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Maddy O‘Reilly gets restrained and throatboarded by 2 huge cocks, brutal challenging deepthroat!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Today we have one the always eager Maddy O’Reilly back to grace our stage. This redheaded sweetheart comes across as shy and somewhat quiet on first impression, but first impressions are not always accurate. This all natural girl next door is actually a raging sexual animal that craves as much cock as she can possibly get her hands on.

Bound down and splayed out on a custom made wooden bondage device with her legs spread wide, Maddy is lashed down with leather belts. A vibrator is screwed into place between her wide open legs to ensure she will be getting nonstop unrelenting sensation while the cock is owning her throat. Her lush body is oiled down to display it properly. The restraints ensure that she can not do so much as twitch, and her neck is firmly held in place by a belt. We walk right up and make full use of Maddy’s mouth. It is warm and inviting and feels just like home. This is throatboarding at its finest.

One after another, the cocks step and use Maddy’s facepussy. She gurgles and moans around mouthfuls of dick as drool pours out and down her oiled breasts. We run a train on her throat, using it fast and hard without mercy. The bondage and relentless pace serves a purpose, plunging Maddy into sexual subspace. Her face goes slack as she is blasted right out of her mind. This is exactly why Maddy came to us today, she craves that Sexuallybroken experience. All the while, the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her exposed pussy.

Dazed and confused and cumdrunk, Maddy is a drool covered mess, reduced to a mere cockshealth. We have long ago pounded out her throat to an exact fit. She can do nothing but lie there limply and moan. This is what sexually broken looks like, although in Maddy’s case it is more like sexually destroyed. We leave the vibrator running and walk away as yet another orgasm comes spilling out of that hardworking pussy.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

All natural redheaded girl next door Claire Robbins takes on 10 inches of BBC, cums over and over!

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Claire Robbins has a fresh and wholesome look that belies her sexual urges. This is the kind of girl that you WISHED lived next door. She does not have the typical blonde plastic pornstar look, but she can perform circles around of the girls in the industry today. She throws herself into everything she does with unfettered abandon in her search for sexual subspace.

Bound face down, ass up on our legendary and well used fuckbed, Claire’s perfect pink holes are completely exposed. A neck rope prevents her from doing so much as wiggle. She can do nothing but take whatever we wish to dish out. And what we wish to dish out is a full serving of 10 inches of BBC slammed home to the hilt. Her pussy makes an irresistible target and we make full use of it. Adding a belt around her waist to further drive her home onto the dick, we reshape her hole. This redhead is going to end up custom fitted by the time we are done with her.

Adding the vibrator onto her restrained body, Claire is blasted into another dimension. She cums over and over as the cock owns her hole. All the while the neck rope is providing jus the right amount of pressure on her lily white neck. Bondage and neck pressure and dick and vibrators are the perfect combination to melt even the most experienced porn star’s brainmeat. They do not stand a chance. Claire’s eyes are fogged over and her mouth hole is open as she moans and gasps, overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure washing over her.

Her limp body, held up only by the bondage, shows just how well the dick has won. This porn star has met her match. When we have had our fill of that red headed pussy we walk away, leaving her still tied up on the bed. If we want another serving, we will be back later. Always a pleasure Claire…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Sexy Skin Diamond gets bound, fucked, stuffed full of cock and brutally deepthroated!

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

They do not come much more eager then Skin Diamond. While she might one of the biggest names in porn at the moment, her true passion lies in what Sexuallybroken can deliver. Skin can fuck, and fuck extremely well, but being restrained and pushed and challenged is what really makes this slut wet. Today she is in for the ride of her life. We are bringing 2 cocks to the table to properly work her over in the manner she craves.

Skin is a tiny compact thing, so we start her off with some good stretching to limber her up. Cranked up to her tip toes and then hoisted up off the ground, Skin dangles helplessly. We do not want this fuck slut to forget her place. Her wide grin as she dangles from her wrists shows that Skin is in her happy place. Lowering her down to her knees, we tie her arms around our legs so that she can not get off the cock. She is roped down, dick in mouth hole all the way to the base. It is the perfect tie for face training.

