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Deep throated, and made to cum, her huge nipple abused, tight rope bondage and hard fucking!

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Welcome back Alisha Adams. In her last update you saw how tough she was, today we post the very first scene we did that day. It is the Meet and Greet, where we determine if the girl is tough enough to even do another scene. Now you can see what we saw in Alisha, that special quality that makes her a titan in the rough sex and bondage world.

Alisha looks amazing in her tiny, pink mini skirt. The first thing about Alisha is she is not a regular porn girl, she does a little bit, but is very new to the entire affair. She has done some Bondage, but never both Bondage and sex at the same time.

So we start by probing her strengths and weaknesses, and we do that onstage while you watch. We start slow, with simple but tight bondage then add to it, harder and harder. We bind her elbows behind her, then take her big natural breasts and cruelly bind them, making her watch as we do it. She feels the pain of each boob wrapped tighter and tighter. She is humiliated at how we make her boobs look and feel. We have taken one of her beautiful features and deformed it into a tight ball of flesh for our pleasure.

Now we find out if this girl can suck cock with any skill. We knock her to her knees and push the hard cock into her mouth. She struggles, but collects herself, soon we are fucking the back of her throat, deep and hard. Another test passed. We stand her up and make her strip for us, it tough when your elbows are bound tightly behind you, but she manages.

We make her get on her knees and turn to show us her ass. We inspect her perfect ass and pussy, for a girl next door she is pretty fucking hot! We blindfold our new bondage slut, add a tongue trap and step in and deliver a deep, hard throat fucking. We fuck her pretty face hard and deep. Over and over we push the cock down, deep in her throat her spit coats the cock and runs down her face. We fuck Alisha’s throat until her brain flashes and sub space is felt. We pick her up and jam the hard cock deep into her wet pussy, she cums in seconds.

After fucking her to a couple of orgasms we put her back on the ground, now spreader bars keep her legs open as we vibrate her to several brutal screaming orgasms. Alisha is dazed, helpless and cumming like a common slut. We add nasty clamps to her huge nipples and pull them out to the spreader bars and make her cum more. During one of her huge orgasms she can’t stay still and yanks the clamps off her nipples. We punish her for fucking up our bondage by putting the clamps back on and make her cum again.

In the end our new girl, has been throat fucked to subspace, fucked to multiple orgasms, vibrated to several more, and suffered tight inescapable bondage for quit a long time. She passed our test, a new talent discovered…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Isis Love in the house to help fuck up Anikka Albrite, tight bondage, throat fucking and cumming

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Welcome back Anikka Albrite and Isis Love to the pages of Sexually Broken. Anikka is a former Gymnast, Track Star and still has that hard athletic body. Isis Love is one of the most talented and beautiful female rigger/handler in industry today.

Isis starts by gagging, stripping and abusing our sexy gymnast. She enjoys the helplessness of Anikka’s rock hard natural body. We bind Anikk’s elbows tightly together and Isis adds clamps to her puffy nipples. Anikka has a huge mouth and takes our biggest ring gag and tongue trap. Isis bends Anikka over and plays with her perfect ass and pussy.

Isis brings Anikka to her knees and commands her to suck the hard cock dancing in front of her face. With her mouth held open by the gag, the hard cock slides easily down her tight throat. Isis grabs a huge hand full of hair and pushes Anikka head deeper and deeper, harder and faster on to the cock. Isis controls the cock sucking and Anikka is at her mercy. We fuck her throat long and hard, challenging Anikka’s skills and endurance.

With Anikka on her knees being skull fucked into next week, Isis gets behind, vibrating her to orgasm after orgasm. Anikka struggles to suck and cum at the same time, but we just make her do both. Her hardest orgasms coming when the cock is jammed ALL the way down her hungry throat.

Isis drags Anikka to a standing position and bends her over. She orders the cock into Anikka’s wet cunt. Anikka can do nothing but cum as the cock fucks her deep and hard, rough sex at its best. We spread Anikk’s legs bind them and pull her over into a brutal standing inverted strappado. We make Anikka cum with a vibrator until she can barley stand anymore. We leave her in tremendously uncomfortable position unable to move at all, suffering. We look on at her sexy body quivering from the strain, and smile.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Completely orgasmed OUT OF HER MIND! Sexually Broken doesn’t even come close to describing it!!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Vicki Chase returns to the pages of Sexually Broken for one of the hottest orgasm overload scenes we have ever shot. No one, not even Vicki herself, had any idea she could could be made to cum so hard and so often.

