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Former track star, gymnast is deep throat skull fucked, and fisted by Isis Love, devastating orgams

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Welcome Anikka Albrite, this sexy former Track star and Gymnast still has a flexible hard body and is beautiful to boot. Also welcome Isis Love to the pages of Sexually Broken. Isis is by far the most beautiful and experienced Domme/Handler in the industry today.

Anikka is bound with her head over the edge of a bed, at perfect cock height. Her muscular legs bound back to the headboard leave her pussy open and vulnerable. Isis slowly finger bangs and works her entire fist into Anikka’s tight pussy. A hard cock fucks the back of Anikka’s throat, slowly, deliberately deep, cutting off her ability to breathe. With her head over the edge of the bed, Anikka’s face is getting fucked upside down, and you can see the cock bulge on her tight throat as the cock slides all the way down her throat.

The fist slips all the way in, filling her wet cunt. At the same time the hard cock is buried all the way down Anikka’s throat. That was her first orgasm. Deep and brutal, totally stuffed from both ends, air tight. Isis attacks Anikka’s little pussy with her entire fist wrist deep. Orgasm after orgasm are ripped from our former track star. There is nothing she can do but cum, and suck. Watching Anikka’s face get destroyed by cock, while cumming like common whore over and over is brilliant to watch. Multi-tasking at Heroic level.

Anikka is retied to the middle of the bed legs, still back in the perfect “fuck me” position, still bound and helpless. Isis has a strap on, and is about give our sexy little blonde a seriously deep and brutal lesbian fuck. Isis’s perfect ass and massive tits are shown off to great benefit as Anikka can only look up and see this beautiful Goddess fucking the shit out of her pussy. Isis is one of the best in the world at fucking girls, and from Anikka’s animistic grunts and moans you can tell Isis hips are magic. Anikka has been fucked deep into subspace, so many orgasms and she is still cumming. In the end Anikka suffers a intense Category 5 suspension, lifted in the “fuck me” position by just rope around her ankles. Anikka waits, swinging, and exposed until we return…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Alt-Porn Hottest, Asphyxia Noir, endures brutal fucking, throat abuse, nipple torture, orgasms

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Alt-Porn’s hottest talent, Asphyxia Noir is back. This tall, thin beauty is as sexually twisted as they come. We love destroying “bad girls”. They moan, scream and cum just like every other girl.

Asphyxia is tossed a ring gag and told to put it on tightly. We then toss her a wooden tongue trap and instruct her to put it all the way up her tongue. She moans in discomfort as the trap bites deep into her sensitive tongue. Drool almost immediately starts running down onto her sexy red dress.

We quickly bind her wrists tightly together, the knot well out of her reach, and command her to strip for us. She struggles to remove her dress, and we soon find our little “bad girl” didn’t come in wearing panties or a bra, and her pussy is smooth and shaved.

Only one thing to do to whores like that, and that is to put them down on their knees and fuck their mouth, throat, and skull into next week. The cock slides right into her gag opened mouth. Her tongue is trapped outside, so she has no way of stopping the cock as it finds the very back of her throat again and again. She has been reduced to a helpless cock sucking slave, all she knows is cock down her throat, and that she must constantly fight for air. We are not gentle, Asphyxia suffers the most brutal throat banging of her “bad girl” life. Her eye make-up tells us what her brain is thinking, and that is “I’m fucked”.

We flash Asphyxia’s brain, meaning we hold the cock down her throat for so long that when we finally let her have air, her body flashes. It’s like a mini orgasm, that really sends the person into subspace, total breath control. After one particularly intense flash, we pull Asphyxia up and strappado her wrists up to a pulley. A vibrator is pushed onto her clit and within seconds she is shaking, moaning and cumming like a common whore. So much for that “bad girl” mentality.

A spreader bar keeps her long legs spread wide, a rope from her neck to the floor pulls her down and pushes her tight perfect ass up and out. The pulley pulls her arms up tighter and Asphyxia finds her self completely taunt and unable to move at all. We clamp her huge nipples and add heavy weights. Then we jam a red ball gag deep into her mouth. Now she is ready.

Before she even understands what is happening, the cock is buried balls deep in her wet pussy and she is cumming and cumming hard. It’s just that simple, and humiliating to most girls that we can make them cum so fast from cock. The nipple weights sway back and forth as we pound her tight pussy. She cums again, exhausted, sexually beaten. We took the “bad girl” and showed her she is not on top of the “sex game”. She is just like every other girl, a play toy, to be used and used hard. Unable to even stand, she sinks down to her knees, beaten…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Brutal Fucking, Devastating Deep Throating, Incredible Category 5 Suspension, Catastrophic orgasms!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Alisha is your typical girl next door, she lives in Oregon, has only done a hand full of adult shoots, but specifically asked to be a part of Sexually Broken after she saw a clip on the internet.

