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Cute Japanese girl roughly deep throated and Fucked, with wax dripping on her huge nipples, cumming

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Marica Hase is back and cute as ever, she doesn’t speak English very well, so everything about her is adorable. Her mannerisms, cute smile and the little sounds she makes when she is distressed or cumming are all so hot.

We have Marica bound in a modified Japanese box tie. Modified because we made it a better tie overall, but lets not dwell on that. Marica is blindfolded, her nipples hard, and she sits on a vibrator, trying to get it in that right place where magic happens. She can’t see as we approach with a hard cock, but she feels it when it hits the back of her throat.

We deliver a stellar, deep throat fucking. The simple truth is Marica isn’t yet accustomed to the larger cocks in American Porn. She struggles with big cocks. We really don’t care, we just like watching her struggle with cock in her mouth as we brutally face fuck our sexy Japanese girl’s throat into subspace.

We clamp Marica’s huge nipples, lay her down on the floor, and add some neck ropes so she is stretched out spread. The ropes on her neck don’t choke or cut off her air, they simply hold her in place. She must remain still, but with what we do to her next she has no hope of being still.

We tie a burning candle above her perfect breasts and clamped nipples. The wax drips and drips, never stopping. We set the candle to swinging so hot wax is working Marica over. At the same time we are making her cum, over and over, she can’t move without massive discomfort, so she must take the orgasm punishment. We drive our sexy Japanese girl out of her fucking mind. She can’t stop cumming and the wax never stops dripping…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Kelly Devine, Extreme Throat fucking, Massive Squirting screaming bondage orgasms! Anal Squirting

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Welcome back Kelly Devine and her huge awesome boobs, ass and amazing personality. Kelly is one of the biggest sweethearts you will meet in the industry. She genuinely loves her work and it shows.

Kelly is bound with custom leather bondage cuffs, leaving her arms helpless behind her back. Brutal breast bondage crushes her huge tits into big balls of awesome. The hard cock plays with her lips, then penetrates her mouth. The hard cock begins a rough deep throat fucking the likes Kelly has never before endured. Sexually Broken’s specialty is rough consensual, deep throat, face fucking. The kind that the girl struggles to keep up on, the kind that sends the girl into deep subspace. The kind that leaves the girl staring blankly into nothingness, dazed and helpless.

Covered in deep throat spit and skull fucking tears, we lift the dazed Kelly to her feet and bind her into a beautiful “fuck me” position. Fingers penetrate her tight asshole, and a finger banging the likes that Kelly has never experienced sends her from zero to massive squirting screaming orgasm in about 5 seconds! She squirts out of her pussy from her anal finger banging. Kelly is sexually wrecked, the cock enters her wet pussy and within seconds she is being fucked to another orgasm. We fuck Kelly hard, deep and rough, and she cums again and again, bound and helpless.

In the end we pull out and finger blast her ass one more time proving we can MAKE her have a catastrophic assgasm that squirts out of her pussy. We leave her drenched in her own squirt and cum, wondering what the fuck just happened…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Wenona get roughly deep throated, her HUGE nipples bound so she must keep her legs raised!

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Wenona has been bondage modeling since the first days of Internet bondage sites. Today we show you the first scene ever recorded of her getting her throat fucked with hard cock while in bondage. This moment was 13 years in the making, and well worth the wait.

Our former runway model and gymnast looks so cute in her sexy outfit. We move in, quickly binding Wenona’s arms and wrists securely behind her. All her strength and muscles mean nothing now, she is completely helpless. We tease her with hard cock, she wants it in her mouth, but not yet. She is commanded to undress, a difficult task while bound so tightly.

We make her stick her amazing tight ass out so we can flog it. After we turn it a nice warm pink color, we get her on her knees and command her to open her mouth, close her eyes and get ready for the face fucking of a lifetime. The hard cock slides in her pretty little mouth and snakes down the back of her throat. She struggles, this is the first time receiving a proper skull fucking. We roughly introduce her to the world of boy/girl porn in bondage.

Wenona is wrecked from the intense face fucking. Deep spit runs down her body, her eyes glazed are over with that empty dazed look, and it looks great on her. We bend her over a table and continue the face fucking with her head hanging upside down. We add suction cups to Wenona’s huge nipples and stretch them to over two inches long!

