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The Farmer‘s Daughter: Real life fantasies from your favorite porn stars! A feature Presentation!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Sexually Broken is proud to deliver its third Feature Presentation. This weeks’ update is “The Farmer’s Daughter”, a real life fantasy from Allie James who grew up on a farm in the North East. All of our feature presentation are ACTUAL Fantasies of the girls we shoot with for these special high budget Bondage and Rough Sex(BaRS)feature presentations.

Allie is back from College for the summer. Home is a 197 acre farm in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state. It’s just Allie and her father now, and a lot of work to do every day. It’s get up early and going to bed late, thoroughly exhausted from the day’s work.

It seems Allie has been slutting it up while she has been back home and has attracted a secret admirer who knows every detail about Allie and her daily schedule. For weeks he has been watching, observing, and planning. Today is the day that the secret admirer makes his presence known. It is a devious plot that is carried out flawlessly.


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Sofia Delgado‘s first Bondage shoot anywhere! Full Splits, Deep Throating, Rough Pounding Sex!

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Please welcome Sofia Delgado to her first bondage shoot anywhere. Sofia is 5’3 with a rock hard ass and the flexibility of a Olympian Gymnast. She has only been in the adult industry for a month or two so lets show her what being helpless really means!

We have our former Dance Major bound in the full splits with her elbows bound over a wooden pole. We oil up her perfect ass and strong legs and for the first time in her life Sofia is completely at someone else’s mercy. We start by bringing in the hard cock and simply sliding it balls deep into her wet cunt. She is moaning and cumming faster then even we thought. Over and over we fuck her to deep pounding orgasms. Then we move around and deep throat her pretty face. She has never been deep throated while bound, and you can tell she is nervous.

Back and forth we fuck our little 20yr old into subspace and farther. Each pounding orgasm brings causes Sofia to squirt like a broken hose. We pound her pussy to one brutal orgasm after another and every time we pull out squirt follows and drenches the bed under her pussy. From brutal skull fucking, deep long and hard, Sophia finds herself a drooling mess from the hard cock. Over and over she flashes as she struggles for air as the cock controls her throat. We bring out the vibrator and send our helpless Gymnast into another world. She screams out one final gut-wrenching orgasm that leaves Sofia completely gone from her mind. In the end squirt and cum drips out of one hole, while deep throat spit oozes out the other end. The vacant soulless look in her eyes tells you she has never gone to that place before…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Amazing MILF with Booming body, gets her first hardcore bondage threeway! Lactating Nipples!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We are happy to bring hot local talent to the pages of Sexually Broken. Today we have Penny Barber, a smoking hot MILF with an incredible booming body and lactating nipples.

The first thing we find out about Penny is that she is a bratty little brat. That mouth of hers writes checks her throat can’t cash. After spending just 1 minute with her, you want to grudge fuck her into next week. We get her tied up quickly and since this is “The Meet and Greet” we do all the bondage on screen. No other bondage company in the world brings you more on screen tying then Sexually Broken.

SInce we can’t stand her talking anymore, we waste no time jamming hard cock down her throat repeatably and brutally. Penny looks good on her knees struggling to get air as we face fuck our hot Mom into subspace. With a huge ring gag in her HUGE mouth it is easy to fuck the back of her throat, and with her hands trapped behind her back with hard steel metal handcuffs there is nothing she can do but take the Cock.

We destroy Penny with our skull-fucking methods, she is dazed when we bend her backwards over a table and continue her training as a cock sucking whore. We bind her knees to the table and lock a vibrator on her sensitive clit. Now Penny has to manage two things, cumming and sucking and she fails at both.

We bring in some HUGE black cock and now it’s on. Penny gets fucked from both ends as we make her nipples squirt milk all over her huge tits. Back and forth the boys move never giving Penny a break, she is completely overloaded with cock, orgasms! Over and over she cums from the fucking. In the end our bratty little brat is dazed, deep in subspace, cum drunk and Sexually Broken…


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Holly Heart is now officially a MILF! Lets fuck the shit out of her face hole and ram BBC up in her!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Holly Heart is back and she has acquired authentic MILF status. This hot California Blonde loves bondage, rough sex, and deep throating. Today is her first Bondage shoot since her break and she is ready.

Today we have our barefoot beauty locked in homemade custom stocks, her ass is pushed out perfectly and her mouth is at “throat ramming” level. Her big tits and nipples are waiting for clamps as we start by teasing our helpless Mom with fingers and a vibrator. She struggles a bit as we make her cum quickly and hard. There is nowhere to move or hide from the vibrator and we make Holly cum a few times. Then the Big Black Cock come out to play.

10 inches of thunder shaped in the form of a cock takes Holly’s mouth by surprise. If you have never watched a Sexually Broken scene, you should know that girls don’t give us blow jobs, we give them brutal face fuckings that send most of them into Subspace. We attack the throat with cock, most girls would tap out or safe word, however we scour the globe to bring you only the most talented throats in the industry and then fuck them up with cock.

