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Innocent face, deep throating champ! Bonnie Day brutally pounded and bred, hardcore deep throating!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Bonnie Day is the perfect girl next door. She looks as wholesome as all get out, but under that innocent exterior is a top notch cock sucker that can deep throat as well as the most experienced porn slut. We like finding these hidden gems and letting them shine brightly on the Sexuallybroken stage. This one is going to get worked over put good.

We start off with having her cuff her hands behind her back. Once she is cuffed, we make her hike her dress up to properly show off her perfect bubble butt and then strip off her panties. Once she has those unnecessary panties gone, we drop her to her knees, put up a chair and have her get to work. Which she does with relish. The rock hard cock disappears completely down her eager throat while she wiggles that flawless ass in the air. This is just the warmup.

We stand up to better our access down her face pussy. Bonnie sputters and gags, but maintains. All the way down, nose on the belly, is how Sexuallybroken does the deep throat. The drool flows out of her well trained mouth hole. Time for the main course. We throw her up on the chair we were sitting on and belt her into place using leather straps. Now both ends are completely accessible. It is go time.

Bonnie is pounded without mercy until her eyes glaze. Her tight holes feel just like home. We are nothing if not generous though, and use our vibrator to coax out a few orgasms from her restrained flesh. Once she is coming helplessly, it is our turn. We breed her good, and leave her bound and moaning as cum drips out of her well used hole.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

The Unit: The Final Director‘s Cut. A full Feature BaRS Presentation! Amazing Bondage, Brutal Sex!

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Today Bonus Update is the final director’s cut of our critically acclaimed full feature presentation, THE UNIT! We originally released this in two parts, Today we offer THE UNIT, in the manner it was originally intended to be released, as one massive presentation! THE UNIT was shot entirely outdoors in the Adirondack Mountains on the east coast of North America. It features over 400 HIRES Photos, and over 450 High Quality Screen Grabs. 17 unique bondage positions including several two girl scenes. A beautiful Quicksand piece where Darling slowly sinks in an uncut scene, along with BONUS quicksand scenes that did not make the final cut. This was the most ambitious outdoor bondage movie ever created. This movie has everything you would expect from a Sexually Broken presentation; Extreme deepthroating, brutal fucking, hard pounding Anal sex, a massive squirting scene, and incredible production values with an amazing story line. Did we mention QUICKSAND! Sexually Broken is the only site you need for brutal bondage and rough sex without all the pain and impact play that most people are uncomfortable with.

THE UNIT is a collection of highly skilled, former military, former bondage producers, former porn actors. It operates across the World and is currently running ops in the Adirondack Mountains on the east coast of North America. The Unit is highly funded and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. Funding comes from civilian clients around the globe. The wealthy, the Privileged, and occasional pro bono client, all females, all vetted, all beautiful. They pay handsomely for their sexually fantasies, and the UNIT provides.

All over the world, everyday, some of the hottest, richest females in the world look at bondage and rough sex sites and wish they were the girl in the production. They all dream of it, they all desire it, but it could never happen. The sad truth is this: if you are not in porn, you will never ever, have an experience like you see on the internet, period. What if there was a way to experience something like this without being on the internet? What if you could get the same experience you see in porn, but no one would ever, ever, find out?

What if the perfect storm of talent assembled, and created a UNIT. A UNIT with all the skills to deliver the highest quality fantasies, rough sex and amazing bondage, all in a safe and sane environment? Would you sign up? Would you pay? What would you pay? You would pay any price, the UNIT knows, The UNIT does, The UNIT… is!


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sweet Southern girl Jessie Parker worked over by 2 cocks, brutal deepthroat and strict restraint!

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Jessie Parker is 18 years old and as fresh faced as they come, but that is not going to stop us from relentlessly taking her apart with cock. This Southern peach is going to be turned into a mouth hole for our use, nothing more. She can give the pleading big eyes all she wants as long as it is around a mouthful of cock.

We start with shackling her arms behind her back to remind her of her place. We have no use for her hands, we only need her throat and tongue. She hikes up her short red dress to show off her bubble butt, and we respond by slamming her down to her knees and making use of that pouty little mouth. One after another the dicks plunge in deeply, and the drool flows out in response. Jessie might think this is rough, but we are only just getting started. This was the warm up.

