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Stunning Cherie DeVille turned into blowjob device, hardcore deepthroating, relentless pounding!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Beautiful Cherie DeVille oozes quiet grace and sophistication, coming across as quite the lady. We here at Sexuallybroken don’t give a damn how classy she is, today she is getting reduced to a blowjob device. She will be turned into just a mouthhole for our use and pleasure.

Kneeling bound in a classic slave position that spreads her legs open wide, Cherie is blindfolded and ring gagged. The ringgag keeps her face cranked open, there is nothing she can do to protect her throat. A high powered vibrator is bolted in place between her opened legs. Her neck is bound against a custom made bondage device. This refined specimen of womanhood is now nothing but a cocksheath. Any hard cock that came by could make use of this handy tool. We walk right up and make ourselves right at home.

Cherie sputters, completely unable to stop us from sliding in. We own every inch of her soft pink throat. The blindfold keeps her dizzy and disoriented, but we want to see those big blue eyes of hers struggling around the dick. We rip it off, forcing her to look at us. Her face is flushed and her eyes water. This princess is now just a cock slave. The bondage, the relentless pounding out of her throat meat, the utter helplessness of her situation has Cherie swooning.

While the dick owns her mouth, the vibrator has been working the other end, ripping out orgasm after orgasm out of her exposed cunt. Cherie is broken down and covered in her own juices, her messy mouth running down her toned body. We leave the vibrator on full blast. Today we are going to milk every single orgasm possible out of that bound body. Cherie twitches and gasps, blasted deep into sexual subspace and unable to to a thing to stop it. Enjoy the ride dear.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Casey Calvert hung upside down, skullfucked into oblivion by 2 cocks brutal relentless deepthroating

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Casey Calvert cute as a button and as real and authentic as they come. She is a lifestyler that thrives on seeing just how far she can push herself. We are going to satisfy that thirst in spades. Even the most hardcore lifesyler will not be forgetting today anytime soon.

Bound by a custom made metal and wooden bondage device into an inverted strappado suspension, Casey’s throat is deliciously, completely exposed. She might as well be a flank of meat hanging in a butcher’s shop. She can go nowhere, and hanging upside down with her mouthhole at perfect cock height, she is going to be throat blasted into another dimension. All the while, a didlo impales her perfectly shaved pussy and a vibrator simulates her throbbing clit. This is a blowjob for the record books.

One after the other, the cocks step up and own her mouth. The dicks drilling down make her woozy and lightheaded, the fact that she is enduring it upside down doubly so. Even for the sexual superstar that she is, Casey is being pushed to her limits. As the cocks slide down her facepussy, multiple orgasms rip through her suspended body. She can’t help how much she relishes giving up control, how much she loves being used and bound for others pleasure.

There is no pleasure without pain, and we add weighted nipple clamps that pull down heavily. Casey is gasping and moaning, drool pouring helplessly out of her well used mouth. The drool runs down like a faucet, coating the wooden stage in thick puddles. What a messy little pet this one is. The harder we are on her, the more she cums. When we have used her to our fill, we walk away, leaving her swaying gently, clamped, impaled, completely lost and drifting in sexual subspace.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Thick and juicy MILF Mellanie Monroe drilled deep by 10 inches of BBC, merciless sucking & fucking!

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Blonde and bubbly Mellanie Monroe is about to get the dicking down of her life. We have 10 inches of chocolate thunder by the name of Jack Hammer that is going to fuck her into next week. Even an experienced cock slut like Mellanie isn’t going to be forgetting today anytime soon.

Bound in a strict box tie that perfectly displays her juicy breasts and a leather blindfolded cinched over her face, Mellanie awaits her fate on the legendary Sexuallybroken bed. She is about to be rag dolled fucked all over this mattress. Jack walks up and owns the back of her throat in one clean thrust. She can’t see or anticipate the next stroke, the blindfold keeps her guessing. Her whole world is blackness and dick. Jack flips her back and forth, using whichever hole he is nearest to for his satisfaction as Mellanie moans and gasps with pleasure.