We clamp Holly’s huge nipples and stretch them to the ground as the huge black cock rams into her pussy. Now it’s on, and Holly is in a war with two hard cocks, One is always fucking her pussy, one is always stretching her throat. We fuck and rotate never giving Holly a chance to get on top of it. One orgasm after another is fucked out of our hot bound Mom. Over and over she cums, in the end she is just a drooling mess, all cummed out and exhausted. We have used both her holes gratuitously, and with one final orgasm, Holly is left to drip, wondering what is next…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Two girls, Brutal Bondage, Extreme Throat Fucking, Massive Orgasms, Pussy Licking and Fucking!

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

One is fun, but two is always better then one. Today we have one one but two of the freshest sluts around. Nikki Darling is a classically trained dancer and her lean, toned body makes us want to drill her down in all of her holes. Her firm dancer’s body means nothing to us, she is just another slut for us to use as we see fit. Let’s see just how well this one can take the dick.

Evidently Nikki has been studying more then just dance at college, as she takes the cock like a season vet. First we bind her hands behind her so that she can’t struggle or push away. All she can do is open her mouth and do what she was born to do. We have to give her credit, she makes the effort. Such effort should be rewarded.

Nikki is thrown face down, ass up over a stool and drilled down within an inch of her life. There is nothing she can do to stop it, all she can do is endure. Quickly flipping Nikki around and tying her down reduces her to a two-ended fucktoy. The only thing we have to worry about is which end we want to put our dick into first. A relentless flurry of cock and vibrator ensues, leaving our little dancer gasping helplessly as orgasm after orgasm is ripped out of her.

Nikki might think it will soon be over, but we are just getting started. We have been keeping a second slut around, a toy called Mattie Borders that we like to store hanging upside down from the ceiling. While Nikki lies drained and moaning, we walk over and lower down our other fucktoy. Mattie’s bound hands make her just a pretty upside down mouth with pigtails. We know what to do with mouths around here. Both Mattie & Nikki are brutally skullfucked back and forth, their warm wet mouth holes used just like pussies. We like the toys best that play well with others, and using a length of rope we tie Mattie’s mouth pussy directly onto Nikki”s pussy.

Once our toys are connected like slutty little legos, we go to town on Nikki, using a grip on her throat to remind her of her place. Drained and well trained, our toys hang there, just waiting for the next time we want to take them out to play….


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Big titted slut is hung by her ankles and deeply fucked to multiple orgasms, made to squirt!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Darling is back with her massive EE breasts and amazing ass to match. She is as strong as she is flexible and is as tough as she is beautiful. Darling is currently a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and actively in the gym 5x a week. What should we do with someone as tough as that? Subject her to the Sexuallybroken treatment, naturally. Let’s see just how tough she really is.

Today we have our ass kicker completely helpless and exposed in a brutal category 5 position. Her massive tits are severely wrapped and bound. We just love objectifying body parts on our girls, for some it can really fuck with their heads, but not today, Darling is a seasoned pro who loves being objectified and used. We have her ankles bound and spread to a suspension bar, her arms trapped behind her back. Darling is in the ultimate “Fuck me” position but instead of being on her back she is propped upright on a table. This is a position you just don’t see everyday.

We walk in with a hard cock and simply slide it balls deep into her wet helpless cunt. With in seconds we have this powerful women cumming like a common whore over and over again. We don’t let up. Darling gets pounded hard and deep and orgasm after orgasms is fucked out her. Then we insert 3 fingers inside her hungry pussy and within seconds Darling is squirting as she screams out yet another brutal orgasm. We lost count and frankly don’t care how many times our purple belt has cum. We jump up on the table and throat fuck Darling into subspace.

Now it’s time for fun, we suspend Darling by just her ankles and now she is floating in that perfect “fuck me” position. This is a cervix buster! The cock hits home over and over, and Darling almost passes out from the massive pounding that brings orgasm after orgasms along with it. Between, cock, vibrators and fingers, Darling is a cum drunk mess, barely babbling English and drooling helplessly out of her pie hole. We jack the 3 fingers back into her pussy and blast out the grand finale of all squirting orgasms from her broken pussy. We leave our ass kicking purple belt drooling all over self, eyes rolled back into her head and oozing pussy juice onto the floor beneath her, floating helplessly wondering what the fuck just happened….


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Bonnie Rotten, is Orgasmed to near unconscious. Made to squirt, drool, gag, & cum. Orgasm overload!

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Bonnie Rotten is firmly bound in the wall. Her ass and pussy hang out on one side, her tits and throat on the other. Today Bonnie finds out what really being helpless means.

Bonnie is tall, thin, lean. flexible and strong, her naturally tan tone body is ripped from dancing and working out daily. Her legs are spread and bound, her pussy and ass totally open and exposed. Her head is falling off the edge of a the platform at perfect face fucking height. Bonnie is about to get sexually destroyed and has no idea how hard she is going to squirt, cum and scream in the next 15 minutes.

