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Ass fucked to orgasm, throat fucked into subspace, brutal suspended ladder bondage

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Welcome Amber Rayne to Sexually Broken. This tiny ball of sex is flexible, tough and can take anything you throw at her sexually.

Amber is famous for her amazing intense scenes. Her mouth and ass can take cock. No matter how deep you fuck her throat or how big something is that goes in her ass, Amber can take it until you’re done giving it. She will always outlast the giver. She is that determined. There is no “give in” with this girl. Challenge Accepted!

Extremely bound, woven in and out of the rungs of a ladder, Amber is utterly and completely helpless. Her ass is sticking out the back begging for cock. Her elbows are cruelly bound behind her. Her head is locked in place with a harness gag. Her long thin legs spread wide and open. The two holes we are interested in are complete immobilized and we are going to fuck them up!

We jump right in and attack the back of Amber’s throat! The cock goes deep into back of her throat, blocking off all air to her lungs. She can’t breath in, the cock stays, and Amber gets weaker and weaker. Breath control at it’s best. We skull fuck Amber into Subspace. We control her air intake. Her brain flashes. The cock fucks her throat as if it were a pussy. Non stop mouth fucking. The deep spilt from the back off her throat coats everything in a slippery sheen.

We take that spit, mix in some tears and use that as lube to fuck her tiny ass. The cock slides in deep, hard stokes that make Amber cum in seconds, but we do not let up. We fuck Amber’s helpless ass with conviction. Each stroke bottoming out and sending her deeper into subspace. From her ass we go back to face fucking her and back to her ass again. Amber has several catastrophic orgasms. We add nipple clamps to her nipples, add heavy weights and leave her spinning in subspace, wondering when the cock will impale her again….

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Hot half Asian MILF is bound against a beam, brutally skull fucked, made to cum!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Welcome CeCe Stone to Sexually Broken. This half Asian hot MILF has a deep throat and very sensitive pussy. She loves being manhandled and controlled.

We quickly bind CeCe to the beam and waste no time making her cum. We make her cum in less then 30 seconds, and from that point on she is very easy to control. Her body surrendered immediately, her brain flashed with endorphines, CeCe is now physically and mentally helpless.

We put her into a “catchers” position with a nice neck rope holding her straight against the back of the beam. Her head has nowhere to go as we stick our cock all the way down her throat. Over and over we brutally attack CeCe’s throat, deep and hard. Breath play at it’s best, CeCe breathes when we want her to, the cock sucking sends her deeper into subspace.

We clamp CeCe’s huge nipples and pull them out painfully. A vibrator is used and within seconds CeCe is cumming again. We make her cum over and over, she uses the neck rope to try and choke herself out but the body doesn’t work like that, but she does manage to make her orgasms even stronger. She screams against the ropes, she strugglse to get free but we just keep on making her cum. In the end she can’t even stand on her feet, she sinks to the ground sexually beaten and destroyed….

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Brutal sexual domination, Category 5 single ankle rope suspension with massive squirting orgasms!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Welcome back Felony to Sexual Broken. This amazing MILF is as hot a they cum. With huge tits, a strong flexible body, and a throat that loves cock pushed all the way down it, Felony is the total package.

This was our meet and greet with Felony, in other words her first scene of the day. It is a scene where we go in and create bondage before your eyes. It is completely ad-libbed, spontaneous and fluid. Best of all, we do all the bondage on screen from the start to the finish so you at home can see how it is really done.

Sitting in a reverse prayer tie, Felony must wait in her short sexy dress for our attention. We come in and hood her with a creepy pantyhose mask. We then tape over her eyes so she has no idea what is coming next. Before she can really understand what is happening to her, a cock is jammed deep into her mouth. Now she is fighting for air. We skull fuck her pretty MILF mouth deep and rough.

We rip out her massive tits and manhandle her all over the stage. We lift her to her feet, twist her around and slip a cock into her wet, dripping pussy. She is helpless to resist and cums hard from the intense pounding. We knock her back to the ground and vibrate a screaming, struggling orgasm out of her. Once she cums from that we finger blast her to another catastrophic squirting orgasm. The MILF is spent, left on the ground in her own cum and out of breath. We have one more brutal surprise for her.

We quickly tie up one ankle with rope, then while vibrating her to another orgasm we suspend her in a category 5 suspension. She has no idea what is happening as she goes airborne. Her body cums again and she left to swing from one ankle until we decide to dote on her again.