Eventually the blindfold is ripped off so that we can look her in the eyes while she is choking on our dick. Mellanie is woozy, fucked limp and cross-eyed. We don’t let up. The dicking down is bone-rattling and relentless. Jack is tattooing his name onto her pussy with his cock. A vibrator is added to the mix and sends Mellanie spiraling into sexual subspace as she cums helplessly. She does’t even remember her own name at this point, she is just an animal in heat.

To properly finish her off, we cranks this bound beauty into a challenging hogtie and leave her languishing and suffering on the well used bed. Mellanie suffers, unable to move or shift for even a sliver of relief. What a well trained pet this one is. Good girl Mellanie. We will be back later…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Beretta James conquered by cock! Takes 10 inches of BBC, strict bondage and brutal deep throating!

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Beretta James is a lush MILFtastic hottie with a perfect ass. Today we are going to bend that perfect ass over a wooden bondage pillar while she is lashed down and stuff her full of dick from both ends, Sexuallybroken style. Bound face down and ass up with a spreader bar keeping her legs spread apart, a thick leather strap cinching her tiny waist down to the post and a vibrator bolted in place, Beretta is about to become completely destroyed by dick.

We start off inspecting that flawless ass, spreading the cheeks apart to see what we have to work with. We strip off her black high heels and then lay into that ass with our flogger, warming it up to a red rosy glow. A leather blindfold cuts off her vision, reinforcing her helplessness. While she is blindfolded and bound, we simply walk right up and make proper use of her facepussy. Beretta deep throats down the dick until her nose is resting on the belly. Credit where credit is due, this cougar certainly knows how to handle the cock.

While her face hole is full, we walk up and take the other side. She moans and cums helplessly, as waves of pleasure rips through her bound body. Beretta is stuffed full from both ends, completely conquered by the cock. The bolted on vibrator whirrs relentlessly away, ripping out orgasm after orgasm from her sensitive pussy. We pound away without mercy, using her like a humping post. Beretta is just a bag of holes for our pleasure.

Her face is slack and clouded, her mouth hole open and leaking, her body totally helpless to whatever we feel like dishing out. We use her until we are bored, and then walk away, leaving the vibrator to continue to pull yet more orgasms out of her tired hole. Beretta is broken down in her bondage, completely gone. It is a good look on her.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hot MILF, with amazing ass, suffer rough pounding sex and deep throating. Made to cum over and over!

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Syren De Mer is, and we mean this in the best of all possible ways, a sex addicted, cock loving slut. She got into porn so that she could get more of what makes her so happy. Lots and lots of dick. Some of the models just want the paycheck, or the attention, but not Syren. She wants the cock. You can see her eyes light up as she gets her fix. Today she is going to get all the cock she can handle. And then some.

Lashed down to the legendary Sexually Broken fuck bed, in a face down ass up doggy style position with a rope belt around her waist for easy griping, Syren is about to have the ride of her life. Her flawless ass is perfectly exposed and a tempting target. Never one to pass up such a target, we warm her up with some flogging and a vibrator. She cums almost instantly, she is so excited and eager. This is one easy slut. All you have to do is look at her and orgasms fall out of her pussy. Enough warm up. Time for some real action.

In a relentless, well coordinated tag team of cock, we unleash the hounds. It is just a dizzy blur of sucking and fucking and Chinese finger trapping as both ends of our MILF are used without mercy. Some models resist subspace and fight it off, afraid to go that far. Not Syren. You can see her eyeing the distance to the cliff and pushing herself off as quickly as possible. With a wide sex crazed grin dancing across her face, our cum slut is in heaven. The teeth rattling bone jarring pounding she is getting is exactly why she showed up today.

Even as Syren shifts and becomes undone, even as she melts into a puddle of well fucked flesh, hair a mess and makeup melted off, that cat that ate the canary grin never leaves her face. Her glow is enough to light up the room. That is how you know you have done it right. When we are all done with her we leave her to drift off into a sexual stupor. You are very welcome Syren, we aim to please.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Busty Bella Rossi bound in classic fuck me position and tag teamed by 2 dicks, hardcore BBC BJs!

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Beautiful Bella Rossi is all boobs and butt. Her curves are of the sort that make us want to stuff her full of the cock. And that is exactly what we plan on doing today. Bound on her back on a table set at the perfect fucking and sucking height with her legs up in the air, Bella is the true definition of helpless. Both ends are exposed and wide open to the dicking down that is coming her way.