While still tied, we stand her up to her feet so that we can have access to that flawless ass. Once that perfect bubble butt is up in the air, we make full use of her pussy. All the while, the cock is still buried in her mouth. Skin is tag teamed and worked over, rag doll fucked while in tight restraining bondage. Her eyes glaze over as the rough handling unlocks the sexual beast lurking behind those glamour looks. Skin’s flawless model looks barely contain the raging fuck animal that lies underneath. Here at Sexuallybroken we know the key to peeling the veneer back-lots and lots of bondage and dick.

She gets so into it she is growling and lunging at the dick, lost in sexual abandon. This is a beast that needs feeding. It is a good thing for us she is bound and we outweigh her. Skin’s eyes glow as she takes the dick to the base, deepthroating every inch. We have fucked her from every which side, and Skin is lost in sexual subspace. This animal needs corralling, and we yank her back into the arm suspension, leaving her dangling there like a sexy slab of top shelf meat. Her feet tread the air, unable to find purchase. It is a fitting fate for this sex addict. We leave her dangling, well fucked and well stretched.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Selma Sins drilled down by two cocks, brutal challenging deepthroat on 10 inch BBC multiple orgasms!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Selma Sins is an eager bundle of sex. This fresh faced Latina is a relative newbie to the industry, she brings both eagerness and enthusiasm to the table. We like a can do sort of attitude here at Sexuallybroken, and plan on rewarding it with cock. Lots and lots of rock hard cock jammed down her greedy little mouth hole. How will that can do attitude hold up under the unrelenting attention of multiple dicks? Let’s find out, shall we?

Using a study wooden beam as a makeshift crucifix, Selma is shackled and spread out. A metal collar screwed into the wood holds her head and neck firmly in place. Thick metal cuffs keeps her arms spread out wide. A vibrator screwed down between her chained legs is the final touch. Her bound up breasts jut out proudly. It is go time. We step up and make ourselves at home. And by make ourselves at home, we mean reshape out her throat meat with cock. it is going to be an unrelenting training of her face pussy.

Selma can not move or shift her face away, and takes every inch of the cocks that are running a train on her mouth. All the while, the vibrator is going on full blast between her legs. She can no more close her legs then she can shift her head. She cums, hard, while the dick is buried deep down her throathole. We add some nipple clamps to those tied up breasts and keep up the pace of the deepthroat. Drool flows out of her well used mouth as the cock plunges in. We add some weights to the nipple clamps to remind Selma or her place.

As the training intensifies, she becomes more and more unraveled. The face pounding, the bondage and orgasms, all serve to blast her into sexual subspace. For all the dick Selma has done, she has never experienced anything quite like this. Her chest is heaving, her eyes are glazed and deep throat spit coats her belly, running down to her pussy and coating the vibrator. Selma produces one of a kind throat lube, it it so thick and sticky you could bottle it. The vibrator rips another orgasm out of her bound pussy as her eyes roll into the back of her head. We leave her crucified and shackled, shiny with drool and the vibrator still going full blast. Welcome to Sexuallybroken Selma…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Chanel Preston tagteamed by dick, ragdoll fucked while straightjacketed, brutal epic deepthroat!

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Today we have the lush and sexy Chanel Preston back to grace the Sexuallybroken stage. We do not have just anyone back, it takes a certain type of stamina and enthusiasm to be invited back for another round. Chanel brings the sort of hunger that makes you want her back. Plus she has never been in a straightjacket before. Let’s take her straightjacket virginity and see what happens, shall we?

We buckle Chanel up in the straightjacket, and once she has been throughly immobilized, throw her down on our well-used fuck bed and bind her legs open wide. Her head hangs over the edge, opening up her throathole perfectly for the dick. We walk right up and make immediate use of her facepussy. We are nothing if not generous however, and make use to apply a vibrator between Chanel’s spread open thighs. Her pussy is on a hair trigger and she cums almost immediately, the rock hard cock wedged down past her tonsils the whole time.

Untying her legs so that we can properly ragdoll fuck her, we pick up the pace. The goal is both ends plowed, simultaneously, relentlessly and without mercy. It is a total destruction by dick.The cock owns her throat and pussy.She cums over and over, she can not help herself. We flip her around every which way, using whichever end at whatever angle we so desire. Chanel’s eyes roll up into the back of her head as the overwhelming sensations wash over her bound body.

