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Big titted beauty back arched for deep throating and stuck on a Sybian, made to cum over and over!

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

The most beautiful Bella Rossi is back on the pages of the greatest Bondage and Rough Sex (BaRS) site on the planet. Bella has natural HUGE breasts and an amazing ass to boot!

Today we have Bella extremely bound in a back breaking arch, stuck on a custom metal bondage piece with homemade custom leather cuffs. We have the worlds most powerful vibrator locked on Bella’s shaved pussy. Her head is hanging upside down at perfect high for a brutal face fucking from two big hard cocks. Today we are going to make Bella cum her brains out while deep throating the bejesus out of her face.

It’s a simple a battle for survival. Bella can’t stop from cumming, and that takes air. We can’t seem to keep our cock out of her throat and that takes away air. So Bella is in a constant fight as spit drool and snot run down her face as we skull fuck her into subspace. The Vibrator does it job, and Bella is a mindless moaning cum bot.

It is a gauntlet of sexual overload. Bells is reduced to a foaming suck slave, as the most powerful vibrator in the world makes her cum over and over and over. Word can’t describe the intensity of this scene, it must be seen to be believed!

If you ever wondered what Sexually Broken is all about, today is the day to find out. We are the first and only (BaRS) site on the net. Only great Bondage and Rough Sex. No one screaming in pain, no suffering, no hitting, or hardcore S&M. Just the hottest porn stars on the planet, bound and completely destroyed by cock and orgasms!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cherie DeVille takes on two cock for the first time ever! Deep throated, bound and fucked!

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Welcome Porn’s newest superstar Cherie DeVille. Today Cherie takes on two cocks for the very first time ever. Cherie is a feisty blond who loves to struggle and fight in bondage, today is going to be fun.

Gagged, hooded and bound to a bed, Cherie struggles for freedom. We cut away her dress, and apply nasty suction cups to her big nipples, making them even bigger. Both legs are bound out spread and Cherie is beginning to understand the predicament she is in. She fights and squirms, a vibrator applied to her pussy settles her down then makes her cum. She fights it, but in the end the vibrator wins and Cherie nature is reviled, she is a slut like the rest of them.

We un-hood our pretty blond captive, remove the tape gag, and replace the huge wad of cloth that was in her mouth with hard cock. She fights for a second, but the cock wins. Soon Cherie’s throat is getting fucked hard and deep, with all the spit and drool running down her pretty face. Soon a huge black cock slides into her wet cunt, and now Struggling little Cherie is getting it from both ends.

The boys switch back and forth fucking Cherie deep and hard. Making her cum early and often. Dick is sliding down her throat as cock bangs into her uterus. We own this hot blond and she knows it. It the end we leave Cherie cum drunk, with spit and drool coating her face and eyes, struggling to no avail. We will come back and fuck her later there is no doubt…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Tiny little red head, Penny Pax takes on huge black cock, brutal deep throating massive orgasms!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Little Penny Pax returns to the pages of the hottest Bondage and Rough Sex (BaRS) site in the world, Sexually Broken. This tiny redhead with huge natural breasts is one of our favorites. Today, Penny is going to get her tight little throat fucked without mercy by two hard cocks.

Penny is bound to a chair, legs spread, hair tied back, neck tied down, with arms trapped behind her. Her bondage pushes her forward so much that her mouth is at a perfect height for a brutal skull fucking. She can’t move forward or back, her throat is completely helpless.

The first thing we do is hold her tongue out of her mouth with a Japanese tongue trap. Now it is just a straight shot into her mouth and down her throat with 2 big cocks. Starting slow, we fuck her face and build until Penny is a drooling, dazed, crosseyed slut. We skull fuck Penny into subspace, controlling her air intake with cock. She gets air when we want her to, it doesn’t take long for Penny’s eyes to glass over with that “completely helpless” look. We push our cock all the way down her throat, all she can do is beg with her pretty blue eyes for air.