Jack steps up and quickly slides his massive meat home to the hilt. So begins the merciless sexual breakdown that is going to turn Bella into an undone puddle of well fucked flesh. After a few stokes we add another dick to the mix. Bella is Chinese finger trapped as both of the cocks attempt to meet in the middle and shake hands. It is a complete overwhelming of the senses to be stuffed full from either end. We swap back and forth, using whichever side we feel like. Bella can’t move to escape the sensations and must endure every inch of dick thrown her way.

When she opens her mouth hole to gasp, we respond by shoving more cock down her face. The effects are undeniable as Bella as checks out into sexual subspace. A vibrator is added to the party and wrings orgasm after orgasm out of her worked over pussy as gurgling noises leak out around the dick down her mouth. Jack seals up her noisy face with a firm hand and continues pounding away, reshaping Bella’s insides to a perfect sheath for his BBC.

Once her pussy is properly tenderized, we fingerblast one last gushing orgasm out of Bella and lay into her throbbing overly sensitive cunt with the vibrator as she moans helplessly. She is limp and used, wallowing in a puddle of her own juices. She can hardly even recall how to breathe properly. You can’t show up with curves like that and think you aren’t going to get fucked into next week. Always a pleasure Bella, bring a towel next time. You will need it.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cherie DeVille completely destroyed by BBC! Unrelenting dickdown, stuffed from both ends!

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Cheri DeVille has been a girl⁄girl star for years, and recently made the transition to finally taking the cock on camera. We appreciate her willingness to man up and finally take the dick, and are going to reward her in the best way possible, fucking her until her brains melt and run out of her ears.

The set up is beautiful in its simplicity, Take a pretty perfect blonde porn star, lash her down doggy style on a wooden frame, and fuck both ends without mercy. Oiled up with her flawless ass completely exposed as the leather straps dig in and constrain her limbs, Cheri knows what her fate is going to be. No matter how flawless and perfectly presented the pussy is, when it runs into dick the dick always wins.

Cheri gets the vibrator briefly, but we aren’t really concerned too much with warmup around here. It is time to get this party started. 2 rock hard big cocks come at her, stuffing both ends to the hilt. The fucking and sucking is brutal, teeth rattling and unrelenting. Cheri never gets to catch her breath, never gets a break. She is going to be fucked into the ground.

You can see in her eyes when it shifts and stops being about a porn shoot-now it is about surviving. Helplessly bound and overwhelmed, Cheri is locked into a sexual animal state. She is so cum drunk and woozy she sags in her restraints, but we don’t let that slow us down. The fact that she has been fucked so hard that her limbs can no longer support her is just proof we are doing it right.

She thinks we are surely going to stop soon, we must of had our fill of that perfect pussy. But no. We run a train on that pussy as guttural sex sounds bubble out of her mouth hole. She has just become a big bag of holes for our use. A limp, sweaty, glassy eyed bag of holes. So glad you finally started doing boy,girl shoots Cheri, come back anytime you need a proper sexual breaking down. That is, if you still remember how to walk…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Flexible big breasted Penny Pax in a brutal back arch, shackled to a sybian & made to worship cock!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Tiny little red headed Penny Pax brings full natural breasts and a completely perverted mind to the table. She is flexible, she is willing to see just how far she can push herself, and she is a natural born freak. This isn’t a girl here for the paycheck, she truly loves this stuff.

We appreciate bendy girls here at Sexuallybroken and today we are going to see just how far we can push her. We start out with Penny on her stomach in a severe arch with her toes tied to her hair. The world’s most powerful vibrator, the legendary sybian, is firmly wedged between her thighs. The sybian rips out orgasm after orgasm out of pussies, even if they are tired or sore or not ready yet. They WILL cum. Today we are going to challenge Penny’s ability to multitask. How good is she at sucking dick while the world’s largest vibrator works its magic between her legs?

The strain of the arch is already rippling through her when we introduce 10 massive inches of BBC down her throat hole. There is nothing cuter then a pair of big blue eyes straining around a giant cock. The dick completely fills up her face, cutting off the air. Penny is already dizzy and out of breath from the multiple orgasms that the sybian is ripping out of her bound body, and the cock onslaught on her facehole slides her into sexual subspace. Two different dicks run tag team on her face without mercy as she gasps helplessly.

