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Professional Body builder, bound, skull fucked, made to cum with vibrator and cock! Helpless!

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Professional Body Builder Ashley Starr is back on Sexually Broken. This powerful women is bound, manhandled and put in her sexual place.

We start by taking four-strand Bavarian hemp rope and binding our muscled beauty, elbows behind her back. With just that one piece of rope Ashley discovers her mighty strength is useless. She is quite stuck but lets pile on the dispair, shall we? We add rope to her wrists, now she knows she is helpless, she knows that there will be no heroic feet of strength that can free her. It not a feeling she is used to at all.

We jam a huge ring gag into her big mouth. Her mouth is held wide open, drool drips down her body and there is nothing Ashley can do about it. How embarrassing, this powerful women can’t even stop drooling all over herself. We knock her to her knees and pull out our cock. She knows what will come next. Her arms trapped behind her, her mouth held open, she knows the cock is going to fuck her throat and she knows she is helpless to stop it. Ashley understands what sexual fear is, as the cock hits the back of her throat.

All her training, strength and muscles mean nothing, she is on her knees being skull fucked. Fighting to get air as the cock slides down her throat and cuts off breathing. We hold the cock down her throat, slowly suffocating her, she can’t even bite down if she had to, hard metal is holding her mouth wide open for cock.

When Ashley thinks she might pass out from the brutal face fucking, we pick her off the ground, bend her over and slide the cock balls deep into her wet pussy first stroke! Within seconds of being fucked deep, Ashley cums and cums hard. She can’t control her body, she has cum dripping out of her pussy, drool dripping out of her mouth. She is completely used sexually. The meaning of her existence is now to simply take cock, take it any way we want, at any time, in any hole, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Her body was ours when the ropes went on, but now her mind is ours because the cock has won

We further bind our helpless Bodybuilder into a brutal spread strappado. Muscles pulled and stretched to their limits, we fuck her some more, make her cum over and over with the vibrator. Her clit is swollen from all the cumming, it is huge! No doubt the largest clit you will ever see.

Hot Asian with huge natural tits, gets brutally skull fucked, tight bondage, and squirting orgasm!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Welcome Mia Rider to Sexually Broken. This cute big titted Asian is going to be bound and helpless for the first time, LETS WATCH!

Mia is nervous, so we start simple. We bind her wrists firmly behind her back, pull out her huge tits and then proceed to tightly bind them into a huge bulbous bulbs of joy. Mia does not like her boobs tied, but the tight binds stay and a huge cock is jammed down her throat, a fair trade of in our opinion.

With her monster breasts tightly bound and her hands tied behind her back we skull fuck this Asian beauty in to subspace. We are relentless with the hard deep throat skull fucking. Mia can take a dick down her throat with ease, but even we get to her. We push her so hard even she can’t keep up. The cock is winning, breath control at it’s finest. She is punished with cock, her throat deeply fucked without a break. Once we “flash” Mia’s brain with extreme throat fucking and before she can fully recover, we jam the cock deep into her wet cunt. She cums, and we continue to fuck her deeper into subspace.

We knock her on her ass and bind her neck to the beam. Now completely helpless, Mia finds out what “Throat Boarding” is. With her head trapped against the beam we can deeply fuck her face and she has no place to hide. The cock slides all the way down her throat over and over. She steals air when she can, while we use her throat like a pussy. Mia is distressed, she can do nothing to stop the cock from abusing her throat.

While she’s dazed, we quickly bind both her legs up and Mia finds herself in the perfect “fuck me” position. We make her cum with the vibrator, then blast her pussy with fingers, making Mia squirt as she has a brutal screaming orgasm. We leave her totally exposed and covered in her own squirt and drool, waiting for our return to train her further.

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Apartment 345: A Feature Presentation of Real life fantasies from your favorite porn stars!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Welcome to the first installment of the Sexually Broken feature movie series. These movies are real life fantasies of the girls who appear in the films, played out in a safe and sane environment for your viewing pleasure. This month’s installment is “Apartment 345” starring Penny Pax.

Penny is returning home form a nice lunch with her friends. Like most pretty girls in the SF Bay Area, Penny is single and truth to tell, a bit lonely. It seems like all the attractive hot guys have different interests. That leaves a lot of sexy girls struggling to find MR. Right.

After a frustrating lunch of listening to her girlfriends talk about their sex lives, Penny is a bit sexually distressed. As she returns to her Apartment building she sees two men in the elevator, two men she has never seen before. She can feel their eyes on her, and her mind races. Days of sexual frustration finally take over, and she has a waking dream. The men grab her, manhandle her, she tries to scream out, but she is hand gagged. They grab at her clothing, they are stripping her, DING! The elevator doors open and Penny is blasted out of her daydream. She really needs a man.

