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Ring gagged, blindfolded, Straight Jacketed, Inverted, Skull Fucked into Submission! Brutal Orgasms!

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

In 1974 PD hand made the Straight Jacket that Bella is now locked into. You have never seen a better Bondage Straight Jacket then this, one with custom zippers to let the massive boobs out to play. Helpless on her knees and attached to a wooden beam, Bella is blindfolded with a huge ring gag prying her mouth wide open.

One of Sexually Broken’s best features is our brutal throat fucking while our girls are completely helpless. With her mouth held wide open, we bring two hard cocks to bare on Bella’s delicate throat. Each cock slides into her mouth and right to the back of her mouth, cutting off any chance for air. We fuck her face like it’s her pussy, long deep brutal strokes, pushing all the way down her throat over and over. We remove the gag and intensify our efforts, blasting Bella quickly into subspace.

Like most of our scenes the bondage progresses right before your eyes into something completely different. Before you can say “Make this bitch cum.” We have Bella hanging upside down by thin leather straps. A huge dildo impales her shaved pussy and a vibrator is locked directly on her pierced clit. It doesn’t take Bella long before the first orgasms rocks through her body. The cocks re-introduce themselves to Bella’s tonsils, and Bells is cumming and struggling for air. The cocks continue their rampage on Bell’s throat and the vibrator keeps Bella cumming like a common whore. In the end we leave Bells swaying, cumming and moaning, with a steady stream of throat gunk dripping for her well used mouth hole..


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Ass out and throat ready, Skin Diamond bent over, bound and roughly fucked and deep throated!

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

AVN and XBIZ nominated performer of the year Skin Diamond returns to the pages of the best bondage and rough sex site on the net. Skin is one of the few nominated performers of the year that actually does bondage and rough sex, so she’s the winner in our book!

Bound ass out and throat ready, Skin is bend over a simple ‘H” frame. Her ankles, in custom leather cuffs, are bound spread, and her wrists are bound half-way down the frame causing her amazing ass to stick out, just begging for cock. Sexually Broken is not just a bondage and sex site, we are the best at destroying professional sexual athletes at their own game. We bring the dick, and the girls are completely overwhelmed sexually with orgasms and deep throat fuckings. We blast girls into subspace and further. When we are done they are all left exhausted, cummed out and dazed at what just happened. You can’t fake the smiles our girls have in the interviews afterwards as they describe how well they just got fucked.

Skin is no exception. Two cocks own her and make her cum over and over. Her throat is deeply fucked without mercy. Her pussy is pounded to several gut-wrenching screaming orgasms. Both cocks working her over at the same time. Deep down her tiny throat and balls deep in her dripping wet pussy, the dicks force her to cum over and over. Skin’s eyes glaze over and she is gone, completely stupid and cum drunk, helpless and dripping some form of liquid out of each of her holes. That’s what we do here, we fuck Professional porn stars into the ground.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

The Automatic Blow Job Machine Returns!, Intensity turned up 10 fold! Catastrophic skull fucking!

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Today we welcome back the return of two site favorites. The Automatic Blowjob Machine (ABM) and the beautiful Cherry Torn. We bring the modified fucking machine and custom head attachment, Cherry brings her all natural huge tits, and phat ass.

We have Cherry strapped to a wooden pillar with our homemade custom belts. Her legs are bound spread and her perfectly shaved, puffy pussy has a vibrator locked in place directly on her sensitive clit. Cherry’s head is strapped to a custom metal interface that keeps her head attached to a fucking machine. The custom plate prevents Cherry from moving her head from side to side, so she will not be able to turn her head to remove the cock from her mouth.

Cherry specializes in hardcore deep throating. She loves getting her face completely and utterly fucked, however today the master has met her match. We turn on the powerful vibrator and instantly Cherry starts moaning. She knows that there is nothing she can do to stop from cumming, but right now that is the least of her problems. The hard cock pushes into her open mouth and the machine is turned on. Instantly her head is pushed forward by the powerful machine and the cock slides to the back, pushing deep into her throat. Before she can react, the machine pulls her head back, then it starts all over again. Cherry lets out a sound of utter despair as she just now understands the predicament she is in.

What transpires next is beyond most mortals comprehension of what could accurately be described as a catastrophic face fucking. The amount of spit and drool that gushes from Cherry’s helpless holes is staggering, as the machine pushes and pulls the hard cock into and out of her tight throat. The entire time the vibrator is working it’s magic on Cherry’s clit, the machine ipushes the cock deeper and deeper down her throat. No time for breaks, no time to “get on top”, Cherry simply must endure brutal orgasms and extreme face fucking simultaneously, without hope for relief.

If you have been on the fence, looking in, today is the day to check out what Sexually Broken is all about!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Long legs, huge puffy nipples and a deep throat! Cassandra gets the bondage face fucking of her life

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

We have our favorite tall, tan, beautiful, 20yr old Midwestern girl next door back on Sexually Broken! Cassandra Nix is one of those rare girls who loves the bondage and brutal sex.