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Stuck to the deep throat chair, Impaled, vibrated, and ass fucked! Completly Air Tight!

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Welcome Ashl Orion to Sexually Broken. This cute little innocent looking girl next door has an amazing ass and most beautiful smile.

Bound with arms reversed to the front of a chair, stuck with her ass up, while impaled with a huge dildo with a vibrator locked on her clit, Ashli knows she in a bit of trouble.

Welcome to the skull fucking chair, your stay will be brutal, your ability to freely breath removed, Orgasms will be ripped out of your helpless body repeatedly, enjoy your stay.

But nothing is that simple. We jam the cock all the way down Ashli’s throat, we hold it there, she begs pleads and struggles for air to no avail, she breaths when we want her to breath, however she cums over and over while trying to survive. The female body is funny like that. Remove the air supply while being vibrated and girls just cum like that “snap”, over and over. It’s very weird, but completely awesome.

We are cruel captors, Ashli never gets a break from the brutal throat fucking, or the vibrator that is making her cum over and over. So their is only one more thing to do to a girl struggle to breath while cumming, and that is to fuck her ass! Elise Graves Straps on and jams her cock all the way up Ashli’s amazing ass.

Now Ashli has a cock in every hole, and a vibrator locked on her clit, she is about to cum her self into insanity. We fuck her throat deeper and harder, her ass is getting brutally fucked and she is lossing her mind to the devastating orgasms. She is a mindless sex vessel for cock, with no hope for escape.

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Cute girl next door is run though the sexual gauntlet. Amazing sex and submission!

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Welcome back the cutest girl next door that does bondage and rough sex, Mia Gold. This girl loves the ropes and loves sex and submitting.

Tightly bound in a traditional Japanese box tie, Mia is completely helpless. From the word “go” Mia is overwhelmed. She has no choice but take it, to endure it. It makes her cum over and over. It is brutal, it is relentless, it is enduring. Almost in a mindless state, she has to go into survival mode, but that cannot protect her from the orgasms that we rip out of her defenseless body.

The cock shows no mercy, it is her destroyer and her salvation. This is bound rough sex at its best, devastating face fucking, all the way down the back of the throat, no breathing possible. Her pussy is fucked deep, bottoming out, making her cum over and over. She can do nothing but take it, nothing but to cum over and over. Her mind is gone, she is surviving on pure painful pleasure. Deep in subspace, we fingerbang her and flash her brain deep and deeper as she squirts. She has no control over her body, not even the most basic functions. What is human is gone, instead we are left with a mindless orgasm junky.

In the end she is hung upside down and made to cum again. Her friend looks on with jealously in her eyes, Mia looks back with humiliation in hers, she was sexually destroyed, and every one in the room knows it..

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Squirt Couch Strikes Again! Massive repeated discharge, brutal face and pussy fucking!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Welcome back Annie Cruz to Sexually Broken. This sexy hot Asian girl squirts buckets when she cums, and we make her cum a lot!!

Annie finds herself completely helpless with her elbows touching behind her head, on her knees sucking cock while we take pictures to send to her mother. People should not leave their phones just sitting around without a passlock.

This blow job quickly turns into a brutal skull fucking. Breath play at it’s finest and extreme. Once we have Annie all loopy from deep throating, we toss her up on the couch, before she even knows whats going on, she is being fucked and is cumming. Annie get sexually destroyed in a fierce sexual skirmish.

From brutal pussy fucking to deep throat fucking to making her squirt gallons, Annie is destroyed over and over, back and forth, she can’t even catch her breath! Once she massively squirts in a screaming brutal orgasm, she is quickly flipped over and throat fucked. It is a non-stop, never let up assault that causes Annie to cum and squirt over and over and over.

In the end Annie is left lying in a gallon of her own squirt, wondering what the fuck just happened. Her brain is locked deep into subspace, and nothing make sense to her, at all!

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Penny and her natural huge tits, is brutally ass fucked, throated, made to squirt!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Penny Pax is back and this is her most extreme scene for Sexually Broken, if you can believe that. You have seen her other updates so you know this is going to be good!

This entire scene is entitled to the coveted category 5 rating. Penny is brutally ass fucked, throated, made to cum over and over with screaming squirting orgasms. Penny is never given a chance.

She is severely but comfortably bound in the ultimate “fuck me” position. Penny is completely helpless in the traditional Japansee box tie. Her huge natural breast are tightly bound. Her ankles are bound to her neck. She is one tiny ball of helplessness with all holes available. Penny can do nothing, not even move in the slightest. Every hole she has is about to be fucked deep and hard.

