsing unable to move from crippling fucking she had to endure.

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

The Gauntlet

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Welcome Audrey Rose to Sexually Broken. Are we the only people that think Audrey looks like a young Carly Simon?

You know what Audrey likes? Cock, hard real cock. Cock that is jammed all the way down her throat and is held there. Cock that fucks her pussy so hard, her eyes roll up into the back of her head while she is cumming uncontrollably. Audrey likes to be MAN-HANDLED and roughed up on a professional level.

Carly is bound, did I say Carly? Sorry, Audrey is bound in a technically perfect Japanese rope sex tie. She starts on her knees sucking cock, we give her the illusion that she is some what in control with her mouth expertly sucking our cock. That disappears quickly as we begin Audrey’s cock nightmare.

Audrey takes one of the best skull fucking we have filmed to date. Total deep throating and breath control. Throat gagging at its best, some one once said it’s not a good blow job unless the eyes water. We get that deep slippery spit from the bottom of her throat, the long string saliva, that’s when you know some one is trying desperately to survive a face fucking.

That’s just the beging of the Gauntlet we toss down. Audrey is brutally tossed and man handled. We fuck her pussy, until she comes, we flip her over and fuck her throat, then back over and fuck her from behind. Over and over Audrey is overloaded with hard cock. She doesn’t know up from down. Her eyes roll up into the back of her head when we make her come with a cock jammed all the way down her throat while upside down, and vibrator on her clit. It’s a long scene, Audrey is sexually destroyed by cock and cummed out. We spread her out on the bed, cruelly bind and pull her breast out to the bed posts. Audrey moans in pain. We bind her ankles and finger blast her to one huge squirting mind blowing orgasm. It wrecks her brain. We add a crotch rope and leave her to suffer until the next time we want to put our dick in something.

Sexually Broken is the best technical, hardest, creative rope bondage site on the net, with the sexiest, most popular porn stars on the planet. Male Sexual Domination at its best and most brutal.

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Squirt Couch Destroys The McCray

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Welcome Marie McCray back to Sexually Broken. We love sexy natural irish red heads, but we love tying them up and fucking them even more!

Bound in a technically perfect Japanese box tie, McCray is totally helpless and not stressed. The bondage is perfectly secure but not so tight that she will need to come out anytime soon, she is 100% helpless.

With such a cute face, let’s fuck it up. We bag her head with a stocking and cover her eyes so she has no idea what to expect. And she doesn’t expect what cums next. A brutal sexual attack that leaves her out of breath, and laying in her own squirt and cum.

This is bondage and rough consensual sex at it’s best; a devastating throat fucking and brutal manhandling. Marie is tossed around like a rag doll and fucked hard and well. She cums multiple times and sucks cock in every position you can think of, this girl goes through a gauntlet of cock, all blind folded. She has to take it and she takes it like a pro!

In the end we finger blast her pussy and make her squirt over and over. She has nothing left, each hole fucked out and laying in her own juices from each hole.

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Runway Model Abused

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Welcome Lyla Storm to Sexually Broken. This girl should be a runway model. She is stunningly beautiful with long sexy legs and that perfect golden tan. Let’s not forget her HUGE nipples and perfect ass either.

So, let’s fuck up America’s Next Top Model shall we? We start with a tight elbow tie, that is simply inescapable. We make her take off her own clothes, not an easy feat when your arms are trapped behind you. She manages the task and is rewarded with a hard cock to the back of the throat.

Lyla has one of those throats. You can just fuck it balls deep like a pussy. However, past a point you block her ability to breath, so her skull fucking turns into a game of survival. If you’re a fan of rough sex blow jobs, and devastating deep throating, this girl will not disappoint. She could use more training to hold her breath longer while a cock is jammed into her lungs but over all a good showing.

We pull her up and into a difficult strappado. Now we can fuck that tight model pussy and fuck it hard. Lyla cums from the intense fucking, then is vibrated to a screaming orgasm that leaves her out of breath. The strappado is pulled up higher and Lyla is left to suffer like a used up whore.

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Skull Fucked-Ass Fucked-Bondage Fucked!

Friday, July 13th, 2012

As we write this, Leilani Leeane is currently the 6th most popular porn star in the world according to AVN. Besides being beautiful and having one of the nicest asses on the planet, Leilani is a genuine sweetheart.

You know what we love doing to beautiful 19-year-olds? Yep, you guessed it, tying them up so they are completely helpless, and fucking the shit out of every hole they have.

Our sexy little 19-year-old is way out of her comfort zone. She is used to making love, and having normal sex for the vanilla porn world. Not today. Today she finds out what being helpless is all about.

We brutally skull fuck her pie hole. Leilani can do nothing to prevent the hard cock from going ALL the way down her wet throat. We fuck her face, and control her breathing with cock. Tears trickle from her sad eyes as the cock rams home again and again, down the back of her throat.

After that deep slippery throat saliva is coating that hard cock we jam it up her ass. For a 19-year-old with a perfect booty she sure can take a powerful ass fucking. We make her cum a few times, then make her suck her ass juices off the cock.

Back and forth we fuck her. She is totally helpless as her holes are violated again and again. Totally fucked out we grab her ankles and turn her into a work of art. Her back is arched, her feet spread up and high. In this position we make the little slut cum again with a vibrator.

Swimming in subspace, disorientated and cum drunk, we leave our beautiful star to suffer in the bondage. When we are ready to fuck her holes again we will let her down, but not before…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hogtie from Hell

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Ariel X over the years has transformed herself into the premiere fitness bondage model of our generation. Flexible, muscular and so sexy.

This is just a good, old fashion, brutal hogtie, with back to basics; caning and cumming. With her wrists bound to her waist, palms up, and her elbows bound with a wooden rod, Ariel finds that all those muscles and all that brute strength mean nothing when your expertly bound.

Her ankles are bound to the rod her elbows are tied to, and pulled up, keeping her legs spread apart. Her perfect ass and pussy are exposed from behind and we plan on making Ariel beg and plead to cum.

We rip orgasm after orgasm out of Ariel’s helpless body. She tries to resist, but fails miserable as we make her cum over and over. When we think she can’t physically handle any more orgasms we hike her up into the air and let her suffer in a brutal Category 5 Suspension. She struggles desperately to get free, but resistance is futile..

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Physically and Sexually Destroyed

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Welcome Cherry Torn to Sexually Broken. Cherry has one of the hottest natural bodies in the world. She is beautiful, flexible, and loves being sexually devastated. We lock Cherry into a brutal position that tests the limit of her endurance. Her body is exposed, legs spread, head back, tits push up and out, her perfect pussy wet, waiting.

We start with an intense body and pussy flogging. We turn her perfect white skin pink and red. Every part of her body is feeling the burn. With her head back her mouth is just begging to get a good fucking. Cherry mouth is fucked deep and hard. She is given almost to chance to breath. She struggles for any air while at the same time the vibrator is making her cum. Her body spasms from lack of oxygen and her orgasm at the same time.

We move to the front and humiliate Cherry by slowly sliding a hard cock up into her wet pussy. We fuck it slow, there is nothing she can do to prevent the cock from just sliding in her at will. We fuck her, make her cum, then let her suffer in her brutal, back-breaking bondage, but not before we finger blast her “g” spot and make her squirt and cum all over herself.

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