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Bondage Legend Wenona, gets Skull Fucked, for first time in bondage! Massive screaming orgasms!

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

We are proud to present bondage legend Wenona for a special update on Sexually Broken! Wenona has been modeling for bondage companies for the past 12 years. She is a former runway model, gymnast and collegian athlete. Today is special. Today, for the first time ever, Wenona is going to suck real cock in a bondage shoot.

Completely helpless, bound in the splits on a custom made 6×6 frame, Wenona finds herself with a fucking machine impaled in her tight pussy. She is in an inverted spread position with her sexy mouth at cock height.

We ramp up the machine and in seconds Wenona is moaning and cumming. We step in and push a hard cock down her throat. The cock acts like a gag, because Wenona can’t stop cumming and she is a noisy bitch. We fuck Wenona throat deep and hard, we get that slippery throat spit all over her face as she continues to cum like a whore.

All her muscles, her 6 pack abs and her toned body do nothing to save her, she is as helpless as a new born babe as the machine fucks her deep and hard. However, the machine is defeated by her tight pussy, on one massive orgasm Wenona’s pussy breaks the fucking machine with it’s vice like grip.

We replace the machine with a vibrator. Wenona’s clit is so sensitive that when she cums she screams on perfect high pitch note for what seems like an eternity. This is something you cannot miss if you’re a fan of helpless gymnasts being made to cum while they are helpless to stop it!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hot Latina is overloaded with cock, orgasms, and bondage. Squirting, drooling, begging! Intense!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Vicki Chase is back on the pages of Sexually Broken. This super hot Latina was built for rough sex and massive helpless orgasms.

This was our “Meet and Greet” with Vicki and all the bondage is done right on camera. This is where we man-handle and overload a girl in real time, breaking her down with hard cock and multiple orgasms.

Vicki has a HUGE mouth, so we toss her our largest right gag and command her to put it on. She wedges it into her mouthhole and then she puts a cruel tongue trap on. Soon drool is dripping down her helpless body. We make her take her top off and put clamps on her own nipples.

We step in and quickly bind her elbows and wrist tightly together. Before she knows what happening our cock is touching the very back of her throat and she is helpless to stop it. The rig gag keeps her mouth wide open, and the trap prevents her from using her tongue to block. We fuck Vicki’s face hard and deep. She struggles with the hard cock, as they all do. This isn’t a blow job site, its a face fucking site, big difference.

We hike Vivki up onto a bench, strapado her arms down, put her head over the edge and continue a catastrophic skull fucking while her head is upside down. The cock slides all the way down her tight throat, you can see the cock snake down her throat from the outside. It a beautiful thing.

We bind her legs back into a “fuck me” position, and vibrate our little Latina to several brutal orgasms while the cock is jammed all the way down her throat. She has never been made to cum like this before and she is blasted deep into subspace. For our final trick, we finger blast our overloaded slut to a massive squirting screaming orgasm, and leave her draped over the table wondering what the fuck just happened…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Adorable Casey Calvert gets brutally fucked, bound and throated while Darling cums over and over!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Today we have an up and coming bondage legend, paired with a veteran of the bondage industry. Welcome Casey Calvert and Darling to Sexually Broken. Casey is cuter then a bag of kittens and as hot as the sun itself. She started out as a fetish model who made the transition to vanilla porn. Darling is a veteran of the bondage world but today you will see her like you rarely see her, getting skull fucked into subspace.

Casey is bound and trapped in a cage looking on as we skull fuck Darling nice and slow. A vibrator is locked onto Darling’s clit and she is cumming from the start, and never stops. We use Darling’s mouth to get ready for Casey. Darling has been reduced to a glorified fluffer. Casey is the real target.

After Darling’s throat gets the cock hard as a rock, we pull cute little Casey out of the cage,toss her on the bed, and immediately jam the hard wet cock balls deep into her shaved pussy. A sweet moan of pleasure escapes our bound and helpless Casey. We find out real fast that sweet, innocent looking Casey is a power slut who loves cock and bondage.

We punish Casey with cock. We fuck her pussy until she cums, then fuck her throat until she flashes. We never give Casey a chance, she is helpless, tossed around like a sex puppet. From throat to pussy to throat, no chance for her to get on top, just used for her holes, an object for us to derive pleasure from.