We yank Penny out of the chair and bind her to the floor, legs spread and neck tied back. We get on top and continue the brutal face fucking. Penny is just a mindless drooling mess while cock rams the back of her throat over and over. A vibrator locked directly on to her clit keeps her coming. The sound a girl makes cumming while she has a cock jammed deep in her throat is the most wonderful sound on the planet. It is a desperate sound of helplessness, despair and panic, all wrapped in gut wrenching animalistic guttural sound of bliss. It’s just wonderful.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Amber Rayne assfucked by 2 big dicks while folded in half and restrained in strict metal bondage!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Amber Rayne is a natural born pervert. If she wasn’t doing porn she would still be flying her freak flag high, the fact she can get actually paid to do what she truly loves is just icing on the cake. In addition to being a crazed sex monkey, Amber is also unusually flexible. Today we are going to push that flexibility to its limits.

In a setup designed to teach Amber the true definition of Sexuallybroken, we start with her blindfolded and bolted down to the wooden stage, a vibrator drilled down between her legs. The wooden post behind her ensures she has zero wiggle room. As the vibrator sends waves of pleasure through her bound body, the cock train gets started on her mouth hole. No mercy, no respite, just brutal repeated pounding as the dicks reshape the back of her throat. Amber is a dick sucking champion though, and even with her neck cranked back she manages to deep throat balls deep. It is obviously time to up our game.

Moving quickly, we unshackle her and move her over to a metal pipe frame. Then we simply jackknife her in half and shackle her back in place. Amber is reduced to wearing her knees as earmuffs and her ass is completely, helplessly exposed. We don’t often do anal here on Sexuallybroken, but for a legendary anal whore like Amber, it would be a crime to pass up on that well-trained hole. 10 inches of massive black thunder walk right up and own her ass. The look on Amber’s face can only be described as bliss.

We try, we really do, but it doesn’t seem like it is possible to break a girl like Amber. Bent in half in one of the most uncomfortable positions possible while almost a foot of cock penetrates her colon and all Amber does is ask for more with a sex dazed grin dancing across her face. You win this round Amber, it is back to the drawing board for us.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Lanky fit redhead Cici Rhodes hogtied on a box and made to service cocks! Punishing sloppy BJs!

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Cici Rhodes is a tall glass of water, but it doesn’t matter the size of a girl, they all can be bound down and made to service the dick in the end. It is a lazy Tuesday afternoon and we are just passing time hanging out on our phone. True, we have two bound bitches in a box, but we will get around to them when we are good and ready and not a minute before.

Cici is shackled in a challenging hogtie, wrists to ankles, and you can see the strain written across her face. The beauty of a hogtie is that it leaves both ends open for use. While our redhead decorates the top of the box, the big breasted Rain DeGrey is stashed inside for later use. Once our phone stops being entertaining, we decide to see what sort of fun we can have with these sluts.

10 inches of massive meat strides right up and settles into her face pussy. We believe in multi tasking, and while the dick is owning her mouth hole, we attack the other end with our trusty vibrator. It is amazing how quickly you can unravel a slut with cock and orgasms. She is reduced to a sweaty gasping mess in mere minutes. The dick pummels her face and the drool rains down out of her open mouth.

Never letting up, never showing mercy, back and forth the cocks run a train on her face. We believe in teamwork and use the bitch in the box to play with our balls while Cici polishes our fuckstick. Cici is dizzy and panting, trying to hang in there, but completely outmatched. Orgasms and dick will win every time. We have messed up that pretty little decoration but good. She is completely undone.

Once we stop being entertained, we simply walk away. Those two aren’t going anywhere. If we get bored later, we might come back for another round. Maybe. Now where did we put our phone?


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cutie Casey Calvert strictly bound, mercilessly drilled down by BBC & made to squirt everywhere!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Casey Calvert started out as a bondage model before she realized that she liked the dick as much as she likes the rope, and she went down to LA to make a name for herself in boy-girl porn. Lucky for her, Sexuallybroken combines both the best of bondage AND all the dick a slut could possibly want.

