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Cock sucking legend in the making Veruca James drilled down and throat pounded by 2 big dicks!

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Fresh faced Veruca James has a secret: She is a cock sucking legend in the making and can suck a dick better then 95% of the porn stars out there today. You just can’t challenge this girl with cock. She takes everything you throw and her and asks for more. She CRAVES having the back of her throat turned into a pussy.

You can’t spend years practicing and refining the art of an utterly committed, no holds barred blow job and not be properly rewarded when you finally quit your day job for porn and end up gracing the Sexuallybroken stage. We bring 2 dicks to the table today, and they are going to do their best to turn our sexy ex-accountant into a Chinese finger trap. For as long as we have her, Veruca will have something drilling her from both ends. We start off with our lean, pale throat hole tied down on her knees in front our our well used bed. The plan is simplicity itself: Mouth, meet dick. Now get properly acquainted you two.

One after another, both dicks own Veruca’s face pussy. It is a furious onslaught of dick that would have most girls begging for mercy and air. Not Veruca. She is on top of it the whole time, using that thick back of the throat spit as lube to further the face fucking. Not even Jack Hammer’s mighty dick gets her to pause for long. This is someone born to suck dick. It is time to up our game.

Veruca is tossed onto our bed and promptly finger trapped. Both ends of her are stuffed to the brim with dick. Bound and helpless, all she can do is lie there and endure as the cocks attempt to shake hands inside of her. While rag doll fucking her is fun enough, we really want to drive home the point that she is nothing but a bag of holes for our use, and we shove her head between the iron bar railings of the bed and tie her into place. There is no way for her to escape, each pound of the dick sends her slamming into the railings and every millimeter of her holes are throughly owned. Her eyes roll back into her head when we add the vibrator to the mix and she grasps the true meaning of “forced orgasm”. It looks like the vibrator is able to do what throat boarding could not, and we leave our spent fuckdoll tied to the bed, head hanging down limply with a vacant look across her face…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Flexy dancer little Sofia Delgado does her first bondage, rough BJ‘s, split in half by dick!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

20 yr old Sofia Delgado is new to the industry and brand new to bondage. What she brings to the table is a dance background. Sending your daughter to school for dance basically ensures she will end up in porn, contorted like a pretzel while being stuffed full of cock in every hole. Let’s take all those years she spent shaping her flexibility and reward her with a massive overload of dick.

A reverse prayer is one of the hardest positions to put someone’s arms in, and most people can’t even get their arms into the position. Sofia can not only do reverse prayer with ease, she stays in the tie the entire time we are using her holes. The second the ropes hit her body, Sofia breaks out in a giant grin that doesn’t leave her face the whole time we are working her over, no matter what we do to her. We are watching the birth of a natural born bondage bitch.

Once she is properly secured, we manhandle her a bit and strip the wrapping off of our new toy. Her tiny compacted body inspires us and we shove a rock hard dick into her helpless mouth hole. The cock cuts off her air, the rope takes away her freedom, and Sofia drops into subspace almost instantly. Her eyes glaze and she moans around her mouthful of fuckstick, drool pouring down and coating her perky young tits. Quickly, we yank her off the dick and flip her around, impaling her. Back and forth, both ends wide open and helpless. This is bondage training at its finest.

Sofia’s legs are as flexible as her arms, and we drop her down into the full splits and tie her down. Her wide open legs leave her pussy completely exposed, and we introduce a vibrator to the mix. She starts to cum almost immediately, her helplessness overwhelming her. We could rip orgasms out of her all day long and there isn’t a thing she could do to stop us. Tugging at her neck rope just makes the orgasms stronger. When we are done using her mouth hole for the day, we pull her down on top of that reverse prayer and tie her neck rope off to a handy beam. The backward arch just better displays her completely split legs. It is a position most humans couldn’t even get into, but this natural born bondage bitch takes it with ease. Good girl.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Bratty big breasted Penny Barber taken down a peg and face fucked into next week by 2 cocks!

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Penny Barber sure likes to talk. She is as mouthy as they come, and stuffed to the brim with sass. Let’s replace that sass with cock. Lots and lots of cock. It is hard to stay sassy when you are being overloaded with epic amounts of dick and small amounts of air.