It is time for the finishing touch and we use our fingers to milk a squirting orgasm out of that well-used pussy. Fingerblasting pussy is an art, and once you know the skill you can unlock the key over and over again. To seal the deal we add a neck rope to provide just the right amount of pressure for our cumdrunk starlet. They always like the neckrope. Straightjacketed, neck tied off and rolling around in a sex stoned puddle of flesh is a look that Chanel wears well…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Deepthroat specialist Gaia restrained to bedframe vibrated while throatblasted on brutal deepthroat!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Gaia really really loves to deep throat. It is what she was put on this planet to do. She worships it as if the cock was the very air she breathes. This compact little Asian simply can’t get enough of the dick and here at Sexuallybroken we truly appreciate that level of dedication. And we reward that kind of dedication by stuffing their faceholes full of cock until their eyes glaze over and they start gasping.

Restrained with zipties on an unforgiving metal bed frame with her head hanging over the edge, Gaia’s throathole is wide open and exposed. Even the most experienced of cocksluts will get a proper throat reshaping when bound in this position. A vibrator is locked in place to measure her ability to multi-task. How well can this experienced Asian cock addict focus on her task while the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her bound body? A dusting of oil to properly shine up Gaia’s booming curves are the final touch.

We simply walk right up and own Gaia’s throat. There is not a thing she can do about it. The rock hard cock pounds her tonsils. To her credit, she takes it balls deep. It is like a magician making a rabbit disappear into a top hat. If the top hat was a throat. While the dick plows her facepussy, the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her restrained pussy. Gaia is so dedicated to her craft she has Porn tattooed right above her cunt. We entertain ourselves by resting our balls on her forehead as she gives us the big eyes.

The cock starts to break her down. She is dizzy and glassy eyed, her throat reduced to a cock sheath. The multiple orgasms and the strict bondage blast her into subspace. Her face and hair are destroyed, slick with her own throat lube. When we have repounded out the shape of her throat to be custom fitted to the shape of our dick, we walk away, leaving her well-used head dangling off the side of our fuckbed.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Maddy O‘Reilly tagteamed by two dicks, brutal bondage, epic deepthroat, totally destroyed!

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

This Midwestern redhead looks like the girl next door, but under that wholesome facade Maddy O’Reilly is as freaky as they come. You do not end up in porn getting drilled down on a regular basis in every which way possible if you were not a total freak. Today we are going to rip away the girl next door and unleash the freak. And we have not one but two cocks to use for the task. Maddy is going to come undone.

Bend over and bound down with leather belts on a pillar with her neck firmly attached, Maddy can not move away or shift in the slightest. Her ankles are shackled to a wooden box, which also provides a handy step up to her mouth hole. Both ends are completely exposed and vulnerable, wide open open for the dicking down she is about to receive. The set up is just that easy and that hard. She can not escape the cock, and today the cock will have no mercy.

It is relentless. Two cocks simply step and and go to town. They never slow down, they never give her a break, they never let up. Maddy is going to be worn down and totally taken apart by dick. They slam home to the hilt, completely owning every inch of her flesh. They fill her face to the brink, and as they do, the drool flows out and dribbled down the pillar. Her eyes glaze over as gurgles escape out her stretched out throat. All the while her other end is getting furiously pounded. It is total sexual destruction.

We grab her hair to better steer her face onto the dick. We grab her hips to better steer her into the dick. She is simply a bag of holes for our use. Maddy is conquered by cock. She cums helplessly, she can not help herself. To be so totally owned is this girl next door’s deepest wish. When we have utterly blasted her into sexual subspace, we walk away, leaving Maddy still shackled. Her head lolls on the drool covered pillar, her mouth is open and slack. This is what sexually broken looks like.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Redheaded cutie Marie McCray bound, sucks and fucks, brutal challenging deepthroat, used hard!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Marie McCray is a redheaded cutiepie who looks way too innocent to do all the hardcore things she loves so much. But we know the truth. Here at Sexuallybroken we love taking apart that innocent facade with the best tool possible. Which is lots and lots of cock and orgasms. There is no better way to reveal the wanton whore that lies beneath the surface.