This girl really wanted to experience hard bondage and rough sex. In the real world that is almost impossible to find, safely. Here, we can give Alisha her ultimate fantasy in a consensual, safe environment.

Brutally bound with her elbows together, wrists tied, a pantyhose mask, gagged, and blindfolded, Alisha is completely helpless. She is lying on her bound arms, and is being fucked right from the start. She moans through the gag as the cock pound her shaved, wet pussy. Each stroke brings a satisfying grunt from our helpless girl next door.

We pick up the tempo, fuck deeper, hitting the deep end of her pussy, she grunts hard and squirms a bit to escape the pounding. We grab on and fuck harder. Her breathing gets ragged, you can tell she is approaching orgasm, however, she doesn’t get to cum yet.

We take off the gag, cut a hole in the nylon stocking so we can face fuck this girl into subspace. You can see the bulge in her throat as we push the cock all the way down her throat, over and over. We control her breathing with cock, we overwhelm her brain. She can do nothing as we use her mouth like a pussy. She struggles for breath, that long slippery spit you only get from rough face fucking is now all over her face. We toss her around and fuck her again, she cums with-in seconds.

We man handle her back and forth between skull fucking and pussy pounding. She is cum drunk and slipping farther into subspace. We own her body and mind with cock. Now it’s time for the climax. We bring in some rope, and on screen, bind her into a beautiful Category 5 suspension before your eyes. One leg point up, and her body severely arched, being pulled in 4 different directions.

Her knee is being pulled up, her other ankle being pulled back, her bound arms pulled down, and her neck being pulled forward. Alisha is completely frozen in mid air, taunt as can be. We bring in the vibrator and make her cum over and over. There is nothing she can do but cum. She has been reduced to a mindless cum bot, stuck and suspended in time until we want to use her again…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

INVERTED THROAT BOARDING! Hot Latina endure the most intense deep throat fucking and orgasms

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Vicki Chase is a bilingual sexy Latina. This girl has a killer natural body and is one of the best deep throaters we have ever seen. We pushed her hard and she endured.

Bound inverted with just simple leather straps, with her elbows bound together in a strict strappado, Vicki knows her throat is going to get fucked good and rough. A rope holds her head in place, the beam prevents her from being able to turn her head at all. Her mouth is trapped and her face is about to be fucked into next year.

A huge dildo impales her tight pussy and a vibrator is locked directly on to her clit. Her perfect natural breasts are tightly wrapped and bound up tight. The cock presses past her sensual lips, past her tongue and all the way down her tight throat, you can actually see the bulge and outline of the cock in her throat from the outside.

We start off slowly, pulling the cock all the way out and pushing balls deep. Over and over, using her throat like a pussy. Then we get rougher and rougher. We hold the cock down her throat and cut off all breathing for as long as we like, she can do nothing. She can’t move her head back or side to side. She is completely at the mercy of the cock.

The vibrator does its job, Vicki keeps cumming and cumming. Each one stronger then the last. The cock never lets up. The more we cut of her air the harder she cums, the harder she cums, the more she is out of breath. It’s a vicious circle, Vicky is utterly sexually broken, she is in deep sub space. Her eyes vacant, her throat stuffed with cock, her body violently cumming over and over. We back off, Vicky’s brain has checked out, her eyes are wide open, but she sees nothing…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Helpless Cougar is Sexually Destroyed. Brutal throat, pussy fucking, squirting screaming orgasms!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Simone Sonay puts all those younger porn stars to shame. There is nothing sexier then a mature, smoking hot, long legged, blond, beautiful woman, all helpless and submissive.

Bound on her knees, arms spread out, with a blindfold and pigtails, Simone finds her tongue held out of her mouth by an evil wooden trap. Drool runs down her tan hard body. A hard cock pushes it way into Simone’s mouth. She can’t even use her tongue as a “block”, the cock slides deeper and deeper, fucking deep down her helpless throat. Simone can do nothing as the cock brutally fucks her skull. Her throat becomes a pussy for the cock, a throatpussy fucked without mercy. Simone goes into survival mode, stealing breaths of air when the cock isn’t all the way down her throat. She is struggling, the cock is winning.