As Penny heads to her Apartment, the two strangers walk slightly behind her, are they following her? Where are they going? Penny can feel them behind her back. She grabs her key, it slides into the lock. Her mind races once again. She is pushed into her Apartment by rough hands and strong arms. Resistance is futile. She puts up half a struggle, she wants this, she needs this.

For the next 8 hours she is a sexual play toy for the man in black. He keeps her bound, and near orgasm the entire time. He uses her mouth, at will. He fucks her deep and often, always making her cum. He watches the Giants in the Playoffs, as she sucks his cock. She get him drinks from the refrigerator, she is a good little slut for her new Daddy. He keeps her huge breasts always bound tight, a reminder that she is his. He fucks her deep and hard on the bed. He makes her watch porn as he fucks her from behind, he finger blasts her and makes her squirt all over. She can’t understand how this man makes her cum so hard and so often. In the end her fucks her from behind while dunking her head underwater in the bathtub. She cums so hard while underwater.

“Have a nice weekend” Those simple words blast her back to reality, her key is still in the door, the men walk by. She really needs to find a guy! She enters her Apartment, where did she put her vibrator?

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Smoken hot Cougar, binds herself and obeys sexual commands, how desperate they get with age..

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

This 40 year old hottie is as cute and sexy as they get. Sexually Broken is always bringing the most diverse, most beautiful girls on the net.

We toss SImone a huge ring gag for her huge mouth, and a a pair of handcuffs. She is instructed to gag and bind herself. We love self bondage here at Sexually Broken. While she obeys our commands we stroke the cock that will soon be placed inside all our captured Cougar’s hungry holes.

We make Simon bend over, crawl, and tease us with her amazing body and pretty face. We make her walk on her hands and knees to suck cock. She has no choice but to obey. With her hands cuffed behind her and a ring gag holding her mouth open, the cock has no problems finding the very back of Simone’s throat. What starts out as a slow blow job turns into a battle for survival as we fuck the holy hell out of Simons cute pie hole.

We add rope to the handcuffs and man-handle our Cougar to a standing position. Dazed from the brutal skull fucking, before she knows what’s happening we fuck her from behind with passion. The cock slide balls deep in one stroke, she is that wet. We fuck her deep, we fuck her hard, she is a complete helpless mess and we push her back to her knees and fuck her face again. She has been reduced to a sex rag doll, we can fuck any hole we want has hard as we want when ever we want, and Simone knows it.

We make her sit on the floor, spread her sexy long legs out, almost into full splits. Her toes keep her legs well spread, and we attack her clit with a vibrator. We harass our Sexy Cougar, we get in her head, she can’t cum, we make fun of her for wanting to, but not being able to. She needs it so bad, but we are making fun of her. It’s not fair but we know but its so fun to tease this hot piece of ass. We clamp her huge hard nipples and pull her forward, into an incredibly uncomfortable position. While we vibrate her further, we let her know what a failure she is for not being able to cum. She wants and needs to cum so bad, but she can’t! She cries, it’s really so sad, completely heart breaking. Too bad we really don’t care…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Skinny girl with long legs a deep throat and tiny ass is sex destroyed, brutal bondage real orgasms

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Amber Rayne is back and this time she brought pig tails and cute socks! Lets take that cute, sexy, tiny ass, long legs, and deep throat and fuck it all up, what do you say?

The first thing you will notice, if you have any understanding of how tough and difficult bondage really is, is that Amber’s elbows are tightly bound behind her back touching. Not a comfy box tie, but a brutal elbow tie.

We start by sliding our cock in and out of Amber’s throat. Notice we didn’t say mouth, that’s too easy. We are plunging deep into this girl’s throat, controlling her air intake, cutting off her ability to breathe. We own her, she will breathe when we want her to breathe. She gets air and we get a great blow job, it’s a win-win. After we turn Amber all loopy, dizzy and out of breath, we flip her tiny body around and slam the cock ball deep into her tight little pussy. Within seconds she cums. Happens every time after a long, brutal deep throat session, every time.

We lead Amber though a sexual gauntlet of devastation. We fuck her rough and hard, she cums, we toss her over and deep fuck her throat; she fights for air, for survival and when she thinks she can’t take any more we toss her around again and fuck her ass. She cums more, we toss, we fuck her throat, she flashes, gags, struggles but we are relentless. We then fuck her pussy, again she cums.

Amber is completely helpless. Cum drunk, she finds herself deep in subspace and still severely bound. At this point she is nothing more than but a sex puppet. We use each hole and use it well. In the end we vibrate out a few more screaming orgasms then finger blast her to one massive squirting climax. We hogtie her and her cute sock and tighten the bondage to a Category 4 level of pain. Amber has liquid seeping out of ever hole as she is left to languish, awaiting our return..