The set up is beautiful in its simplicity. All it takes is a few short pieces of rope to completely bind her arms behind her. Marie is now completely helpless, her perky breast jutting in front of her, her ass barely covered by jean shorts. Now it is time to play. We maul her a bit and then it is on. Dropping her to her knees, we put her to work. Her throat meat is for our use. Marie struggles and chokes on the dick, doing her best to get on top of it. The rock hard cock has no mercy and we stand up to pick up the pace.

Watching her struggle on the dick is amusing enough, but it is time to unwrap our present a bit more. We have her remove those tight little shorts with her bound hands, always a fun game in our book. Laying her down on a wooden fuck table built at the perfect height, we make use of of her mouthhole a little bit more before moving to the other end. Both ends are simply holes for our entertainment. It is take to take this redhead down.

Unleashing the floodgates, we lay down total sexual destruction on Marie. Using a punishing pace, we never slow down, never let up, never give her a chance to get on top of it. She is flipped over, flipped back, and used in every which way. Adding the vibrator completes the sexual overload. Multiple orgasms rip through her bound body. Marie finally grasps the true meaning of sexually broken. We leave her spent and blasted body draped over our fuck table, eyes smudged, face covered in her own juices and well used in every hole.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Tagteamed twosome! Twins Emma Hazie and Odette Delacroix take brutal deepthroat, sexually disgraced!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Tag teamed twins Odette Delacroiz and Emma Haize are here today to be turned into a pair of throat pussies. Both these tiny things have proved their worth in completely opening up their faceholes for the dick. And today we are going to reward them properly for their hard earned skills acquired over the service of many a dick. These two are are going to get a front row seat to the action of the other right here on the Sexuallybroken stage as we make them face off.

We start off by binding their arms behind them, effectively immobilizing them on the spot. Then we mash their little faces together and have them kiss. The sight of these two sucking face inspires us and we drop them down to their knees to use them for their true purpose. Heads tilted back, mouth open, throats wide. Rock hard cock down the back of the gullet. The gurgles and moans that emerge are music to our ears. We pick up the pace.

Standing them back up we have them strip off their panties and Emma is promptly bent over and railed. She takes every inch without protest. Now that their underwear is out of the way, it is time for the real action. Shoved back down to the ground, crotch rope is added to their smooth clean shaved pussies. The crotch rope provides just the right amount of tension and pressure to keep them focused on the task at hand.

We keep up the punishing pace of the deep throat, cranking their heads back. Both of them are locked in the zone of sexual subspace, used hard, fast and without mercy. After a though plowing of their throatmeat, we yank up the crotchrope. Both of these bunnies dangle, their thin limbs restrained, the pain shooting through their bound bodies. We leave them hanging out like drying laundry. It is a fitting fate for throat sluts such as them…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Redheaded sweetheart Claire Robbins bend over a barrel, tagteamed by dick, totally destroyed!

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Our favorite redheaded girl next door is back! Claire Robbins has the innocent face of an angel, you would never think she would do the hardcore action she does. But behind that innocent facade lurks a sexual animal of unparalleled skill. She will take anything you throw at her with a grin on her face and ask for more. Lucky for her hardcore is exactly what Sexuallybroken dishes out.

Bound and bent over a barrel, both ends of her are wide open and ready for access. She is completely vulnerable, firmly lashed down and unable to do so much as wiggle. Two rock hard dicks walk up and make full use of those helpless holes. Her new purpose in life is to be a cock sheath. Nothing more, nothing less. Claire is in her happy place as we fill her to the hilt. She is Chinese finger trapped as both dicks attempt to shake hands in the middle.

In a relentless flurry of never ending banging, Claire is slowly but surely worn down. Pussy does not have a chance against that much dick. Back and forth we switch, using both ends as we see fit. We swap mouth and cunt, cunt and mouth, dicked down balls deep. Claire is destroyed, face slick with her own juices, gasping quick breaths of air as the cock allows. Her eyes are locked in a far off place. This is sexual subspace at its finest.

We pick up the pace. It is time to seal the deal for this redhead. She finally grasps the true meaning of sexually broken. Her mouth is slack and well fucked. We deliver a bone jarring pounding that blasts her into another dimension. When we have had our fill for the moment, we walk away, leaving her lashed over the rusty barrel. Claire makes a great decoration and we might want to have another serving later…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!