Moving quickly, we bind her her into a custom made bondage device that keeps her arms affixed strictly behind her and is the perfect height for deep throat. We finish off by cinching her neck to her knees. She can not move away or escape the dick. Our sweet South girl is now reduced to a cock sheath. Now the games really begin.

The dicks are without mercy, pounding and reshaping the back of her throat meat. Jessie unravels to a drooling sticky mess. She goes balls deep, over and over, growing more and more lightheaded. Dizzy and sex drunk is a good look on her. When we have throughly entertained ourselves with our toy, we leave her, still restrained and limp. We will be back in a bit for another round. Its not like she is going anywhere…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

AVN winning MILF India Summer tag teamed, Brutal deepthroat on BBC, made to cum over and over!

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

They do not come much hotter or eager then India Summer. India is a lifesyler swinger that got into porn because of her love of the cock. She knows her way around cock well enough that she is a multiple AVN award winner, and deservedly so. India is capable of completely letting herself go in the moment, and it is a beautiful thing to witness. Today we are going to throw 2 different dicks at her and see just how she handles it.

Bound and restrained face down, ass up on our legendary Sexuallybroken fuck bed, India is in for the ride of her life. The set up is simple. Two dicks, without mercy, never letting up, never slowing down, until India is a drooling sticky mess. There is no warm up, no gentle pacing. Just rock hard cocks from both ends doing their best to shake hands in the middle.

India does not hesitate or hold back. She knows why she is here today. Her eyes glaze over as she quickly surrenders to sexually subspace, locked in the bliss that a proper dicking down dishes out. We have no mercy and put up a brutal pounding pace. Drool pours out of her well fucked face hole as 10 inches of BBC owns her mouth. The dazed look in India is proof we are doing it right.

It is a beautiful through takedown on her holes and India can not wipe the satisfied smile on her cum drunk face. The bondage only makes the multiple orgasms ripping through her body stronger. It is not hard to see they they keep throwing awards at her, she is a first class fuck. We had fun with this one. Come back anytime India, the Sexuallybroken bed will be waiting.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Elise Graves takes on 10 inch BBC, brutally deep throated without mercy, massive multiple orgasms!

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Tiny toned Elise Graves is a natural born pervert. She got into porn because of a deep craving to explore every dark corner of her sexual makeup. We love unapologetic perverts like Elise, and today we aim to give her exactly what she craves. And in this case, what Elise craves is 10 inches of BBC crammed all the way down her little mouth hole until she is cross eyed and dizzy.

The set up is simplicity in itself. In a corner of a cold empty warehouse, Elise is lashed to a metal bed frame with zip ties. Her pale flesh goosebumps in the cool air, and her huge nipples jut out like thumbs. A large vibrator is jammed between spread open thighs and zip tied into place. Her head hangs over the edge of the bed, leaving her mouth hole completely exposed and vulnerable. The final touch is suction tubes to tease and torment those giant nipples and make them even bigger. The vibrator is flipped on, and it is go time.

We walk up and slam home that massive meat. Elise gurgles and gasps, the dick overwhelming her completely. The giant black cock stretches and fills her tiny mouth to the limit and beyond. She is full to the brim. The vibrator is pulling out orgasm after orgasm out of her overworked pussy, and the dick is tattooing its initials on her tonsils. Elise has become simply a limp fucktoy for our use. She is blasted out of her mind by the strict throat plowing and orgasms washing over her bound body. Deeper and deeper the dick is pounded home, all the way down that warm pink throat.

We rip off the suction tubes and keep on drilling. She moans and gasps. As her eyes glaze over and her stretched mouth hole goes slack, we pump a few more thrusts in. The job is done. Elise is a wrecked, spent shell. Her tiny pale limbs twitch helplessly under the zip ties. Drool flows out of her well fucked face pussy. We leave the vibrator on as we walk away. Elise keeps coming. She simply can not help it. What a good little fucktoy.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Lil pixie Odette Delacroix, world class deep throating champion. Bound, vibrated and throat blasted!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Odette Delcroix looks like a fairy that got her wings ripped off. At 4’11 and under 100 pounds, they don’t come much smaller and more compact then Odette. But this innocent looking pixie has a secret. She is in the top one percent of deep throaters on the planet. If she chose to quit porn, she could join the circus as a sword swallower. Yes, she is that good.