There are days when you just want to take a sexy pretty girl, get her all bound up nice and helpless, then fuck the bejeezus out of her deep mouth hole. Today is one of those days. We specialize in bound face fucking around here. We can destroy any girl with time and cock down their throat. There is something exciting about watching a cute innocent looking girl getting totally owned by hard cock in the face. Controlling when they get air, pushing it air tight all they way down the throat, the cute tears running down the face, the massive amount of throat spit that pours from their helpless mouth and down their tan hot body. That gasp of oxygen they fight for when you finally let them have a little bit of air, before you plung it balls deep again. The pitiful sounds they make begging for mercy as your cock fucks their helpless throat. The spit, the gagging, the cumming in her helpless mouth, the struggle for control, we love it all and today Cassandra Nix endures the face fucking of a lifetime.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Tall sexy MILF bound is custom metal and leather bondage. Takes huge bl cock, brutal deep throating!

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Welcome CiCi Rhodes to Sexually Broken. This hot MILF puts most other stars to shame in the manner in which she fucks. She Deep Throats with the best of them, she takes huge cock, she can handle the hard bondage and rough sex, and truly enjoys every second. This is one girl that does not do it for the money, she does it because she loves it.

We have CiCi trapped in a custom made metal and leather bondage device. Our new Prototype Blindfold designed by our own Cyd Black is securely in place. CiCi’s sexy ass sticks out and her tight gag is causing her to drool. She is completely helpless, a couple of holes for use to use and abuse.

We don’t waste anyones time. 10 inches of thunderous hard cock settles in behind CiCi’s hot ass, and with a couple of good thrusts someone’s Mom is moaning like a common slut. The gag muffles some of the sound, but the drooling intensifies as puddles of spit drip down CiCi’s helpless face. CiCi’s cums early and often. The gag is replaced by another hard cock, and now CiCi, is getting deeply fucked from both ends without mercy. We use CiCi’s throat like a pussy, fucking it balls deep over and over. CiCi is in a world most never experience, Cumming over and over, while struggling for air every second.

Back and forth the cocks move, taking turns making CiCi cum. It’s rough pounding sex at it’s finest and CiCi is completely overwhelmed. In the end 10 inch of black cock slide balls deep down CiCi’s pretty throat as a vibrato make her brutally cum over and over. In the end CiCi is dripping some form of liquid from each hole, as her hard deep breathing, reminds her she is deep in subspace, wondering if she will ever finds the exit back to the normal world…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Mahina bound in a pile driver position, Fucked made to squirt in her own mouth, screaming orgasms!

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

The exotic Mahina Zaltana is back on the the pages of the fast growing bondage and rough sex site in the world. Today is drink or drown day, We have Mahina bound with her pussy directly over her gagged open mouth, and this girl squirts like a garden hose on high.

Bound with rope and stuck in a brutal pile driver position, Mahina finds herself completely helpless and totally exposed, her amazing ass and shaved pussy stuck up and out. We have Mahina’s mouth held open with a custom gag. Mahina knows that if she squirts there is nothing she can do to stop it from flowing into her open mouth. She will try and fight off the orgasms but she will lose and lose big.

We start by vibrating her sensitive clit teasing an playing, building her up. So when we bare down she has no hope of not cumming. Soon she is cumming and an amazing amount of squirt falls directly into her open mouth. It is drink or drown day at Sexually broken. We make her cum over and over and soon Mahina is screaming, squirming and doing anything she can to not cum, but she is helpless and we have years and years of experience in making sluts cums.

Her wet, lubed, shaved pussy is just too much to look at, so we pull out a hard cock and slid deep into her pussy in one hard stroke. We fuck Mahina hard and good, causing several more orgasms. From fucking to vibrator we make Mahina squirt gallons of cum all over her self. In the end our cum slut is left in a pool of her own cum, exhausted and well used…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Chanell Heart gets the Sexuallybroken treatment, severe strappado and BJs completely wreck her!

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Today we welcome a fresh face to the Sexyallybroken stage-Chanell Heart is about to get the throat fucking of a lifetime. Chanell is beautiful and a sweetheart to boot. That isn’t going to save her today. We aren’t concerned about how nice she is, the only real question is how well can she take bondage and having the back of her throat reshaped to fit our dick?

This is our meet and greet, where we feel out the model and see what she can handle. Can she hang, or is the experience going to overwhelm them? All bondage is done live on screen and you can see exactly how she reacts to her first time. Chanell is tied into a punishing strappado and deposited on her knees to await her fate. Her fate is us owning her entire mouth hole for as long as we desire.

The rock hard cock is introduced to her throat hole and she is overwhelmed almost instantly. Her eyes glaze over, drool helplessly flows out, and her brain goes into survival mode. It becomes about enduring the punishment of the dick and the strain of the strict bondage. Our little fuck toy is in for the ride of her life.