Completely helpless, bound so her pussy and mouth can both be fucked and resting on a custom metal bondage piece, Vicki find herself totally at our mercy. We start with a vibrator directly on her clit. We are going to over sex another porn star to oblivion.

We make Vicki cum, it’s that simple. She tries to stop it, but their is nothing she can do but cum. After one particularly hard, screaming, body-spasming orgasm we remove the vibrator and pull out the ball gag that fills her mouth. Then we jam a hard cock down her throat. Dazed from the orgasms, the cock easily slides down her throat.

We fuck Vicki’s cute face like no other site does. We challenge the best cock suckers in the world with hard skull fucking. They always lose but it’s fun watching them try. The cock always wins, and the girls are always left a broken and drooling mess, their eyes staring off to nothing, their brain checked out. A good throat fucking will fuck up the best of them, turning them into mindless sex puppets. This is what we do.

So after the brutal orgasms, and the catastrophic skull fucking, Vicki is already in deep sub space, or cum drunk if you will. We move around to the other side and fuck her wet dripping pussy. Within seconds her body cums again and again. We fuck her hard and all she can do is survive. Rough sex at its best and Vicki responds by cuming harder and harder. We have given her Tourette’s, all she can do now is cum and swear about how hard she is cumming.

We are relentless, we fuck her pussy, make her cum, then move around and deeply fuck her throat. Back and forth, no let up, we run a sexual gauntlet on her and she endures, barely. She is gone, her brain on survival mode. All she is capable of understanding at this point is that she is a vessel for cock and that she can’t stop cumming.

We stop, add clamps to her nipples. Her eyes stare off, drool runs out of her open mouth, she is sex locked. Now we go to town! We bring in the vibrator and Vicki has nothing left to resist. She starts a series of orgasms that cannot be described by words. We over vibrate her to uncountable massive, body jaring orgasms. Orgasms she has never encountered before. Be prepared to see someone left completely destroyed by sex, total annihilation of the body, soul and mind. When we finally stop, Vicki stares at the floor, drool running out of an open mouth. Unable to move, blink, or speak, she just sits there. Somewhere deep in her brain resides the Vicki we know, however it will be some time before she comes back to reality.

WARNING: THIS UPDATE SHOWS INTENSE REAL NON FAKED BRUTAL ORGASMS THAT SEND THE MODEL INTO DEEP SUBSPACE. Be sure to watch the end interview for her own words on what just happened!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

ULTIMATE THROAT BOARDING: Courtney Taylor bound to a 300lb 10×10 and suspended!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Welcome Courtney Taylor to Sexually Broken. Courtney is 5’10 with long legs and HUGE 34DDD breasts. This girl was built for sex. With a beautiful smile, blond hair and tan body, Courtney is the definition of the perfect California girl.

One of the things Courtney loves is blow jobs, she loves sucking cock. She excels at sucking cock, she is a deep throat girl who has done numerous hard face fucking scenes. She just loves the feel of a cock down her throat. She always wins these battles, her throat can always outlast the guy, until today. Today she begs and pleads, today she meets her match, today she is sexually defeated and face fucked into subspace. Today is the first time she pleads “no mas” to cock. Yes we have over “cocked” a professional Porn Star.

You see, we found this beautiful 8 foot, 10 x 10, 300lb solid Redwood beam in the back of some random lumber yard. The second we saw it we knew what to do with it. Find a beautiful big titted blond, bind her to it, baby oil her amazing body, suspend the beam so the girl is hanging upside down to the beam and throat board her pretty face into submission. You got to love it when a plan comes together.