She is quickly moved to the bed, re-bound into a beautiful helpless “fuck me” position. Her legs back and spread, soles of her feet pointing to the ceiling. The cock pushes into her shaved wet pussy, balls deep first thrust. Within seconds Simone is cumming from hard cock. The cock fucks her hard and deep, she vainly struggles in her bondage, as she cums again. The cock pulls out and fingers blast her to a screaming squirting orgasm! Now she is lying in her own cum and getting fucked again. A special vibrator is used on her clit. This sends Simone into a panic struggle as the vibration is just too much for her to handle, in the end she cums again.

Sobbing, drooling, squirt and snot. Liquid pours out of every hole of this helpless slut. The orgasms leave her deep in subspace unable to form rational thought. All she knows is orgasm after brutal orgasm. We impale her with a huge dildo. A powerful vibrator is attached and locked in her wanting pussy. There is nothing she can do now but cum and cum, we leave her to her mindless devastating orgasms…


Phoenix Marie endures the Sexual Gauntlet, tight bondage, rough sex, deep throat action

Monday, December 17th, 2012

This amazing woman is everything you look and dream for. Tall, tan, sexy, with an amazing body and incredible sexual talents. Phoenix is one of the nicest people we have ever meet in this business!

Completely helpless and bound into a modified Japanese box tie, Phoenix is comfortable. This means we have more time to sexually wreck her. Phoenix is blindfolded on her back with her legs tied open and up, the most helpless “fuck me” position there is. We enjoy her struggles, getting harder by the moment as we watch her squirm in her bondage. When the moment is right we mount the bed, then mount our helpless Amazon Princess.

We fuck her deep and hard, taking our time with this amazing beauty, every thrust of the cock elicits a moan from our helpless cock hungry bondage whore. We quickly add a vibrator to her overly sensitive pussy and within seconds Phoenix is cumming and cumming. She struggles to avoid the intense vibrator, but we are relentless.

We quickly untie Phoenix ankles pull her off the edge of the bed and skull fuck her pretty mouth hole. We fuck the back of Phoenix’s throat hard and rough. She breathes when we want her to, breath control with cock is the best kind of breath control. Back and forth we fuck Phoenix, from her pussy to her mouth over and over, it’s a sexual overload at it’s finest. We pull out and fingerblast Phoenix to her strongest orgasm yet.

We wrangle our sexy Amazon into a brutal pile driver position and fuck her deep and hard, then vibrate her to a few screaming, lasting orgasms that are the final nail in the sex coffin for Phoenix. She is spent, we leave her bound, ass up, so we can just stop by and fuck her when ever we feel like it.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Super hot MILF with huge tits, suffers amazing rope bondage, get face fucked made to cum!

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

This amazingly hot MILF has a body that small nations would go to war over. Huge tits, tiny waist, sexy phat ass and lips to die for. Angelina has an XRCO Deep Throat Award under her belt. We are about to see if that award was warranted.

Angelina starts with her elbows bound. We have her slowly show off her amazing body. She teases us, flaunts her amazing ass and her huge boobs. After we are sufficiently aroused, we put a hard cock in front of her amazing blow job lips and let her worship the cock with her mouth.

Quickly bored with her slow sensual blow job, we get rough. We start fucking her mouth. We want to see if that award was justified. We now control her with cock, we control when she breathes, when she swallows. We fuck her throat deep and rough. She struggles, we get harder.

It’s time to see that amazing body in all it’s glory. We cut off her clothes and position her in-between two pillars. The neck is bound into place, the wrist pulled out and the legs spread. Angelina is on her knees and her mouth is at the right height for an epic skull fucking.

We come from behind with a powerful vibrator and attack her pussy with a vengeance. We make Angelina cum over and over. She struggles in vain her clit gets over sensitive. We don’t care, we just make her cum again. Almost exhausted and out of breath we jam out cock all the way down her throat again. She struggle for air and we fuck the hell out of her tight throat. In the end Angelina is a drooling mess, totally destroyed by cock and orgasms.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Innocent Girl Next Door takes Cat 5 Throat Boarding! Most intense deep throating while cumming

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Alice is the quintessential Girl Next Door. She is kitten cute, but as sexually tough as anyone we have ever met. Her throat fucking skills should be required study for all girls in porn today.

THROAT BOARDING: The act of binding a girl’s neck to a stationary board, so her head rests against it from behind, then fucking the bejesus out of her helpless throat. The board prevents any movement of the head away from the cock.

We invented Throat Boarding, we are the masters of it, and now little innocent Alice Frost is about to get the skull fucking of her life. Bound with legs spread wide, her natural boobs tightly bound, and her head held firmly in place, Alice is about to discover what being helpless is really all about.