Darling, still bound to the bed, still cumming, tries to see what is happening, wishing it was her getting all the cock. We pull Casey over to look on while we deep throat Darling. Casey now knows the the cock can fit all the way down a throat as Darling’s hungry mouth takes it all the way.

We then hoist Casey in to a Category 3 suspension. We tie Casey’s and Darling’s necks together and pull ’til the rope is taut. Darling is still cumming like a whore from her vibrator, so we pull one out for Casey and make her cum like a common slut. We leave both girls struggling for air and helpless wishing the cock would cum back to abuse them further…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Courtney Taylor, bound, manhandled, used, fucked and deep throated. Made to cum over and over!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Courtney Taylor and her huge 38DDD boobs are back on Sexually Broken. This hot blond was built for sex and absolutely loves her job.

Standing over 6 foot tall in heels, our sexy blond with her monster boobs could be called Amazonian. Who doesn’t want to manhandle, bind and fuck a hot blond Amazonian? We start by binding her elbows tightly together. This make her huge boobs stick out even farther. We bind her wrists together, and make her strip for us. We take aged leather and tightly, very tightly wrap her triple D fun bags.

This Amazonian whimpers as we wrap each boob tighter and tighter. Next we knock Courtney to her knees and begin a Category 5 skull fucking. We fuck her hot mouth with reckless abandon. Courtney struggles as the cock repeatedly slides all the way down her throat, over and over. We skull fuck our sexy Amazon into subspace. She is loopy and struggling for air.

We pull out a vibrator and within seconds Courtney is cumming and cumming hard. It rocks her brain and we quickly move her to a bench, bend her backwards and continue a brutal face fucking. We leave Courtney dazed, her mouth wide open as we fuck the back of her throat over and over. Drool and spit runs down her face and eyes. She is a skull fucked sex zombie. We vibrate her while deep throating and she cums over and over as the cock is buried balls deep, tickling her lungs.

For fun we lift her legs and push the wet, hard cock into her tight, waiting pussy. Sliding balls deep with the first stroke it’s only a matter of a few hard thrusts and Courtney is cumming again. This girl is spent, Sexually Broken. A drooling, moaning mess who is deep in subspace, unable to even move we leave her bound helpless and wanting…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cute blond next door is bound helpless, brutally fucked, tossed around like a rag doll! SQUIRTING!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Welcome Alice Frost back to Sexually Broken. We love Alice so much- she is a giver, she gives you everything you want during sex. She gives it all, she lets you take it all, and that is a rare thing my friends.

It’s Gauntlet time, where we bind the model into a helpless state, then fuck the holy shit right out of them. They never have time to catch up, we fuck them in every position and every wet hole. They cum over and over, helpless to do anything but suck, get fucked, squirt and moan. It is a complete overload, we wreck their brains. From the intense deep throating, to the cervix pounding fucking, we make them cum with cock over and over.

Alice is blindfolded, ring gagged, on her back with cock in her tight pussy. Her big natural tits are bound into tight little balls of flesh, her huge nipples popping straight up and out. The cock slides in and out, Alice can only moan as we fuck her helpless body, and we fuck it hard and well. Within seconds we have Alice in subspace and cum drunk. She is getting tossed around the bed like a tiny rag doll as the cock is used as a weapon. We throat fuck her hard and deep, some how she just takes and takes and takes. She has completely surrendered her mouth to us and we take it hard.

We go from pounding her pussy to fucking her throat over and over, never giving her a break, She can’t think straight as the cock turns her into a mindless sex zombie. Orgasm after orgasm, non stop. In the end we bind Alice into a pile driver and make her squirt all over her own face. Drenched in her own cum and whoreness we leave our cute blonde trapped on the bed with her ass up, just begging for more cock.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cute innocent Japanese girl BOXED! Throat fucked, pussy fucked, CUM ripped from her helpless body

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Sexually Broken is pleased to have Marica Hase in the house. This cute girl is all the rage back home in Japan, and now we have her helpless and cumming like a cute little Anime girl.