Our booming MILF starts off shackled against the wall to properly display her lush body. A neck rope adds to the picture and makes a convenient collar. We start off with a vibrator and some tugging at that handy collar. Penny’s pussy betrays her almost immediately and her eyes glass over as we tug at her neck rope. Attitude adjustment in progress! Next we come in come in with our handy flogger. When sass mets flogger, the flogger wins every time. Her skin flushes red with each impact and she struggles to stand straight.

Moving quickly, we unshackle her from the wall and bring her down to her smug little knees. A rock hard cock is introduced right to the back of her tonsils. She struggles and gasps, trying to survive. The more cock that she has lodged in her throat the less attitude she has on her face. Just to be sure she is really getting the message, we introduce 10 massive inches of mighty man meat in the form of Jack Hammer. Jack hammers her face hole until she is a drooling undone mess of limp flesh. It is a good look for her.

School is in session and we are only just getting started. Penny is flipped over into a piledriver position. The piledriver assures she will feel the full brunt of every stroke. Doubled over with her breasts in her face and her pussy in full helpless display, Penny is about to receive the dicking down of a lifetime. What follows is an onslaught of cock. Penny is used like a fucksheath. Back and forth, one dick after another, plunging up to the hilt of her exposed pussy. Nothing like a good cervix pounding to knock the sass right out of a girl.

There is nothing Penny can do to stop us. Face down, ass up, and shackled to the floor with her pussy as a bullseye, we drill her down until her brain meat melts. Throw in some foot caning on her tender soles as dessert and leave our brat bolted to the floor until the next time we happen to feel like using her holes.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Fresh faced 18yr old southern girl Mattie Borders drilled deep by 10 inch BBC, helplessly squirts!

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Jack Hammer has worked over our precocious little starlet Mattie Borders before, but this is the first time he gets a solo shot at her. Let’s see what he does now that he has her all to himself, shall we? Jack has the best toy you could ask for: A fresh out of the box 18 year old slut that has been fantasizing for years about all of the cock she was going to get stuffed full of the second she became legal. Who is Jack to deny Mattie her dreams?

The barn is dark & foreboding, packed with instruments of perversion and restraint. It does’t exactly qualify as romantic. Which is fine by Jack, he isn’t feeling very romantic. He strides in with his toy slung over his shoulder and quickly installs her into an antique milking frame. Today she is going to be throughly milked out for all the squirt and cum she has in her little holes. Mattie is bent over and helpless, both ends completely exposed to the massive dicking down she is about to endure.

It is one thing to fantasize about 10 inch dick, it is an entirely different thing to be face to face with a massive black fuckstick with no hope of escape. Jack trains the back of her tender throat until Mattie’s eyes bulge. She chokes and gasps, eyes watering with the strain. We are showing her exactly what it mean to be a fuckpuppet for our pleasure. We can’t ignore the pert little bottom on the other end of this little slut, and after his dick has been properly worshipped Jack slams his monster cock home up to the base, as Mattie moans and whimpers. She takes her training well, let’s see what else this eager pussy can handle.

A vibrator is added to the mix, and the combination has Mattie squirting almost instantly. She is helpless to stop the cum being ripped from her well-used hole. Bound and breathless, while standing in a puddle of her own cum is a good look on Mattie. This might be a toy Jack will keep for a while. Back and forth, he uses both her ends as he sees fit. When he has had his fill, he binds this filthy whore up to take her downstairs to the showers. After all, clean toys are the funnest to play with!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Fresh faced Georgia peach reduced to a bag of holes, dicked down and made to worship cock!

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Alana Rains is new to the industry and already a Sex Awards nominee, let’s see why she has earned that nomination, shall we? We keep it simple, throwing rope and cock at her pale lean flesh, testing her deep throat skills as we push her to her limits and beyond. Can this peach take some rough handling or will she bruise?

After securely binding her, she is made to strip for our viewing pleasure. It isn’t easy for her to do so while tied, but it sure is fun for us to watch. When she succeeds, she is rewarded in the best way possible-a dick battering the back of her tonsils. A bound 18 year old taking a brutal throat pounding is always a beautiful sight to behold, and she earns another reward: being dicked down to the hilt. Alana has no choice but to take it, and she does, moaning like a whore in heat the whole time.

We then drape her over a stool and continue our onslaught on her holes. Today those aren’t her holes, they belong to us. Being laid over the stool opens up her throat and we take full advantage of that fact. The cock has no mercy, owning her throat meat. Back and forth, mouth and pussy, never letting up or giving her a chance catch her breath. Alana is gone, blasted right out of her mind as she slides into subspace.