We toss Penny around like a sexual rag doll. Non-stop brutal fucking. We fuck her pussy until she cums. We flip her over and skull fuck her into subspace. We flip her back over and fuck her even harder, rinse repeat. Penny can’t stop cumming, she can barely catch her breath. Our assault is devastating. Her orgasms become more violent. She is just 3 holes that can’t stop cumming.

We finger blast her ass and make her squirt out of her pussy, then the cock just slides balls deep into her ass for a butt fucking worthily of a Olympic medal. Penny has no choice but to take it. She is in survival mode, screaming and cumming, that is all she knows. Her brain is broken, more fucking, more throating, more ass pounding. We vibrate her clit too and she cums yet again. Liquid is dripping out of every hole her body has, when we hike her up into a Category 5 suspension to hang around until we want another go…

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Remy LeCroix in One of her Last Scenes in Porn Ever!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

As some of you may know, Remy LaCroix retired from the industry a few months ago. We got her on one of her last days. It was obvious she she was “over” the industry. We almost sent her home, but have you seen her naked? This is our last scene from “Amateur Hour” and one of the last new scenes you will ever see of this cute freckled face and amazing luscious ass. Unless she un-retires of course…

Severely bound in a back breaking, neck wrenching tie, Remy is impaled on a huge dildo with a powerful vibrator positioned purrrfectly on her clit. It is a delicious double bind, predicament bondage at its best.

She must use her arm strength to keep herself up, or her neck is pulled back to a position where it gets impossible for her to breathe. As she weakens, she loses the the ability to take full breaths. As she loses the ability to take full breaths, she weakens. It’s a beautiful vicious circle of awesome. Did we mention the vibrator making her cum over and over while this is all going on? Did we mention the brutal skull fucking she endures while trying to breathe? It is a sexual overload, all designed to overcome Remy on every front! Devastatingly intense! With all that going on we still find time to cane her feet and abuse her puffy little nipples. The world will no doubt miss this sexy porn kitten.

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Brutal Face Fucking and a Nasty Pile Driver Sends Ash to Subspace!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Ash Hollywood is back. This sexy blond is as smart as she is beautiful. An innocent midwestern girl that moved to California, we are defiantly helping in her total corruption, although to be fair, she was already pretty corrupt when she got here.

This first scene was our Meet and Greet with Ash. She starts dressed, gets severely bound, with her elbows and wrist tightly tied behind her. Then she is stripped, manhandled and face fucked. We do all the bondage on screen and the bondage morphs before your eyes.

We play our favorite skull fucking game with Ash: See how long you can go with a big cock jammed down your throat with out breathing. We play it over and over, until Ash is dazed and confused. We fuck her throat until Ash can’t sit straight or even think right. After we get her all loopy and deep into subspace with the brutal skull fucking, we advance the bondage.

Quickly and before your eyes Ash is bound into a strict pile driver position. This is the most humiliating and helpless position a girl can be in. Her holes are positioned directly over her face so she can see every depraved thing that happens to her close up and can do nothing to stop it.

We vibrate Ash to several devastating orgasm, then mount and fuck her hard. She has no choice but to take a catastrophic fucking that makes her cum over and over. Her screaming orgasm echo through the studio as the cock fucks her hard and deep. We love midwestern girls so much! Join Sexually Broken today. All the bondage done on screen and no phony fake porn star Dom’s pretending to know what their doing. You have found the most authentic BDSM sex site in the world.

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ORGASMAGEDDON! The total destruction of RAIN. She is mindless, her body keeps cumming!

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Rain DeGrey has a curse, she is multi-orgasmic. She can cum over and over, and as the orgasms get more and more intense, her clit gets more and more sensitive. So each orgasm is almost painful. However, when you make someone like Rain cum over and over, it also affects the body, soul and the brain.

The lump on the floor is barely human anymore, just a sexual animal devoid of any rational thought. It’s primeval instincts tell it to thrash, scream, beg, yell, but it does not comprehend it’s actions, not in the way you or I would. It mutters a language no one understands. We witness one brutal orgasm after another, squirting, finger banging, vibrating.

Rain is gone, what has replaced her is unknown. We continue the orgasm Armageddon on her helpless body. Liquid is now pouring out of every orifice she has. She is doing everything in her power to get away, somewhere deep in her mind her natural defense mechanisms are kicking in, trying to save her, trying and failing.


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