We have the world most powerful vibrator locked on to her pussy. We turn the sybian on low to tease and move the hard cock into Bonnie’s hot wet mouth. We start slow and easy, letting Bonnie’s throat stretch as the cock fucks it deeper and deeper. The sybian get turned to full power and Bonnie is immediately blasted into sub space. The cock is giving her a skull fucking of epic proportions as orgasms get repeatedly ripped out of her pussy by the vibrator. Over and over Bonnie cums until we can’t stand the screaming anymore. We remove the sybian and replace it with cock. We fuck Bonnie hard and deep and we then move around and fuck her face. Over and over, back and forth, Bonnie can’t even remember what not cumming means anymore. We make Bonnie cum and squirt too many times to even count. In the end Bonnie is a blathering cum drunk slut, coated in her own bodily liquids, completely void of ration thought…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Allie James is locked into a automatic blow job machine, with huge ring gag! Brutal deep throating!

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

We have Allie James back on the pages of Sexually Broken. This super cute, amazing farm girl is taking the porn world by storm. At 5’8″ and a solid frame, this tough farm girl is learning just how much she loves bondage and rough sex.

Today we are at the Farm, our location in the Adirondack mountains of New York, and we are in our barn for today’s Sexually Broken offering. We have been working hard on the farm and and it’s time for a steller blow job to release the stress of the day. Luckily we have Allie all locked up and ready for when we get primal urges. <br><br>

Mowing is hard work and it’s about 100 degree out, our barn however is cool and inviting, especially when you have a hot 20yr old farm girl locked into a custom bondage device. Allie has her head strapped to a modified fucking machine that we turn into a brutal blow job machine (you saw it here first, again). Allies’ arms are strappado’d back and locked with custom metal restraints. A huge ring gag keeps her mouth open, her legs bound and opened wide with a powerful vibrator locked directly on her clit. We uncover our beauty who has been in storage, now her only task in life is to satisfy our urges.

We turn the machine on low to start and the machine moves her head back and forth on the hard cock. The vibrator on her clit is starting to make her cum, and we press forward. Allie is completely helpless as the machine is in control of her head. It pushes her head back and forth on the cock over and over, never getting tired, never stopping. Her mouth is held open by the huge ring gag and the machine uses her throat just like it would a pussy. It doesn’t matter if Allie gets tired, it doesn’t matter if she thinks she can’t suck cock anymore, the machine makes her. We turn the machine up and down, push the cock deeper into her throat. Allie can do nothing but accept the cock in her mouth until we cum, or get bored and walk away.

It’s been a long day, and we want to cum, that’s why we came into the barn, that’s why we have Allie stored here. We turn up the machine and Allie’s head is going at break neck speed, she can sense we are going to cum in her open mouth and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Just that though alone drives Allie to have her own brutal orgasm. We both cum at the same time, Allie getting a mouth full of jiz. We turn off the machine, lower the canvass, and turn out the lights. We will be back after dinner, and Allie will still be there…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hot Latino Jynx Maze suffers Rope Bondage is Deep Throated & Roughly Fucked Hogtied & Made to Cum

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

We are pleased to welcome one of the hottest Latino porn stars in the world to the pages of Sexually Broken. Jynx Maze has perfect natural breast, an amazing ass, and is simply one of the most beautiful persons on the planet.

This is the “Meet and Greet”, all the bondage is done on camera. It is the most realistic bondage scene you can find on the internet today. No idea, no plan, it just flows. She starts all smiles with pretty make up, she ends a cummed out mess. Bound, helpless, throated, and pussy fucked, with liquid dripping out of every hole. We simply destroy the girl with cock and orgasms.

We start with a tight elbow and wrist tie. Jynk’s finds herself bound and completely helpless in seconds. We make her pull the hard cock out of our pants, then knock her to her knees and skull fuck the shit out of our tiny Latino’s cute face hole. Deep throating at it’s best, rough face fucking while completely bound and helpless. We make her worship the cock with her mouth. Over and over we push it farther into her throat, she struggles for air, we show no mercy.

Deep in subspace now, we make her take off her tight booty shorts. We make her lie down and stick out that amazing ass of hers. Our cock, pre-lubed with her throat spit, slides deep into her wet pussy. We fuck her to several brutal orgasms on the dirty floor. We tie off her legs into a brutal hogtie with her neck bound to her feet. Now she must use all her strength, and keep that arch, or she will slowly choke her self out. We fuck her throat one good last time and let her suffer in the extreme bondage. Jynx just got run over by the cock train, and is wondering what the hell just happen…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

18yr old’s first time Bound and Fucked, beautiful Sex and Submission from our cute Southern Belle

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Well, we have another 18yr Southern Belle we are introducing to the BaRS(Bondage and Rough Sex)world. Alana Rains is hitting the LA Porn world by storm. This 18yr old peach is from the Great State of Georgia, and has all ready been nominated for “Hottest New Girl” at The Sex Awards 2013.

Today it’s simple, we tie up a pretty 18yr old in a beautiful legs back “fuck me” position. Gag her mouth hole with her own panties, and sex the living fuck out of her.

Finger blasting, vibrators, hard cock, all combine to make her cum over and over and over. We just go to town on her smooth shaved pussy. We mix it up, back and forth again and again, and all Alana can do is scream her lungs out into her own panty gag. We rip orgasm after orgasm out of her helpless body and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Her clit becomes so sensitive it starts to drive her insane. Good thing we have her gagged! She can scream all she wants, it won’t do her any good.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!