Just to be sure she won’t be leaving subspace anytime soon, we had a vibrator to the mix. Alana has a very sensitive pussy, and the vibrations are so intense she is promptly begging for mercy as orgasm after orgasm is ripped out of her 18 year old pussy. We are not the merciful type and add yet more pussy pounding to the mix. She won’t be forgetting today anytime soon. In the end, Alana is left spent and gasping, limp in her ropes and unable to uncross her eyes. Welcome to Sexually Broken!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Lush newly MILFed Holly Heart throat trained into next week by double cock!

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

You don’t get a special pass around here just because you became a MILF. Tan, athletic big-titted Holly Heart has been out of the game for a little while, let’s welcome her back by reminding her exactly what she is good for: sucking all the dick we want to throw at her.

The set-up is simplicity itself- a post and a set of shackles. Put your MILF on her knees, lock her in place and use her mouth hole as a pussy. Repeat as needed. What follows is an onslaught of cock. Holly Heart is bound and completely helpless. There is nothing she can do to escape her training, and school is in session. Today we bring not one but 2 cocks to the table. The 10 inches of BBC (big black cock) we have to reshape the back of Holly’s throat isn’t the sort of dick to take lightly, and we have no mercy.

In mere moments Holly is deconstructed by dick. Her eyes glaze over and drool spills down her hanging chin, coating her massive tits. One after the other the cocks attack, never giving her a chance to get on top of it, never letting her catch her breath. Her big mouth is filled up to the hilt and stretched to its limits. There is always another cock waiting for its turn to train, and there is nothing she can do to stop it.

Holly is reduced to a cock sheath, her face hole has become a pussy for us to fuck. She take to her training well, doing her best accommodate the massive meat owning her airways. You can’t bring in big boobs like that and think we are going to ignore them, and we throw on some nipple clamps to remind her of her place. Our athletic little MILF is now a moaning, quivering, drool-covered puddle of flesh that can’t even remember her own name.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Big bootied spinner throat blasted, rag doll fucked and suspended upside down!

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Pocket-sized Latina stunner Jynx Maze has a booming bootie and a super sensitive pussy. Her all natural curves are the type that inspires men. In this case, it inspires us to tie her up and throat fuck her into next week.

We start off binding her strictly onto a bed, legs spread and that overly sensitive pussy exposed and helpless. Once the vibrations start she is immediately begging for mercy. Some girls hardly notice the hitachi. Some girls cunts are so sexually responsive that a hitachi is torture. Jynx is of the later persuasion. Let’s have some fun with that, shall we? It is all too much for Jynx, she desperately tries to escape the stimulation, but the ropes keep her firmly bound in place. That wide-open mouth begging for relief inspires us and we turn her throat into a cock sheath. Jynx can’t decide which one is harder to take, her pussy being vibrated mercilessly or a rock hard cock down the throat cutting off all air.

Once we have used her throat to our content, we switch to that sensitive pussy of hers and fuck her deep into the mattress. Jynx’s eyes glaze over and the thick throat spit our dick brought up slides down her pretty little face. There is nothing she can do but endure. Pretty girls are so much fun to take down a peg or two, and the cock is the perfect tool to do it with.

Jynx might think we are almost done with her, but she is sadly mistaken. Her bondage is quickly shifted and she suddenly finds herself hanging upside down with the vibrator jammed back into that responsive little slit of hers. Today might be the day she truly grasps the meaning of the term “Sexually Broken”. Her wails just make us jam the dick down her throat again. She sputters and gasps as she fights for air. Seeing those puffy nipples of hers begging for attention we add some weights and then walk off leaving her dangling, weighted and vibrated. Today is a day she won’t be forgetting any time soon…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cherry Torn lashed to a beam and stuffed full of cock from both ends!

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Cherry Torn can take it and take it hard. There is very little left this eager slut hasn’t tried three times over. So what do you do with someone like that? The solution is simple: Bind the bitch to a beam and drill both ends until her eyes glaze over and fluid is leaking from all of her well-used holes. Add in some neck rope for her to choke herself a little if she wants (and of course she does) and you have a spit-roasted well-done Cherry Torn.

