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Phoenix Marie has her throat fucked hard and deep, suffers devastating screaming orgasms!

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Welcome Phoenix Marie to Sexually Broken. At 5’9″ and with bodacious tits and ass, Phoenix is one of the hottest girls in porn today. It’s not every day you see Phoenix helpless and struggling with cock and orgasms but here it is. Bound with legs spread and arms across an H frame, Phoenix finds her self completely helpless, her mouth at the perfect height for a skull fucking. This is not lost on our tan goddess. With her head trapped against the beam she has nowhere to hide from the deep throat fucking she is about to endure.

Phoenix struggles, her air supply disrupted, she fights for air as the cock slides all the way down the back of her throat. We use her mouth like a pussy, deeply fucking it until she enters light subspace, breath control at it’s best. With massive amounts of drool and spit seeping out of her mouth and dripping down her booming body, Phoenix is primed for the vibrator. It doesn’t take long to make her cum, she fights it but cannot stop it. Soon her body shakes, she moans and screams and her body has it’s first brutal orgasm. We don’t let up, Phoenix, hates the vibrator, it is always too much for her sensitive clit to handle, but we vibrate on.

Wild thrashing, begging and primeval screams follow. Phoenix is vibrated mindless. Orgasm after orgasm rip through her, she pleads for us to stop, she begs, she tries to barter. There is nothing we want except to see her cum over and over…

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Girl next door, bound on the worlds most powerful orgasm machine cumming her brains out!

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Welcome Sarah Shevon to Sexually Broken. Sarah is one of those girl next door types that live right beside you. She wears shorts, and a t-shirt, and carries groceries into her house. You look at her and think is she pretty cute, but you really have no idea.

We love taking these innocent looking girls and making them cum. Not just cum, but cum over and over, until they think they might pass out from the brutality of the orgasms. Each orgasm gets stronger. The clit gets more sensitive with every orgasm and the Sybian never tires, never quits. When the girl is stuck on one, she is turned into a screaming, moaning cumbot 2000. Orgasm after orgasm, the machine is relentless, turning the girl’s brain to mush, her heart to overload. Soon the girl finds breathing is not easy when you’re screaming out mindless earth-shattering orgasms every 20 seconds.

Beautifully bound in a technically perfect, modified Japanesse box tie, Sarah is completely helpless. Her shaved pussy sits atop the world’s most powerful vibrator, her weight holds the pussy in place. There is nothing she can do to even squirm off it a little bit, she is in sexual trouble and she knows it.

A unique rope gag holds our Girl Next Door in place, while the machine rips her brain apart. Suction cups enlarge her nipples and we clamp them out, pulling her forward. The rope gag is pulled up. Sarah is caught, pulled in two different directions. The tightness of everything flashes her brain and her orgasms grow stronger, her screams deafening!

We leave our poor little girl next door on the evil machine. We walk away as another orgasm rips though her exhausted body. How much more can one helpless girl take?

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Skin Diamond is oiled up and sexually broken. Brutal throat fucking, Orgasm overload!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Skin Diamond is back on Sexually Broken. Skin was the recipient of the 2012 best female of the year at the Urban X awards. Very seldom do you ever see winners of best female doing extreme bondage, but then Skin is not your average girl, she is beyond exceptional!

Bound upside down with thin leather ankle straps and a spread bar, Skin finds her self completely helpless. A rope neck tied to the floor keeps her head in place and reduces her ability to move. Her arms start in a brutal strappado down to the floor with elbows tightly bound together.

We oil up our helpless award winning slut and slide a huge dildo into her wet pussy. A vibrator is attached to the pole, Skin is effectively impaled, as the vibrator is locked perfectly onto her swollen clit. Suction cups are placed on her hard, huge nipples. Soon her nipples will be 3 to 4 times bigger as the suction enlarges them to a painfully enormous size.

We trap the tongue out of her mouth with a brutal gag, then turn on the vibrator and fuck Skin’s pretty mouth with a large hard cock. It doesn’t take long for our helpless performer of the year to cum. With the cock jammed down her throat, the neck rope holding her down, not being able to breath or move, the vibrator makes short work and makes her cum and cum hard. Her body won’t stop cumming. Skin has no control over when she is allowed to breathe. That helplessness triggers her brain to just keep cumming. It is total overload, upside down nonstop orgasms rip though her body as she fights for air, as she is brutally skull-fucked into deep and lasting subspace.

Nipple clamps are the last touch. Her huge nipples are clamped down and pulled up to her ankles, however the rope neck again keeps her in place. We tighten everything up, the rope pulls her to the ground, air is getting harder and harder to come by as the vibrator is still making our captive cum, and the darkness is approaching…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!