It is just that simple. Strenuous bondage, multiple orgasms and brutal blow jobs. 3 things, that when combined, are an unbeatable mix. You can actually see as Penny’s eyes glaze over and her brain melts into mush. She is reduced to a cock sheath who’s sole purpose is to worship whatever dick comes her way. We use her until we have had our fill, and then just walk away, leaving her soaked in drool, sweat and her own cum. We turn up the sybian full blast before we leave. Let’s see just how many more orgasms we can wring out of that helpless pussy, shall we?


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Tiny Amber deepthroats 10 inches of black cock, Rough ANAL sex and bondage, brutal orgasms!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Tiny little Amber Rayne only LOOKS like the girl next door. The truth is that behind the mild looking exterior lies a wanton filthy unapologetic pervert willing to try just about anything. We don’t really have a chance in hell of sexually breaking this girl, today will be a walk in the park for her, but we are going to have fun trying. We start with our little pervert on her knees bound in a simple and classic chest tie beside the legendary Sexuallybroken bed. Her mouth hole is at just the right height for the 10 inches of furious black thunder that walks up and owns her skull.

Amber rises to the challenge and brings her A-game to the deepthroating. Like a magician making a rabbit disappear, Amber makes every inch of Jack vanish down her well-trained gullet. Enough with the warmup. Shifting quickly, Jack throws her bound body onto the bed and proceeds to really lay into her. Splaying her legs open wide, he owns her hole and then rag doll fucks her all over the bed, flipping her around to get access to whichever end he desires. Without giving Amber a chance to get on top of it or catch her breath, a second dick is added to the mix. With a cock on both sides of her, Amber is turned into a porn slut sandwich. Teamwork for the win.

Not content with using every inch of the bed while Amber’s bound holes are powerfucked into next week, we add more rope to the mix just to really drive the point home how completely screwed she is. Her ankles are crossed over, tied down and folded up over her head. Once she is folded in half like a piece of paper, Jack writes his name on the walls Amber’s pussy with his cock. Unable to move or shift for even a hint of relief, all tiny Amber Rayne can do is limply endure every inch of BBC Jack is dishing out. The added vibrator sends Amber rocketing into sexual subspace and her eyes fog over in bliss.

We might not of sexually broken this little slut, but we most certainly got her attention. If the wide grin dancing across her sex stoned face is any indication. You are welcome my dear.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Casey Calvert gets bound, manhandled, worked over by 2 big dicks with rough deep throating & orgasms

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Super adorable Casey Calvert is back and doing what she does best: Bondage and Rough sex. This amazing girl has all the right stuff, beauty, toughness, and a love of hard, nasty, punishing sex. Having a repressed gag reflex also helps.

Casey starts with a blindfold, her arms tightly bound to her thighs with four strand Bavarian hemp rope. Casey’s perfect natural breasts are squished with rope and she is on her knees awaitng her sexual fate. Two hard cocks are about to wreck her world and blast her brain into sub space.

The first cock to press its way into Casey’s hot little mouth and down her throat happens to be 10 inches of black thunder. Casey endures some brutal face fucking from two cocks back and forth. We control when she gets air and how much with our hard cocks. It doesn’t take long until Casey is dazed, coated with spit and helpless to anything we have in store for her.

After some impressive deep throating we bend little Casey over a padded stool and fuck her upside down face. Her legs are brought up and soon Casey is getting deeply fucked from both ends while still helplessly bound. The fucking and deep throating is Brutal. We push Casey to her sexual limits and then we push her farther. From both ends, back and forth the cocks slide deep into Casey’s holes, cum drips out her pussy, and deep throat spit covers her entire face. Her eyes are glazed over and empty, her brain has checked out as orgasms and lack of air turn Casey into a moaning, grunting sex Zombie. All Casey can do is cum and moan.

In the end Casey is deep in subspace, bent back, and on her tip toes, ankles tied back to her neck rope. She can’t move at all, drool continues to drip from her open mouth as her eyes stare off into nothingness…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!