Now for the real fun, slow torturous predicament bondage. We bind Wenona’s ankles together and tie them to a pole so she can’t bend them back to her chest. We tie up each of her HUGE nipples with a long string and with the ring on the pulley, we attach them to her ankles. Now Wenona must keep her ankles up and off the table or her nipples get brutally pulled. The effort it takes to keep her legs at that height puts amazing stress on her abs. It’s a real work out, one that only the fittest can pull of for any length of time.

We fuck Wenona’s hot throat some more and make her cum while she struggles with her nipple torture. In the end we leave her struggling, covered in sweat and begging for mercy…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Tiny 4’10 Jessi Palmer submits to 10 1/2″ of black cock! Brutal skull fucking and orgasms!

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Sexually Broken is pleased to have the sexy, tiny Jessi Palmer in our studio. Jessi is always underused on bondage sites. Most sites just tie her up, hit her with something over and over and put a vibrator on her pussy until she pretends to cum. Not here, oh no. This girl loves huge cocks, so we deliver. Check it out to see why Sexually Broken is the best and most realistic bondage and rough sex site in the world without all that unnecessary pain.

Completely helpless and trapped in a tiny box, Jessi’s sexy, perfect, tiny ass is sticking out one end, and her beautifully modified face is trapped and sticking out the other. We oil up that cute little kitten butt (a butt so tiny and cute it can fit in one hand) and add face hooks to give our cutie a bondage makeover. We pull the entire box off the ground so her pussy and mouth are at perfect cock height.

We spin the box and get Jessi all dazed and dizzy, then 10 1/2 inches of hard black cock slides into her tight little white pussy and the brutal fucking commences. It doesn’t take long for the first orgasm to be fucked out of our helpless, boxed oiled up play toy. We jam another hard cock down Jessi’s throat and it is on.

We spin her, and the speed at which we can spin her is stagering. When we know she is dazed again we stop and roughly fuck her from both ends. Rince, repeat we never give Jessi a chance. Orgasm after orgasm is fucked out of her tiny little tight pussy. The cock slide down her throat as the other bangs against her cervix. She is fucked air tight and cumming like a common whore.

She takes it all and cums over and over, in the end the vibrator makes her squeal, as the black cock is jammed down her throat, one last brutal orgasm that leaves some form of liquid dripping out of her every hole. One final spin and she is completely Sexually Broken; a shell, deep in subspace, cum drunk to a Category 5 level.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Classically trained dancer severely bent, skull fucked, pushed air tight! Brutal fucking, cumming!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Welcome the beautiful, talented, sexy, tiny, flexible, Nikki Darling to Sexually Broken. With a tight tiny ass, thick hard nipples and a throat that can take a serious fucking, Nikki fits right in.

Severely bound and arched over a back breaker, Nikki find herself stuck in the perfect position for rough, hard sex. The collar is locked to the custom metal bondage device, so Nikki’s pretty mouth is stuck at cock level. Her ankles and wrists are connected creating a beautiful arch of this dancers rock hard body. We add oil and water, her 12 pack abs are glistening under the lights. Nikki is completely helpless and at our mercy.

With blood rushing to her head from being bent so far back, we quickly make her cum with the vibrator. She can’t help herself, so we jam a 10 1/2″ black cock down her throat and make her cum some more. Fighting for air while cumming sends Nikki quickly to subspace and we pour on the intensity.

A hard cock slides into her shaved, oiled pussy and we fuck our helpless dancer air-tight. One cock all the way down her throat, another cock banging on the doors to her cervix. This is rough sex at it’s best and Nikki is in survival mode as orgasm after orgasm is fucked out of her helpless body. Back and forth the men move, switching up their attacks, never letting Nikki “get on top of it”. We fuck her to the ground, give her a rough deep throating to the balls, all the while she’s stuck in that back breaking position.

After cumming so hard and so often from getting fucked and throated, we pull out the vibrator and drive Nikki out of her mind. We make her cum over and over, letting her fight, scream and beg for mercy. We’re having way too much fun to stop. In the end, Nikki is left with liquid dripping out of every hole. She is dazed, cum drunk, and lost in subspace. This is Sexually Broken at its best.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Chanel Preston manhandled, Brutally deep throated, bound, crotch roped, Cum ripped from her body!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Welcome back Chanel Preston to the pages of Sexually Broken. Chanel was built for sex, a deep throat for cock, flexible for bondage, a perfect ass, big tits, and a desire to please. The perfect combination for the best bondage and rough sex site on the net.