Marica finds herself completely helpless in a custom made box that traps her arms behind her. The box is tightly screwed together, there will be no escape for our sexy Japanese girl. Stuck in a cage and boxed, Marica looks so innocent, we pull her out of the cage and hook her up to chains and pull her to her toes. She moans as we spread her legs and attack her little pussy with a vibrator. She struggles not to cum, she would be so humiliated if we made her cum. She fights but we make her cum and cum hard, she’s lost this battle. For punishment we flog her perfect tight ass. It is obvious she likes it and embarrassed that we know she likes it.

After making her cum a couple of times we take her down from the chains and attach her to the beam. We put her into a severe squatting position and with heavy L brackets screw her to the beam. She is now stuck to that beam until we let her out or time ends. With her cute face and pretty mouth at cock level, Marica knows what to expect next.

We find a nose hook and make our little Japanese girl even cuter. The nose hook pulls her mouth open and we slide our hard cock into her sweet mouth. We brutally fuck her pretty face, pushing the big cock all the way down her tiny throat. Throat boarding at it’s best. Marica struggles with the big cock, so we add a vibrator to her pussy and make her cum over and over while she tries to cope with a skull fucking of epic proportions.

We unscrew Marica, place her on her back and spread her long legs with a spreader bar. We don’t even need lube, our Japanese girl’s pussy is dripping wet. The cock slides in and Marica is soon cumming yet again. We take turns fucking her hot pussy and tiny throat, back and forth we fuck Marica into subspace and beyond. We finger blast her to a squirting orgasm and leaves her with some form of liquid dripping out of every one of her holes.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hot Cougar with a deep throat, HUGE nipples and shaved pussy, gets Sexually Destroyed, Subspaced!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Beretta James is one of the hottest Porn Stars you never heard of. She is local to The Bay Area and has only ever shot for 2 companies. At 35 years of age Beretta is one of the hottest people on the planet, and not only that but she loves being bound, dominated and sexually roughed up. The perfect woman!

Nothing fancy today, we just come in and fuck Beretta up. She has a tiny little black dress on no bra, no panties, that’s how she arrived at the studio, sexy and slutty. We quickly bind her elbows and wrist together, within seconds she is completely helpless.

We add nipple suction cups to make her big nipples even bigger. Almost 3″ of nipple gets sucked up into the tube, even Beretta cannot believe how big we make them. We make Beretta show off her ass and body, then command her to get on her knees and open that pretty little mouth of hers with those puffy huge blow job lips. Beretta is built for sex. Long tan legs, puffy lips, huge nipples and a tiny tight ass.

We star fucking her face slowly and build and build to a brutal deep throat fucking of epic proportions. We hold the cock all the way down her throat, over and over. Beretta is a cock sucking champ but even we crack her armor, and soon she is struggling as her skull is fucked deep into subspace. We flash Beretta’s brain, pick her off the ground, bend her over and fuck her wet, tight pussy. Within seconds this cougar is cumming like a common whore with the cock banging the back of her cervix.

We set Beretta back on her knees, pull off the suction cups and bind her HUGE massive nipples in twine. We strappado our helpless sex zombie to her neck, she must keep her arms up. We then pull her nipples out. She is being pulled from three different direction with the end result being she can’t move an inch. If she does, she suffers. We take out a vibrator and make her cum over and over. The only thing she can do is cum and she can’t even control that anymore…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Girl next door endures Category 5 face fucking and suspension, made to cum like a common slut!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Welcome Hazel back to Sexually Broken. This cute girl next door is seriously precious. This is not your typical LA Porn model. This girl is a lifestyler in the BDSM world, who came to play for the hottest bondage and rough sex site in the world.

Hazel is flexible and tough. We severely bind her elbows together and hike them up her back with a unique locking tie that I’m sure you will soon see copied elsewhere. With her arms and wrists painfully bound behind her, Hazel finds herself completely helpless.

For a girl that doesn’t do normal porn, Hazel can take a skull fucking with the very best of them. We abuse the back of Hazel’s throat with hard cock and she takes it all. We jam a huge ring gag into her mouth and bind her squatting against the beam. Then we brutally fuck the shit out of Hazel’s tight throat. It’s a catergory 5 skull fucking that Hazel fights to survive. She handles the cock and handels it well.