So there you have it, Courtney stuck to the beam, her huge breasts bound. The beam is suspended from the ground. Courtney’s sexy tan body is oiled and her mouth rests at cock height. We grab a vibrator hold it directly on her clit, then slide the hard cock into waiting mouth. What happens next is priceless, and really can’t be described with words alone. Massive multiple orgasms, brutal intense face fucking. You will see a complete overload, one that leaves our professional Porn Star begging and pleading for mercy.

If you ever wondered why we named the site Sexually Broken, then this update has your answer in spades. Do not miss the amazing Courtney Taylor and see how she becomes sexually destroyed…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sexy blond, tightly bound, deep throated, made to squirt and fucked hard. Rough bondage sex!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Alice Frost is back, this super cute girl next door, looks all innocent, but this girl has skills no “good” girl should have. This is our “Meet and Greet” with Alice, where we test the girl to see what she can handle, it sets the tone for the other 2 scenes. All the bondage is done on camera, this type of shoot is the most authentic BaRS scene you can witness. Nothing faked all done before your eyes.

The pre-interview is over and we toss Alice a ball gag and instruct her to put it on tightly. We command her to move the chair back, then we tightly bind her elbows together. A slight moan leaves her lips as we tighten up the rope, this is a good sign.

We cut her shirt and pull it down to expose her big natural tits. We make her watch while we tightly bind each soft breast into a hard bulbous balloon of fun. Next is the big shocker, without warning we knock Alice to her back, Insert 3 fingers into her wet pussy and with in seconds she is a squirting, cumming, screaming mess, that fast. From 0 to slut in about 4 seconds.

Now we have Alice’s attention, now we can make her a squirting, screaming whore at any moment we like. She understands how easily she can be controlled and that unnerves her a bit, but she doesn’t have time to dwell on that fact, you see a hard cock is now all the way down her throat and she cannot breathe.

What happens next is a whirlwind of rough domination, hard cock and cumming. We take it to our bound little blond slut. We fuck that pretty face deep and with reckless abandon. In all my years of doing this, believe me when I tell you Alice Frost can take a brutal face fucking and still come out smiling. We really take it to her tight little throat.

After ravaging her face with cock we bend her over, ass up in the air, and impale her wet pussy with spit covered cock. We fuck her hard and it takes just seconds for her to cum again. Such a good little bondage whore. From fucking her pussy to mouth we go back and forth leaving her dazed and in deep subspace, she is overwhelmed with cock.

We tighten up the bondage into a brutal strappado and skull fuck Alice into next week. Her eyes are glassed over, she is cock drunk. We leave her, commanding her to leave her mouth hole open, just in case someone else wants a place to to put their cock…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Local Cougar arched, impaled on custom fucking machine. Inverted deep throating orgasmic overload

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Welcome Beretta James back to the pages of Sexually Broken. Beretta was the second person we ever shot, back before a clear direction for the site took shape. We invited her back to feel the firepower of this fully armed and operational website.

At age 36 Beretta is one of the hottest people on the entire planet. Perfect blowjob lips, huge nipples, beautiful caramel skin, a perfect ass and sexual attitude to go with it.

We wasted no time locking Beretta into a custom made back-breaking bondage device. A thick leather collar around her neck is locked to the device. Her mouth rests at a perfect height for a deep throat fucking. A custom made fucking machine is impaled deep into her wet shaved pussy.

Turn on the fucking machine and let the games begin! The machine and huge dildo that fills Beretta’s tight little pussy is positioned to hit the G spot over and over. We can easily control the speed, we turn it up to “She can’t help but cum speed” and the moaning begins. The machine is relentless and never tires, it’s steady rhythm drives Beretta mad with desire. She is going to cum in the first 30 seconds and she knows she won’t be able to stop cumming. This frightens, but excites her further, actually causing her to cum faster and harder, a vicious circle from which there is no escape.

To make things better, or worse if you’re Beretta, we place hard cock up to her moaning lips. She parts them because she can’t help herself, orgasm after orgasm is ripping through her body and the cock pressing against her soft lips feels warm and hard. She opens up her mouth, giving us her throat to use and abuse. We do not disappoint. While being mechanically fucked to orgasm after orgasm on one side, a hard cock is fucking our helpless cougars mouth on the other side. The cock slides all the way down her throat and now she fights for air. We control her breathing with cock. There is no way to turn her head, nowhere to hide, the cock fills her mouth and throat over and over as her pussy is brutally fucked.