Bound on our well-used bed in a classic fuck me position, Casey awaits her fate. A tape blindfold prevents her from seeing what is coming her way and a tape gag holds a rag wedged firmly in her mouth hole. She is starting to realize the true definition of “helpless.” Taking advantage of her wide open legs, we warm up that slutty pussy with some flogging. She can’t anticipate the strikes, and her helpless body quivers with each strike.

Once she is properly warmed up, we introduce 10 inches of black thunder that goes by the name of Jack Hammer. Jack is not the sort of person a pussy forgets easily, and he makes himself right at home. What follows is the total deconstruction of a person by penis. He never lets up, never shows mercy, never lets Casey get on top of it. It is a teeth-rattling, bone-jarring dick down, made all the more intense by the bondage, blindfold and gag. It is the type of fucking most people will never even get to experience. You are welcome Casey.

Not content to let Jack reshape Casey’s cunt with his massive tool, we add in some truly skilled finger blasting that rips out an epic squirting orgasm, leaving her gasping and drenched in her own cum. We know that Casey has more orgasms locked in that pussy, and we add the vibrator to mix. It is a total onslaught of the senses, and Casey slips off into subspace, completely checking out. That is fine by us, she can enjoy the ride. We aren’t done with her quite yet and Jack unleashes another round of fury on her cum drenched hole. Casey is reduced to a fuckdoll for the using, limp and dizzy, hardly aware of her own name. It is a good look on her. We use her until we are bored, then walk away, leaving her wet and bound. Welcome back to Sexuallybroken Casey!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

MILF-tastic Syren De Mer on a fucking machine for the 1st time while 2 cocks use her throat hole!

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Syren De Mer is a lifestyle swinger that got into porn because she is a complete and total pervert that likes fucking strange and showing her body off. She is a chiseled MILF that simply can’t get her fill of cock and eagerly seeks the subspace you get from being throughly cockdrunk.

You wouldn’t think someone as experienced as Syren would have any cherries left to pop, but she gives up not one but two today. Here at Sexuallybroken we like them clean-shaven, and Syren agrees to go completely smooth for a shoot for the very first time. We are flattered. So flattered we take her freshly shaven pussy and pop it onto a fucking machine for the very first time. Bound on a Y-shaped wooden device with her head dangling down, her throat is perfectly exposed for the onslaught of dick she is about to receive. And while her throat is mercilessly drilled, all the while the fucking machine will be mercilessly drilling on the other end.

The fucking machine is ramped up and the thrust of it is so hard and deep you can see Syren’s taunt stomach bulging from the force of it. We can guarantee that no matter how much swinging this MILF has done, she has never been dicked down like this before. As she gasps from the overwhelming sensation, her wide open mouth makes a perfect target and we simply walk right up and own her tonsils. One after another the cocks make themselves at home. She can’t escape, she can’t wiggle, all she can do is suck the dick.

Not content with the drilling Syren is receiving, we add the vibrator in top of it. It works, and the results are instant and undeniable. The bondage, the dick, the fucking, the orgasms, it all gels into the perfect storm of sex, and you can literally see as Syren slips off into subspace. She is reduced to a sweaty, moaning, dizzy shell of a swinger that doesn’t even know which end is up. Thank you for the cherries Syren!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sexual Superstar Skin Diamond turned into a mouth pussy, metal bondage and epic BJs!

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Skin is a multiple nominated performer, and with very good reason. She is a sexual athlete at the top of her game. Most girls as pretty as she is don’t bothering challenging themselves and simply coast by on their looks-pillow princesses that don’t want their makeup smudged. Not Skin. She wants to be completely destroyed and broken down. We aim to oblige here at Sexuallybroken. Broken down is exactly what she is going to get.

Shackled down in a kneeling position and her arms firmly bound behind her in unforgiving metal restraints with a ring gag lodged in her well-used mouthhole, Skin is ready for use. We walk right up and slide home. The ring gag prevents her from closing her jaws, it is the perfect tool for training. She is wearing too much clothing for our taste however, and as 10 inches of BBC reshape her throat, we cut off that pesky dress.