Here at Sexuallybroken, we appreciate those rare jewels that can perform at that level. Today we are going to put that tender throat meat to the test. Bound on her back in a classic fuck me position with her white cotton panties and training bra in full display with her mouth hole hanging off the edge, Odette is going to get the chance to impress us. And impress us she does. She can take the cock balls deep and just hang out there, not even slightly distressed. Long after most models would be choking and gasping and begging for mercy, Odette is just gazing up at us calmly. This pixie has no gag reflex and evidently no need of air.

We cut off that useless training bra and hike those white cotton panties up around her ankles while keeping her in the metal bondage. A vibrator is bolted in place directly on her perfect shaved pussy. As calm and collected as she is hanging off the edge of a dick, the vibrator takes that all away. Her cunt is super sensitive and responsive and she cums almost immediately. Odette yelps and moans as multiple orgasms shake through her restrained flesh. We put a stop the the noise by jamming the dick back in her mouth.

Nipple clamps are added as the final touch on this perfect package. Clamped, cuffed, panties around ankles and cumming helplessly with a rock hard cock owning her throat is a good look on Odette. She should wear it more often. When we are done, we walk away, leaving her languishing and still cumming. Pixies like this one are keepers, we don’t plan on letting her go anytime soon…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Veruca James shackled & chained, facefucked with brutal deep throating, roughly fucked and breeded!

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Veruca James only LOOKS fresh faced and innocent. Behind those girl next door looks is a ravenous sexual animal that wants to explore the darker corners. She quit a well paying accounting job so that she could do porn instead. Here at Sexuallybroken we love that level of commitment to being a perverse sexual freak, and aim to help her explore it thoroughly. Veruca loves to deep throat, it is what she was put on this planet to do. We are doing to throat fuck her into next week.

Using our legendary and often copied wooden walls, we shackle and bolt her in place. Tight breast bondage keeps her perfect perky tits jutting out. Leather belts bind her down on her knees, a leather blindfold keeps her in darkness. To complete the package, a neck rope tied off provides just the right amount of tension and prevents her from running away from the dick. Let the games begin. We start off with some nipple clamps on those tied up tits. A touch of pain keeps her focused. Then we introduce the dick to the back of the throat.

Veruca is able to meet the challenge. She goes balls deep. Deep, back of the throat drool flows out of her well trained face hole. Her eyes glaze over and her face goes slack. This is a sexual submissive in their element. We use her face pussy for a while, but this is just the warm up. We want the other pussy as well. Veruca is unshackled and bolted up against the wall in a classic fuck me position. Her pale legs are spread wide, displaying that perfect pussy. Just to remind her of her place, we apply the cane on her helpless exposed soles. A ballgag shoved deep in her mouth hole keeps her shrieks muffled.

Then we use our trusty vibrator, ripping a few orgasms out of that pussy to warm it up. Once she is limp and wet, as eager as she could ever be, we make full use of that perfect pussy. Veruca’s eyes roll back into her head as waves of pleasure roll over her bound body. That cunt is custom fitted and does the job it was designed to do in short order. We cum and walk away, leaving Veruca chained up and dripping, leaking out of every well used hole. This one was as much fun for her as it was for us.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Smoking hot MILF Simone Sonay straightjacketed, takes on 2 guys, 10 inch BBC, brutal deepthroat!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Simone Sonay is a real life swinger that craves the cock. She loves, no craves, the sensation of being overpowered and dicked down by some proper penis. Proper dicking down is just what Sexuallybroken provides. This hardbodied blonde is an out of control nymphomaniac. Around here we take out of control nymphomaniacs and stick them in straightjackets. Simone is going to get worked over by not one but two cocks today. Maybe, just maybe, the restraints and multiple dicks might satisfy this sex crazed swinger.

Securely bound in our well used straightjacket, blindfolded and chained to the legendary Sexualllybroken fuck bed with a ring gag jammed in her mouth hole, Simone is ready for the games to begin. And we are eager to play. The ring gag makes it impossible to close her face pussy. There is nothing she can do to stop the rock hard cock from fully sliding down and owning her throat meat.