We oil up Beretta’s amazing caramel skin and add a vibrator to her clit. Now the machine is fucking her into oblivion, the vibrator makes her cum even harder then before and the cock is jammed all the way down her throat, she is AIR TIGHT and cumming. Pushed to her very limit of enduring this sexual onslaught, we fuck her skull harder then ever before, we pull out and CUM all over her pretty face. We leave her in deep subspace, with jism dripping down into her nose and eyes. We turn up the machine to a much higher setting and walk away, listening to our little slut cum well into the afternoon…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Asphyxia Noir is Category 5 Face Fucked into subspace! Bound hard and deep throated! Brutal action!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Asphyxia Noir is one of the most perfect beings on the planet. Tall, long legs that go on for ever, a tight small ass, perfect blow job lips and flawless alabaster skin.

Asphyxia was built for sex. She is going to take anything you throw at her, for as long as you can throw it at her. She will not quit on you, she will not be sexually beaten, but you can fuck her up good. She will bend, she will go deep into subspace, but she won’t break. That quality is so rare, and I mean RARE. It is going to a place sexually that most people do not even realize exists. It is sex on a different level far above and beyond what most people will ever know. And unless you have found that place, at least once, you will never be able to understand fully what I just wrote.

We bind Asphyxia on her knees, a tight chest harness compresses her perfect natural breasts and pinches her big nipples in the rope. Her legs are bound together and a Japansee tough trap keeps her tongue outside her mouth, causing her her to drool uncontrollably and preventing her from using her tongue to block the cock from going all the way down the back of her throat.

As we stated in the title, Asphyxia is going to get the face fucking of her lifetime. We punish her throat with cock. This is rough skull fucking at it’s best. Asphyxia is completely helpless as the cock uses her mouth like a pussy. Non-stop brutal, deep, all the way down her throat, breath play at it’s best. Asphyxia can only survive, as we face fuck her deep into subspace and beyond. She never gives up, she takes and takes and takes. Other girls would have stopped us or safe-worded, but not Asphyxia, she never gives in when it comes to sex. Never.

We pull her up into a beautiful “fuck me” suspension, undo her hands, and then, in one graceful never before seen event, we create an inverted suspension before your eyes that is amazing to behold. An exponential step forward in the evolution of inverted suspension bondage, never seen before.

Now Asphyxia is dazed, deep in subspace and upside down. The skull fucking continues and we bring it harder than before. We add a vibrator and make Asphyxia cum over and over, while the hard cock is balls deep down her throat cutting off all air. Her body uncontrollably convulses as she orgasms while she uses the last of her air reserves. We step away. Apshyxia’s eyes are open, but she sees nothing, a blank stare, she is gone. Completely and utterly Sexually Broken…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Little Chastity Lynn is suspended, fucked to orgasm, skull fucked to subspace and orgasmed to hell

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Welcome back, one of the cutest girls in our industry, Chastity Lynn. This tiny, little ball of sexy has the cutest smile and most amazing ass. It’s always the innocent ones that you need to watch out for.

Bound in a Category 2 tie (very comfortable and common) Chastity is no less helpless just because the bondage is not painful. Her perfect little ass is displayed nicely. Her sexy legs are bound together and pulled up, her arms expertly bound behind her in a traditional Japanese box tie. All this makes Chastity one helpless nubile unit.

On the floor, on her back, we poke and humiliate Chastity by fucking her mouth and pussy with dildo on sticks. She can’t understand why there is no real cock. She knows she is hot, she is used to everyone giving her real cock, but we aren’t everyone and she needs to earn her cock today. One of the dildos has a vibrator attached and this is driving Chastity mad as we tease her expertly.

The real cock comes out and pushes it’s way complety down Chastity’s throat, while at the same time we bear down with the vibrator. Chastity has her first orgasms as her body convulses for air. Now on the edge of subspace we pull Chastity up to a tiny stool. Her head is bent back and over the edge, her pretty sexy mouth at cock height.