We add suction cups to Alice huge nipples, and turn on the vibrator that is locked in place directly on her shave pussy. Instantly Alice is softly moaning, the vibrator doing its job. We add a tongue trap, to prevent her from using it as a blocking tool when we start her catastrophic Throat Boarding. We also add a nose hook, pulling it back to keep her mouth wide open.

What happens next is an epic throat fucking, probable the most intense we have on Sexually Broken right now. To say she is simply a good cock sucker, would be like calling a rubber band a lock, she is extraordinary at taking a rough deep throat pounding. If Throat Boarding was an Olympic sport, GOLD medal hands down. Alice is that good.

We are ruthless, we fuck Alice’s little throat like we are pounding a pussy, we hold our cock deep down her throat preventing all breathing, she breathes when we want her to, breath control at its very best. All the time she is cumming and cumming from the vibrator. I seriously cannot type words that adequately describe the intensity of this scene. Alice Frost’s Throat Boarding is a Must See, for anyone that likes bondage and rough sex, period!

Join Sexually Broken today and see the worlds hottest porn stars Sexually Destroyed, like you have never seen them before, nothing faked, no clumsy male LA porn guys trying to be all “Dominant” like. Authentic BaRS (bondage and rough sex) action with an authentic male rigger/handler.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sexy girl next door is bound hard for cock. Deep throated, pussy fucked, helpless and cumming!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Sarah is your very typical girl next door, except this girl loves bondage, orgasms and cock. The harder the better in all three cases.

Severely bound with her ass out and throat available, Sarah finds herself in a tight bind. We are going to work Sarah over with some pain today. She is going to have to earn her orgasms.

The first thing we do is turn her on sexually. Sarah’s throat gets well used, a deep, rough throat fucking. The harder the skull fucking the wetter her pussy gets. The endorphins start pumping and Sarah is heading on the fast track to subspace. We pull out some brutal nipple clamps. We clamp her nipples and painfully pull them to rings in the floor. This severely limits movement, Sarah must be careful, very careful.

We bring out the cane. Hard, swift strokes strike up and down her back of her legs and ass. Deep red marks instantly appear, Sarah screams from the pain. With every hit she jumps and her nipples suffer. We pull out a vibrator to tease, she wants to cum but we deny. We tease her to the limit, then jam a hard cock deep into her wet pussy. We fuck her hard and deep, each thrust bring pain to the nipples but closer to orgasm.

We move from deep pussy fucking to deep throat fucking, back and forth never giving Sarah a chance to get on top of things. We overload her senses. In the end we vibrate her to several brutal orgasm and tighten up the bondage so she is partially suspended and cumming. She cums hard and often, there is nothing she can do, her body just cums and cums, her brain is along for the humiliation of it all…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Bella Rossi and her HUGE natural tits, suffer Category 5 suspension, and brutal face fucking

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Bella Rossi and her amazing monster breasts are back on Sexually Broken. Bella is beautiful, tough and the type of girl who gets wet at just the thought of being bound, dominated and fucked. If you’re a fan of All Natural Girls, Bella is exactly what you’re looking for.

Right off the bat you’ll notice that Bella has a huge mouth! We put that mouth to good use. First she’s made to lock her own jaw wide open with largest ring gag we have. Then she’s told to put on the Japanese tongue trap, and like a good little bondage slut, she obeys, trapping her tongue outside her mouth.

The drool starts to come now, dripping down her killer body. Handcuffs click on her wrists from behind and now Bella is helpless.

We start with a nice and slow throat fucking that builds in intensity. The ring gag holds her purty mouth open, the trap prevents her from using her tongue as a block. The cock can slide all the way down her throat at will, and does. Bella takes a skull fucking like no other. We go to town, she breaths when we let her, we fuck her face deep and hard.

Covered in drool and dizzy from the extreem deep throat cock sucking, we make Bella strip for us while still bound. We come in with rope and tightly bind bells elbows and wrists. Next we take those huge boobs, and bind them with cruel intent, one of the tightest breast wraps we have ever done. Punishingly tight, Bella suffers, this is the tightest she has ever had her tits bound. We pull down her panties, her pussy is soaking wet. The vibrator is set on high and we make Bella cum while standing right there! She cums again and we know we own her sexually.

Those huge tits! We just want to punish them, we bind her ankles and pull them to the point. Now Bella finds herself in a brutal Category 5 suspension with her tits taking most of the weight. All she can do is hang there, looking at her huge boobs, bound, distorted and helpless. It really tough being so fucking sexy it seems…

Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!