Once Cherry is firmly tied down and properly decorating the giant wooden beam we have laying around our studio, we start out with some bastinado and flogging, just to warm our little slut up. She craves the pain as much as she craves the cock. Her neck tie keeps her nicely arched and exposed and we have to reward her suffering-with cock down her waiting throat. There is no mercy, no holding back, it is a relentless drilling of her mouth hole while she drools and sputters and gasps. Turning a throat into a pussy is one of our favorite pastimes here at Sexuallybroken.

That phat bubble butt is calling out for some cock as well, and we are nothing if not generous. We slid into to the hilt and fuck her cross-eyed. She can’t escape the sensations rippling through her bound body, it is too much for her, and her brain starts to overload. That is when we add the vibrator to the mix. Caned, flogged, face-fucked, choked and vibrated, Cherry checks out. She is a whimpering, drooling, moaning mess of tied-up girl flesh. Which is just how we like them around here. We leave her spent and lashed down, waiting for the next time we feel like using her holes.

Cherry might of tried just about everything there is to try, but something tells us she won’t be forgetting today anytime soon…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

MILF-tastic Ava Devine, sybian orgasmed out of her mind while brutally throat fucked!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Today we happily welcome back the MILF to end all MILFS, Ava Devine. She is all tits and ass, so curvy you just don’t know where to look first. This out of control sex addict simply can NOT get enough orgasms, it doesn’t matter how many she has, she always craves more. We have tried to break her sexually in the past with dick and it didn’t even phase her. Time for the big guns-The Sybian.

The sybian is, quite simply, the most powerful vibrator known to man. It sounds like a jet plane taking off and strapped between a girl’s legs, even a crazed sexual beast such as Ava will have no choice but to notice. The setup is quite simple. We tie her down, oil her up and turn on the sybian to work it’s magic. That is all it takes. Ava is quickly reduced to a drooling, cumming, moaning, glassy-eyed mess. It seems that this sex addict just finally might be getting her fill.

However, Sexuallybroken isn’t about giving girls their fill, it is about overwhelming them, blasting them right out of their pretty little skulls. In that spirit, we add not one but two cocks to the mix. While Ava is having orgasm after orgasm ripped out of her booming body, we go to town on her drooling mouthhole. Now she can’t get on top of it, can’t maintain. The cocks have no mercy, she is just a warm hole to use as we see fit. Bondage, orgasms, blowjobs, rinse and repeat. This will go on as long as we desire.

In the end she is completely used up, hanging limply in her bondage as the sybian owns her pussy, sweat glistening off of her outrageous curves. Today is the day that Ava Devine just might grasp the meaning of “Sexually Broken”.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sexy Mid Western girl Suffers Category 5 bondage, fucking, and deep throating! Huge puffy nipples!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

It been over a year since we had Cassandra Nix on the pages of Sexually Broken. With long, sexy tan legs, an amazing ass, a throat made for fucking and huge puffy nipples, Cassandra is your typical Midwestern girl gone bad. She loves being sexually dominated, used and used hard.

Today we have our 21yr old cutie bound tightly in an inescapable Box Tie. A neck rope and waist harness are added so we can toss our helpless slut around on the bed. Cassandra is about to get fucked into Subspace and have so many orgasms she won’t remember her name.

We start with Cassandra on her back with her head hanging over the edge, while we slowly skull fuck her throat. Slow at first, but quickly we pick up the tempo and soon Cassandra struggles for air as we throat her with cock over and over. We make her flash and the gloss rolls over her eyes. She is completely sexually helpless as we manhandle her into several different fucking and deep throat positions. It is a gauntlet of cock, ramming her from every direction, owning her, making her come. She is fucked hard, deep and relentlessly!

Deep spit covers her body, her pussy juice leaks all over everything as she is fucked from one orgasm to the next. While still completely bound, we fuck her mouth so deep and hard that we push Cassandra to the very line of panic, but she manages to hang on to her sanity. In the end we suspend Cassandra from the waste harness we used to fuck her deeper and deeper with. Her back arches beautifully over the bed as we tie her ankles to her neck. Her puffy nipples have grown huge, straining against the ropes. If she moves she chokes herself so she must be completely still. However the vibrator we plant directly on her sensitive clit makes it impossible for her to remain still. We make her come hanging upside down, and it is the strongest orgasm of the day, one that blasts her deep into subspace, completely cum drunk and dazed. All she can do is spin and leak liquid out of each of her holes, as she awaits our return…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!