The dildo and vibrator continue to work their magic and Chastity’s throat gets a deep fucking. We brutally fuck the back of her throat, cutting off air at will. She breathes when we want her to, the combination of cock breath play and vibrator are too much and Chastity cannot stop cumming over and over.

We pull out the stool and now Chastity is suspended, floating at cock level. The hard cock easily penetrates Chastity’s wet pussy, and an intense, rough fucking ensues. We fuck Chastity to her strongest orgasm of the day then spin her around and fuck her pretty mouth. Back and forth, we overload this little slut with cock. In the end we leave Chastity floating in deep subspace, with some form of liquid dripping out of every hole, wondering how she will be used next…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cute girl next door, is put in the INSEX mask, brutally fucked, made to squirt like a waterfall!

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Welcome super cute girl next door, Hazel Hypnotic. This is Hazel’s first dedicated full-on sex shoot. She loves bondage and hard sex, so lets see how she handles a brutal fucking.

Bound on her back, legs up, pussy and ass exposed, Hazel find herself in the perfect “fuck me” position. She wears the “Insex Mask”. Pantyhose over the head, a red rag jammed in her mouth, taped in place; with tape covering her eyes so she is blind to what we are going to do.

We add suction cups to her nipples to make them 2 to 3 times bigger. We want to tie string around them later and hang heavy weights off them. We then bring in a cane. Hazel is surprised with some hard foot caning, her cries of pain muffled deeply by the intense gag. Next we abuse her shaved pussy. A flogger is introduced and we beat her pussy until it is a beautiful pink color.

Next we introduce the hard cock and beat on Hazels sensitive clit. She struggles to escape the hard clit hitting, but she is completely helpless to do so, she must endure. We slowly start fucking our bound girl next door, deeper and deeper we go. Soon it is an all out war on her pussy. We fuck her hard, deep and brutal. Rough pounding sex at it’s best. Hazel moans in pleasure and pain as the cock pounds at her cervix. Hazel cums and cums again, it’s hard to tell how many times because of the mask, but it is intense.

In the end we lube up her pussy, insert 3 fingers and finger blast Hazel to two MASSIVE squirting orgasms. Squirt flies over 9 feet in the air and covers everything with in a 5 foot radius. We leave Hazel on her back out of breath, lying in her own cum drench and wonder what is next…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Barbie Doll MILF and XRCO Deep Throat Award Winner endures rough sex, throat fucking and orgasms!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Smoking hot Angelina Valentine is back on the fastest growing BaRRs site (Bondage and Rough Sex) in the world. With huge tits, and amazing phat ass and blow job lips, this girl is built for one thing and one thing only. Lets see if she can walk the walk.

Angelina is bound sitting spread on the edge of the bed, held in place by a neck rope. Breathing is easy, the rope merely holds her, while she sits there is no danger. However, if she chooses Angelina can pull against the rope to create stress. Every girl does pull, as they start to cum, t’s in their DNA.

We begin by vibrating this bombshell’s hot shaved pussy. She is helpless to prevent the orgasms that overcome her body. When Angelina cums, she cums hard. Her body tries to twist away, her clit is too sensitive but we hold tight and she cums again.

After her 3rd orgasm we quickly untie her legs, bend her back over the side of the bed and skull fuck her pretty face deep and hard. Her big, blow job lips wrap around the cock as we slide it deep down her throat, over and over. You can actually see the cock expand her throat as it plunges up and down. We now control her air intake with cock, we can hold it all the way deep down her throat and she must endure. How long can she hold her breath?

We skull fuck her into subspace, then flip her over on to her back and bury the hard cock ballls deep into her wet cunt. We fuck her deep and hard, bouncing those huge tits in the process. We cycle back and forth from brutal face fucking to pussy fucking. Angelina is being used and used hard, and she knows it. Back and forth we use each hole, she is a drooling slobbering cum drunk whore being fucked into the ground.

In the end Angelina is dazed. We set her up on the bed, spread her legs, tighten up the neck rope and make her cum with a vibrator over and over. Angelina is gone, cum drunk overload. Her eyes stare out into empty space, her body quivers with aftershocks. We leave her on the bed, tightly bound and helpless, wondering when we will return to use her again.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!