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Helpless girl next door, denied sight, commanded, roughly deep throated, fucked, Cat 5 suspended

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

This adorable girl next door has a sexy mouth and the most perfect ass. She loves to be sexually dominated hard, and she needs it. We start by removing Ashli’s ability to see. The blindfold is impregnable. Her confidence is shaken from the start. She will be easy to control now. We make her take her chair to the back wall. She is clumsy, off balance, and scared. We grab her and she feels relief. She knows where we are, and she’s not going to run into anything.

Relief turns to nervousness as she is knocked to her knees and commanded to open her mouth. Nervousness turns to excitement. She knows a cock is going to tough her sexy lips any second, and she loves sucking cock. The cock doesn’t touch her lips. It blows right past her lips and down the very back of her throat. Rough, hard, brutal, the cock blasts her mouth. Soon excitement turns to fear. She can’t catch her breath. She is slowly being suffocated to death; never able to steal a full breath of air; the cock alway cutting off air, pushing deep down her throat. Dizziness hits. The cock is relentless. She slips into survival mode. All the deep spit and drool of the stomach dripping out of her mouth down her body. AIR!

He’s gone, but soon comes back. Her arms get trapped behind her now, tightly bound. She tests the rope. She is completely helpless, and fear returns. Before, if she had to, she could use her arms to push off from the brutal face fucking. No longer. She understands for the first time how helpless she really is. The cock rams the back of her throat again. He is going to fuck her face and she can do nothing to stop it. She can only endure until he is finished. She reserves her self for to what is to come. Slow asphyxiation by skull fucking. His cock is big enough to prevent her from breathing, and he knows how to use it.

When she thinks it will never stop, when she thinks the is going to pass out, enter the blackness, his cock pulls out and AIR hits her lungs. She shutters and almost orgasms from it. She is pulled to her feet, dizzy. The cock pushes into her pussy with one deep thrust and she is being fucked hard. She is made to cum in seconds, and she keeps cumming from the intense fucking. Back to her knees and the cock, again, deep all the way down her open throat. Another lesson, in survival, face fucked deep into subspace. The cock pulls out and a vibrater hits her pussy within seconds she is cumming again. What is wrong with her?! She has never cum so fast or so hard. Until today that is. He reads her, he plays her, and owns the dark part of her brain like no one before, she cums again.

Made to stand, more rope. Pulled off the ground, still unable to see, floating, pain, helpless. When will he return, the body aches for more…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Bella Rossi’s mouth is gagged open, rough skull fucking, dicked down from behind, brutal orgasms!

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Bella finds herself bound to the nines, completely helpless in a doggy style position. Her amazing ass just sticking up with her wet pussy totally exposed. Her huge breasts are tightly bound and pulled painfully out and to the sides. She is sporting a nylon stocking mask with a huge ring gag to keep her sexy mouth and throat open. We blindfolded Bella with electrical tape, she has no idea what is going to happen to her. Her hair is bound back, keeping her face at the perfect hight for a brutal rough throat pounding.

Now is the time to completely destroy this beautiful girl with cock. We start with a long and devastating throat fuck. With her mouth bound open the cock goes past all her defenses and down the back of her throat at will. Breath play at it’s best. Bella gags, spits, and suffers as the cock thoroughly fucks her into subspace. She breathes when we let her, and we like it when girls can’t breathe. She goes into survival mode, stealing air when she can. We are relentless but Bella endures like a professional, never letting the cock get the best of her. A heroic effort.

We move to the back, our cock easily slides into her wet tight cunt. She moans, and we destroy the pussy with hard pounding action. Within seconds we make Bella cum. She begs for permission but before we can answer she is cumming anyways. We fuck her to several brutal orgasms then quickly move to fuck her throat again. Back and forth we completely overload Bella with breath control and orgasms.

We pull out the vibrator for the coup de grace, we make Bella cum so hard and often she is begging for us to stop. She has no power, mentally or physically to stop us from making her cum. She is broken, cumming and moaning for mercy. Just like we love them…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sexy Blond, Ass Fucked, Category 5 Suspension, Double Penetrated, Skull Fucked, Made to Squirt

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Cherry has one of the best bodies in Porn. Big natural tits, a perfect bubble butt, muscular legs and a deep throat for skull fucking.

Cherry runs the sexual gauntlet today. Bound in a traditional Japanese Box tie with her huge tits severely bound, Cherry finds herself completely helpless. Every girl gets nervous when they are tightly bound and a big cock is staring them right in the face. Even the best of cock suckers will eventually be overcome and helplessly driven into subspace with a brutal continued face fucking.

Cherry stays on top it for a while but even she succumbs to the brutal deep throat fucking we deliver. That deep deep spit the body forms as lube to protect the throat from damage actually helps in the total sexual destruction. The more lube, the deeper down the throat it goes. Soon Cherry is fighting for air and survival, all the while her throat is happily getting fucked.