This is the first scene we shot with Chanel. One must take care the first time you work with a girl. Too hard, too fast and you only get one scene. You have to push, test, and push to see what they can handle. Too hard and you blow them out, too easy and you never see what they are capable of. The first scene is a highly scientific study to determine what the rest of the day will hold.

We attack and quickly Chanel’s elbows are tightly bound behind her, causing her huge tits to stick out even farther. We bind her hands, knock her to her knees and push a hard cock past her perfect lips and down her wet throat. We are about to deliver a epic skull fucking to our helpless porn star. Chanel’s throat has never been fucked harder. This professional cock sucker struggles. We are ruthless, never giving her a chance to “get on top of it”. We play her throat like a musical instrument, hard and fast and she suffers for it.

We limit her air, the cock goes so deep down her throat she must ration and sneak oxygen when she can get it. The skull fucking sends her into subspace quickly and we keep her dazed and confused with cock deep in her throat. When we think we have overloaded our porn start with cock, we flip her around and plunge the cock deep into her wet pussy. Within seconds she comes on the hard cock as it bangs away at her cervix.

Back and forth we punish our sexy helpless girl with cock. Brutal face fucking and deep pounding fucking. She cums, she sucks, she cums, she sucks. She is a toy and we are slowly breaking it. We bind her hands to the floor then arch her back and neck all the way and fuck her throat from behind, her head upside down as the cock slides all the way down the throat. You can literally see the bulge of the cock from the outside as it snakes down her air passage.

Unable to catch her air, her brain deep in subspace and cum drunk, we now add crotch rope and painfully pull it tight. All Chanel can do at this point is moan and suffer as the rope bites hard into her wet pussy. We leave her to suffer, waiting, wanting and hoping..


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cougar gets owned w/hard cock. Intense inverted deep throat, brutal fucking! Amazing rope bondage

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Super hot Beretta James is back on the pages of the fastest growing Bondage and rough sex site in the world, Sexually Broken. Beretta at age 35 is incredibly hot and has a body to die for.

Beretta finds herself tightly bound in a Japanese Box tie, on her back with a hard cock fucking the back of her throat. It’s go time and we are bringing the cock. No warm up, just a good old fashion cock attack on a helpless Cougar who loves the rough sex.

Beretta is tossed around like a rag doll. Fucked in every position, roughly manhandled and skull fucked into subspace. It’s a relentless attack from brutal deep throating, to cervix pounding fucking. Beretta takes it all. In the end we hang her upside down and vibrate her to several earth-shaking, screaming orgasms.

Beretta is left hanging, dazed and cum drunk, completely helpless, totally used, abused, and hung away wet…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Courtney Taylor and her HUGE tits endure a gauntlet of rough deep throating, squirting and fucking!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Sexy blond bombshell Courtney Taylor is back with her 38 Triple D boobs! In beauty and stature, this girl is nothing short of Amazonian. Courtney discovers what being truly helpless is all about today, and she loves it.

Courtney finds herself on her knees, her hot mouth at cock level. Her huge tits are tightly bound and a wooded breast press squeezes them even tighter. Her legs are frog bound and her wrists are bound to her thighs. This is what being completely helpless looks like. She is sitting on a vibrator and must stay perfectly still if she wants it to stay on her clit, meanwhile her huge boobs are slowly being crushed.

The helplessness fucks with her head and the vibrator is doing it job, Courtney is moaning, and close to cumming already. A neck rope holds her in place as the hard cock pushes past her puffy blowjob lips. The cock starts fucking her mouth slowly at first, but soon Courtney’s throat is stretched as the cock pushes all the way down her throat at a brutal pace. We skull fuck our hot blond into subspace. Deep spit coats her face as we unleash a catastrophic deep throat face fucking.

While trying desperately to catch her breath from cumming and sucking, we lift Courtney up by the sticks, crushing her huge tits. We hold her off the ground by just her boobs, then lie her down over a bench so her head is off the edge, upside down. Another brutal skull fucking ensues, spit covers our hot Amazon’s face and the cock pushes all the way down her throat. You can see it snake down her throat from the outside as it goes balls deep.

We move our now blindfolded big titted blond to her back, bind her knees to her tits and her legs back into a tight small package. Her pussy is completely exposed, she is trapped in the perfect “fuck me” postion. We start with the vibrator and make her cum. We finger blast and she squirts and cums in a violent screaming orgasm. Then the cock easily slides into her wet pussy and we are fucking this helpless Amazon. We roughly fuck her to a few more brutal orgasms, the cock slams her pussy so hard the entire stage moves and shakes. In the end Courtney is dazed and staring blankly into subspace. We leave her dripping and oozing liquid from every hole waiting for our return…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

It turns out Japanese girls really do sound like Anime when you brutally fucked them in bondage!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

We welcome Marica Hase back to Sexually Broken. Born and raised in Japan, Marica has come to the United States to share with us her incredible desire to be bound and fucked, and we thank her for it.