After we tire of the ring gag, we rip it out so that we can better hear her moans and let the drool flow. Now it is time to pick up the pace. It is time for the 2 man tag team of ragdoll fucking that Sexuallybroken specializes in. Simone is in for the ride of her life. The straightjacket keep her confined and helpless, she is just a bag of holes for our use. And use we we do. Both ends melt under a flurry of cock. Never letting up, never giving her a chance to catch her breath. 10 inches of BBC slam home with a fury. Simone gasps and cums helplessly all over the dicks owning her holes.

Back and forth she is flipped, her makeup smearing, her hair wrecked. Drool coats the straightjacket. Her eyes are glazed and unfocused. She has cum so much she has become drunk. Blasting sluts into sexual subspace is the Sexuallybroken specialty. We leave her limp with her head hanging off over the bed, mouth hole open and panting. This one is a keeper.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Beautiful Dahlia Sky destroyed by dick! Brutal deep throating, massive orgasms, ragdoll fucked!

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Dahlia Sky might some across as a bit shy and quiet, but we know under that calm exterior lurks a sexual beast just waiting to be unleashed. And here at Sexuallybroken we have just the tools to unleash lurking sexual beasts. Even the shyest of sluts melt under the unbeatable combination of rope and cock. Throw that bondage on and work over the throat a bit and that shyness just melts away like fading snow on a spring day.

Blonde, beautiful and blessed with a booming body, Dahlia is due to be deconstructed by dick. We are going to take her apart bit by bit to reveal the wanton whore underneath. We start off with a leather blindfold and her elbows bound behind the back. The loss of vision and mobility is the first step to unraveling this slut. We have her strip off her panties while bound and splay out her legs to show off her exposed cunt. Her wide open mouth shows that she is ready for the action, and we promptly oblige, shoving a rock hard dick down her face pussy.

She warms up quickly, and is taking it balls deep in short order. This is extreme deep throat, and our slut is quite skilled at it. Her nose is directly on the belly and those big pleading eyes start to mist up. We pick up the pace. Bending her over in her bondage, we take the other end. Dahlia moans like a whore in heat as the cock slams home. This is her sole purpose today, to serve as a collection of holes for our use.

We shift her onto our handy fuckbox after cutting off her dress. We want to unwrap this present properly. Resting on her belly with her arms cranked up in a strict strappado, Dahlia is completely exposed and helpless. Face down, ass up is a good look on her. We reward that look with more dick down her throat hole. Dahlia is not quite as shy and quiet now, the unraveling is in full effect. Her makeup is destroyed and running all over her face. When makeup meets cock, cock wins every time. We use our trusty vibrator to rip a few orgasms out our her limp bound body. She cums helplessly, her hair a mess, face covered with her own drool mixed with makeup. Enjoy that, we might be back later for another round…but for now, just enjoy that bondage.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

AVN award winning MILF India Summer takes on 2 guys, Extreem deepthroating, multiple orgasms!

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

India Summer is the total package. Stunningly beautiful, a genuinely nice person and the heart and loins of a raging pervert. This is not a bored slut coasting through for a paycheck, this is a lifestyle swinger that loved the animalistic place raw sex takes her and started doing porn so that she could get better access to top shelf dick. Top shelf dick is exactly what Sexuallybroken provides. Today we are going to unravel this sexy swinger with cock until she is cross eyed.

Bolted with her back against a wooden beam set at the perfect angle for throat boarding, blindfolded and shackled down in place, India’s mouth hole is at the perfect service height. Anyone could come up and make use of it and this blindfolded slut would not even be able to see who it was. And that is exactly what we do. We warm up that responsive cunt with a vibrator and then get to work on that throat. One after another we run a train on her face pussy. India is breathless and dazed and we are just getting started.

Moving quickly while she is still stunned from the throat boarding, we unshackle her and shift her onto a table. Flat on her back and legs in the air, we have perfect access to both ends. It is time to take this swinger down. India is Chinese finger trapped, both ends stuffed full to the hilt. She is utterly overwhelmed, but the the farther we push her the more she loves it. A wide sex crazed grin dances across her face. Her makeup is wrecked, her false eyelashes sliding across her drool covered face. When makeup runs into dick, dick wins every time. This sexy swinger is a mess, completely destroyed by dick.

When we have had our fill, we leave her shackled on the fuck table, dazed and cum drunk. She might not be able to remember her own name, but she is certain that she just had the best dicking down of her life. This one is fun as hell and deserves every award for fucking you can throw at her.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!