Dizzy, out of breath, trying to see straight, we bind Cherry into a tiny ball. With her feet bound to her neck, we roll her on to her back, prominently displaying her pussy and her ass. Cherry is humiliated by how helpless and vulnerable her holes are, she is all too aware that there is nothing she can do mentally or physically to stop the cock from fucking both her ass and pussy.

We fuck both of cherry’s tight holes, we fuck her to orgasms from her pussy and ass! She doesn’t have the will to fight, she just cums and cums. Beaten, worn out, her body betrays her and she cums again. We finger blast her pussy and she screams for mercy, as she has a devastating squirting orgasm. But we are not done teaching Cherry how completely helpless she really is. We double penetrate her, with her ass full, and her pussy full, we vibrate Cherry to more orgasms then even she thought possible. With some form of liquid seeping out of every orifice Cherry has, we leave her in a brutal category 5 suspension to suffer, until we feel the need to use her again…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cute girl next door bound on screen, roughly skull fucked, pussy fucked, brutal squirting orgasm

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Sarah Shevon is back on Sexually Broken. Does any one else think she looks like Sara from CSI Vegas? Go ahead google it.

This was the “Meet and Greet” with our sexy girl next door. All the bondage is done “live” on camera for you to see. The entire scene is made up on the spot, it flows, morphs before your eyes. It is the most realistic BDSM sex scene you can find anywhere on the net.

We start by tightly binding Sarah’s elbows behind her back, the knot well out of reach of her probing fingers. With just this one rope Sarah is completely helpless. We bind her wrists together next and make her undress for us. She struggles to remove her shorts, and only gets her cute panties off halfway before we command her to her knees and jam our cock all the way down her helpless throat.

Sarah suffers an intense deep throat fucking! Gagging, struggling for air, drool and spit running down her helpless body. Her face is getting fucked, roughly fucked into subspace.

Out of breath, dizzy from her skull fucking, we yank Sarah up bend her over and slide the cock deep into her shaved wet cunt. Within seconds she is asking us for permission to cum, this girl has manners. We answer her by fucking her harder and she cums anyways. We are relentless, the second after she cums, we knock her back to her knees and brutally fuck her tight, vulnerable throat again. It is a overload. We fuck her mouth till she flashes, knock her on her back and finger blast her to an intense, screaming, devastating, squirting orgasm that rips at Sarah’s very soul!

Dazed, confused, floating deep in subspace, Sarah’s bondage is still tight, still inescapable. We bind her leg up, exposing her pussy. We attach a powerful vibrator to her sensitive clit, making Sarah cum again and again. In the end she is a drooling, dazed mess, lying in her own squirt, desperately trying to catch her breath. She just survived a sexual gauntlet, barely…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Phoenix Marie extreme bondage, tickling, deep throating, orgasms and Category 5 choking hogtie

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Phoenix is very formitable, at 5’9 with huge tits, a perfect ass and strong tan legs, she is one of Porn’s hottest talents!

This is our “Meet and Greet” with Phoenix. All the bondage is done on screen. The entire tie from start to finish evolves before your eyes. It is the most realistic sex and submission scene you will ever see captured. No acting, no script, The rigger and the model, one on one with great bondage and sex. No other site in the world gives you this realism. All other sites have the girl all ready bound and a professional porn ACTOR steps in and awkwardly tries to Dominate and fuck the girl. Sexually Broken is the next evolution of bondage and sex sites.

With her elbows and wrists tightly bound behind her, Phoenix is kneeling, worshiping a hard cock. We let her enjoy the cock, she only has her mouth to work with. We let her go slow, deep, she makes love to the cock with just her mouth and tongue. Sensual deep throating and cock worship at it’s best from one of the best cock suckers in the industry. she sucks to impress, but we do not impress easily.

Truth be told, soon we are bored, and we proceed to brutal fuck Phoenix’s pie hole. We skull fuck the fuck out of the back of her throat. All the way down, cutting off her ability to breathe. We control her life with cock. She breathes when we want her to. We blast her into sub space, lack of air and the constant feel of the cock fucking the very deep part of her throat causes Phoenix to go into survival mode. When we think she might pass out from her catastrophic skull fucking, we pull her up to her feet, bend her over and jam the hard cock balls deep into her wet, tight pussy. Within seconds she cums, and cums hard, her ability to stand is impaired.

We fuck her hard and deep, then quickly knock her to her knees, and blast her throat with cock again. This is what is known as being used and used hard. All she knows is cock. Her brain flashes from lack of air from the extreme throat fucking. We quickly move her into a brutal standing modified strappado. Her arms over her head to the floor, her legs bent and her amazing ass just sticking out, begging for cock. We fuck her to orgasm again, then knock her to the floor.

We quickly bind her into a Category 5 choking hogtie. She must maintain her arch with what strength she has left or slowly choke out. She gets weaker and weaker, the bondage is winning, the darkness approaches….

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!