This is our “Meet and Greet” with Marica. All the bondage is done on screen and the action is unrehearsed. We make it all up spontaneously as we go. It is the purest form of real bondage, sex and domination in the world.

We start by simply binding Marica’s hands in front of her and pulling the arms straight up. We stretch our sexy Japanese girl out so we can play with her tiny, tight body. We molest and humiliate her, slowly stripping and then vibrating her to her first humiliating orgasm. She fights for control but we rip it from her with pleasure. She struggles to stand on two small blocks, fully spread, as she is cumming. We own her sexually and she knows it.

We take her hands and pull them tight to her pussy. A rope around her waist with a crotch rope keeps her hand down and unable to move without the rope burning her sensitive clit. We clamp her huge nipples with homemade Japanese nipple traps. The wood severely pinches and punishes Marica’s oversensitive nipples.

Now on her knees, we introduce the hard cock to the back of Marcia’s throat. We are not gentle, and soon Marica is struggling from the brutal skull fucking she must endure. If you are a fan of rough, messy, bound throat-fucking, this is the update for you. Marica makes those cute sounds just like you hear in Anime, and truthfully, that fuels us to fuck her skull even harder. Deep throat spit soon covers Marica’s face and she is completely humiliated from her mouth being used so throughly.

A few changes and before your eyes Marica is trapped in a pile driver on the floor. The hard cock slides deep into her pussy and a rough fucking commences. Marica is fucked to one brutal orgasm. The cock pounds her helpless pussy. All Marica can do is cum and moan. We jack up the bondage further, pull out a vibrator and make our Japanese slut cum a few more times for good measure. Marica is left covered in in her own juices, out of breath struggling to figure out what the hell just happened…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cute little Casey Calvert gets bound, brutally skull fucked, made to cum and beg. Sub-spaced hard!

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Little Casey Calvert is new to the porn industry. She started out doing bondage modeling. Soon after, she made the jump to full boy/girl porn and hasn’t looked back. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone this beautiful and hot is a raging bondage slut.

This is the Meet and Greet with Casey. We do all the tying on screen and all the action happens in “real time”. We do edit it but, the scene is a flowing ad lib work of art that transpires before your eyes. From fully dressed to sexually destroyed, and you feel part of the action as you watch it play out in real time.

We make Casey put on her own gag, a huge ring. Then we make her blindfold herself. Before she realizes what is happening she is severely bound elbows touching, on her knees, and being throat fucked. She is completely helpless. The gag hold her mouth wide open, as the cock slides to the back of her throat and beyond.

The skull fucking is intense, poor little Casey has never had her skull fucked so hard and rough. We turn her throat into a pussy as the cock shows no mercy. Casey struggles, the hard cock punishing her tight throat. Casey finds her self loopy, disorientated as the cock robs her of her need air. Soon Casey is a drooling, eyes crossed and out of focus suck slut.

We pick Casey up off the floor and bend her over a padded stool. With her head up side down, the cock easily slides deeper down her throat. Huge globs of deep throat spit are now covering her entire face. Casey can do nothing at all but open her mouth for the skull fucking of a lifetime. We quickly move to the other side and the cock slides balls deep into her wet pussy, within seconds her first orgasm rips apart the last of her sanity, and now sweet innocent little Casey is a sex slave, we can make her do anything we want, her will has been broken and we own her sexual soul.

We never let up, we fuck her pussy, she cums, we move around and fuck her throat, she flashes, we fuck her pussy again, over and over, until liquid is dripping out of every hole and she is staring blankly into nothingness as the cock own hers. She is in sexual survivor cum mode, just a moaning and orgasming whore.

We tighten up the bondage and Casey find herself immobilized in a back arching tie from hell. The vibrator is pulled out and applied. Casey is transformed into a screaming cumming banshee, as we rip orgasm after orgasm out of her taunt tight helpless body. In the end Casey breath is labored, she is covered in her own spit and drool, her body still twitching involuntarily from the sexual overload we dropped upon her. She will recover, but we own her sexual soul, it is ours to do with what we please, when we please…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!