We hike Hazel up to a bench and hogtie her to the pully. We pull her up painfully, and make her cum with the vibrator. The vibrator makes her cum over and over, as we continue to deep throat our cute next girl into next week. Orgasms and cock all the way down her throat is all she can understand, we are brutal and she takes it all.

In the end we suspend our cute amateur Porn Star into a severe Category 5 suspension. Jam our cock down her throat a few times for fun, and let her hang, suffering until the next time we want to use her throat like a pussy…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Chanel Preston ORGASMED beyond the capacity for rational thought. Trapped on a SYBIAN, skull fucked

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Welcome 2012 AVN performer of the year nominee Chanel Preston to Sexually Broken. It won’t take very long to figure out why she was nominated, this woman is beautiful, tough, with an amazing body and endurance you don’t find just anywhere.

Trapped and helpless in custom made stocks and stuck on the world’s most powerful vibrator, Chanel find herself is her worst nightmare. She hates the Sybian, with a passion. You see, Chanel’s sexy little clit is very sensitive and the Sybian drives her insane. It makes her cum, it rips orgasm after orgasm out of her helpless body, each more brutal than the last. Pain-full pleasure, and there is nothing Chanel can do to stop it. Nothing at all.

With her legs pulled out and her head and hands trapped in hard wood, Chanel is utterly and completely helpless. Her mouth is at cock height and the bondage is rigid and permanent, she is hooded and blindfolded. She will be in a dark hell of skull fucking and brutal orgasms from which there is no escape.

We turn up the Sybian slowly at first, teasing and taunting. It’s not high enough to cause pleasurable distress, just enough to excite and tease. Drool drips out of her gagged mouth as moans of helplessness escape her throat.

We turn up the machine full tilt and within seconds Chanel is coming. She tries to fight it, because she knows if she cums once it will make her cum over and over in a series of brutally painful orgasms that will destroy her brain and ability to even think about anything other than cumming and cumming.

We rip out the gag and replace it with hard cock. We deep throat fuck our AVN nominated porn star into subspace. We punish her throat and mouth while the vibrator keeps making her cum. Air is hard to come by, and that makes her cum even harder. The cock abuses her throat and with her head trapped in place, her mouth and throat open up and take a heroic skull fucking the likes of we have never scene. In the end Chanel is a drooling babbling mess, a shell of what she was 10 minutes earlier. We leave the vibrator on high, turn out the lights and leave her to cum. She has no will in the matter, the machine owns her soul and her soul can’t stop the orgasms….


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Ana Foxxx is cute as a kitten with a runway models body. Handcuffed, throat fucked, made to cum!

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Welcome the beautiful Ana Foxxx to Sexually Broken. Ana is cute as a kitten, with a runway model’s body. Long strong legs, a perfect tiny tight ass, and the softest, sexiest skin.

Still dressed in the outfit she got off the plane in, we toss a huge ring gag at Ana and make her put it on. We have her wrap a heavy chain around her sexy waist and lock it. She is given handcuffs and told to handcuff her hands in front of her. We step in and lock her hands with a chain through her legs, trapping her hands in front with a chain crotch rope.

A hard cock awaits her huge open mouth, we make her stand straight and spread, lowing her mouth down on the hard cock. The cock slides down her throat, deep and furious. She tries to use her hands but the crotch chain prevents her. Her tight ass clenches as we hold the cock down her throat. She soon realizes this cock sucking is going to be a battle of survival, cock vs throat and without hands or any way to close her mouth she is going to lose in spectacular fashion.

We place her on her knees and begin an intense skull fucking session. We push her past anything she has ever encountered before, the cock dances in and out, challenging her to the limit of her ability. She steps up and takes it, true dedication to her craft, this earns our respect and reward.

The reward being cock and orgasms. We change her bondage, now her hands are trapped behind her head, elbows bound in front, a unique but very helpless postion to be in. We have her fuck us, she mounts and the cock slides deep into her wet pussy. She rides us for her own pleasure. We stand her up, bend her over and fuck her hard from behind. She cums, helpless we sit her down and skull fuck her into subspace. On the ground we vibrate and finger blast her to several move orgasms. We bring in a belt and totally restrict her movement. We make her cum yet again and leave her to struggle. This was a good warm up, a successful “Meet and Greet”.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!