Keeping her in the strappado, we haul her up to her feet, bend her over and impale her on our dick. Changing up the bondage allows us to get access to both her holes. Chanell is still completely immobilized and we double dip from either end, switching from one side to the other as the mood strikes. She is dizzy and dicked down, the cock plowing in to the hilt. Gone is the pretty perky model that stepped onto the stage, in her place is a sweating, straining sexual animal. It is a much better look on her.

When we have had our fill of fucking her, we haul up the strappado even higher, leaving her perched up on her tip-toes as the strain of the bondage fills her entire body. It is a brutally challenging position. Chanell can just wait right there until we want to use her again. Welcome to Sexuallybroken dear…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Lanky model Hailey Young rag doll fucked all over a couch while tightly bound, punishing BJs!

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Hailey Young was born to fuck. It is what she does best. We like sexual athletes around here, and Hailey is in the Major Leagues. Today we are going to turn her into a bag of holes and stick her so full of dick her brain melts and runs out of her ears.

We start off with her firmly bound in a box tie that keeps her completely secure while being completely comfortable. She isn’t going anywhere. Our little cock slut is deposited on her knees and ready for use. Which is exactly what we do-we use the back of her throat hole like a parking garage. Hailey makes every inch of the dick disappear, and she does it with ease. Hailey is the type of girl that gives “nose on the belly” blow jobs. That is our favorite kind of girl.

Her large pleading eyes and wide open mouth inspire us, and we haul her up onto the couch to get at her throat from another angle. Pushing down on the back of her head buries the cock even deeper down her well-used mouth hole. She handles it with ease, and that is when we decided to simply open the floodgates. Hailey is brutally rag doll fucked all over the couch. From every angle and every position, we flip her lean bound body around like a pancake and all she can do is endure and take the cock. She is dicked down so hard her eyes rattle in her skull.

A final massive throat pounding just to drive the point home that she is simply here to be used leaves her limp and gasping, and then we add the vibrator. It is too intense, and Hailey desperately tries to escape from the sensation, but she isn’t going anywhere. We use her waist tie to hold her in place, and she cums upside down, red-faced and covered in sweat, her screams echoing from the rafters. We have had our fill of her today and leave her naked and bound, still upside down on our couch. She is too spent to even twitch. Good girl Hailey, good girl.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Booming E cup MILF Shelia Marie tied up, has earth shattering orgasms, 2 cocks own her throat hole!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Lush and curvy Shelia Marie brings her massive E cups breasts and big mouth hole to the Sexuallybroken stage to see if she can take what we dish out. Can this porn star survive a multiple cock throat training session? Or will she end up broken? We start out with her booming body staked out and lashed down onto a metal frame with a leather hood over her face pussy.

She can’t move or even wiggle. Leather straps hold her firmly in place and the hood makes her aware of every gasp of air. To remind her that she is just a toy for our use, we tease her a little with the vibrator. The intense simulation makes her moan helplessly. Moaning mouths need to be filled with cock, and we rip off the hood and fill her to the brim with 10 inches of giant black cock.

The BBC warms her up and we join the party. Shelia looks up with pleading eyes as we own the back of her throat and drool flows out of her well-used mouth, spilling down over her massive breasts. Pleading is a good look on her and we reward it with dick. The cock overloads her senses and she comes undone. She simply can’t stay on top of it and spirals glassy-eyed down the sexual rabbit hole. More vibrator seals the deal and she is out, locked deep in sexual subspace.

When we have had our fill we just leave her slumped limply in her bonds, her mouth open and eyes vacant, covered in her own drool and girl juices. We are not even going to bother letting her out. Maybe she will come in handy later on today if we want to have some more fun.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cocksucking champ Veruca James put to the ultimate test, epic orgasms and brutal blow jobs!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

We already know that Veruca James is one of the best cocksuckers out there, she can take anything you throw at her without batting an eye. How do we up the stakes? Simple. You make her suck dick while tied down firmly on the world’s most powerful vibrator. Lets see if that changes her skill set.

Veruca is oiled up, her breasts are tightly tied and she is lashed down on top of a sybian. A sybian is, quite simply, the strongest vibrator ever invented by man. It sounds like a jet plane taking off. The only thing louder then a sybian is the sounds a woman makes when she is on top of it. Even a cocksucking expert will find it hard to be on her A-game while riding one of these.

Once Veruca is completely immobilized, the cock onslaught begins. It is a two cock tag team without mercy. Once after another the dicks step up to be serviced. 10 inches of BBC slide home and drool pours forth and coats her pale bound breasts. Never letting up, never giving her a break, and all the while the sybian is working its magic down below. Veruca’s white skin flushes bright red and sweat beads up as her hair starts to sport the “freshly fucked” look.

The effects of the repeated, continual orgasms and the utter owning of her face pussy do the job. Gone is the pretty little porn star that walked in the door this morning. In her place is a sweaty, disheveled, drool-covered vacant-eyed sex zombie whose sole purpose in life is to suck dick. It is a good look on her, honestly. Breaking down porn stars is what Sexuallybroken does best.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!