Once she is naked and already starting her spiral into subspace, we run a train on her throat. One cock and then another steps up to own her meat. While the dick is controlling her airflow, a vibrator rips multiple orgasms out of her exposed pussy. Just to really drive the point home, nipple clamps are applied and bolted to the floor. The arms pull her one way, the nipples pull her another, and all the while the cock keeps drilling.

Once we have her completely destroyed, a wrecked shell of the perky porn star that had bounced onto our stage this morning, we simply walk away. We have had our fill. She languishes there, her pink tongue out and panting, waiting to see if we want anymore. What a well-trained pet.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Lush porn star Mahina Zaltana turned into a fire hydrant, gushes uncontrollably, brutal blow jobs!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Mahina Zaltana was born with a very sensitive pussy. Once you put a vibrator on it, she squirts almost instantly. There isn’t a thing she can do to stop it, she is helpless to the overwhelming sensation. We love squirters here at Sexuallybroken, they are so much fun to play with. Today we are going to drain Mahina dry.

Blindfolded, gagged and bound in a kneeling position with her arms strictly stretched over her head, Mahina awaits her fate. The blindfold prevents her from anticipating the action, all she can do is guess and endure. Some heavy nipple weights clamped on over her bright red dress reinforce that her breasts are nothing but a toy for our use. Her response to the vibrator is powerful and instant-she gushes uncontrollably all over our stage like a poorly trained puppy. While her squirt is still dripping through the boards of our stage, we introduce a rock hard cock to the back of her mouthhole.

The throat training is brutal and without mercy. She is just a pussy on her knees, a sheath for our cock. We grab her hair and whip her face hole back and forth on our tool as drool flows helplessly out of her mouth and coats her bound body. Mahina’s eyes glaze over as she slides down into subspace. There is a special place people go when they are restrained and helpless and owned by cock. That is where our gushing little porn star is currently residing. Some flogging and a vibrator are the icing on the cake, and we leave our wrecked starlet a messy lump of used flesh, covered in her own juices and moaning softly. Training complete.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hot blond with natural body and huge tits gets destroyed by cock and bondage, Throat trained hard!

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

We are always pleased to welcome Cherry Torn back to our stage. This is the type of girl who should actually be nominated for performer of the year. She does the regular vanilla stuff but can also do the hardcore bondage and rough sex that many of the so called performers of the year couldn’t do on their best day. With an all Natural body, huge tits, an amazing ass and a hungry throat, Cherry is the complete package. Best of all she’s not a “full of herself” little princess, she is one of the nicest people we have met in this industry to date.

We have Cherry tied in a unique (guaranteed you have not seen this tie before) arm bind with cross stick across the back of the neck. She is completely helpless, exposed and at our mercy. Her huge tits are bound up to the stick, legs spread and blindfolded with a custom leather blind fold we made ourselves. Even Cherry is not prepared for the can of sexual whoop ass we are about to unleash upon her throat and pussy.

We start slowly getting her throat used to the cock, we build her up, play her like a fine tune musical instrument, then we pick up the tempo. Soon Cherry is a drooling mess, as the cock fucks her pretty face into subspace she struggles for air. We keep her on the edge, deeply fucking and destroying her throat with cock. And then it’s on.

Cherry is just a bound helpless rag doll, we toss her around and fuck her throat with her head upside down and off the bed. Spit and drool cover her face and eyes and plug up her nose, she is completely owned by the hard cock. We flip her again and the cock slides balls deep into her tight shaved pussy, lubed from her own deep throat spit, in seconds we cause her to cum, the first of many brutal orgasms we fuck out of our helpless toy.

Words will never do the action proud, we can’t ever properly explain how sexually destroyed Cherry gets from the brutal onslaught of hard cock. Back and forth use, abused and used again. For the love of god simply watch the free preview to understand how completely owned Cherry is. In the end we morph the tie into a category 5 hogtied by bending Cherry back into an almost impossible back arch. We use the vibrator and make Cherry scream out an intense series of orgasms that leaves Cherry starring off into subspace not even aware of her own surroundings.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!