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Lush Latina Selma Sins stuck in stocks and dicked down hard from both ends, epic deepthroat!

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

We are happy to have back the fresh face Latina next door known as Selma Sins, along with her powers of super drool. We have never met someone who can produce the amounts of thick drool that this one can, we should put up hazard safety cones. Today is about thoroughly owning both ends of this eager fucktoy.

The set up is both simple and effective, a thick wooden beam and some shackles. Bend this slut over the beam and shackle her down and we are ready to have some fun. That is all it takes to completely immobilize this slut. We have free and ready access both ends, all of her holes belong to us. We step up and make full use of our holes for the day.

Starting her off with some flogging on that juicy young ass to put her in her place, we turn that ass a nice shade of rose, before introducing 10 inches of BBC right down the back of her throat meat. Her legendary drool pours out and covers the floor. This slut is unraveled into a hot mess almost instantly. All it takes is some bondage, a few hard dicks and a little hole training to make little Selma a foggy-eyed puddle of flesh. She is beginning to grasp the true meaning of sexually broken.

We do not let up. Picking up the pace, the dicks drive Selma deep into sexual subspace. She cums hard, relentlessly, over and over as the cocks plunge into her helpless holes. We throw in the vibrator just to rip yet more orgasms out of that fresh pussy. Some deep, brutal throat training drives our point home and leaves our shattered starlet draped over the beam, drooling profusely. Enjoy the ride my dear…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Redheaded slut Daisy Ducati bound down and fucked hard by 2 big cocks, squirts everywhere!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Daisy Ducati is a fit toned tall drink of water with a body built for sin and a pussy build for squirting. She has only been modeling for a few years but has already built up quite a name for herself with her eagerness and abandon. We like eager sluts around here at Sexuallybroken and know just what to do with them. Mainly, tie them up and fuck them from every which side until their brain melts and they are left twitching in a puddle of their own cum.

Bound with leather belts in a wooden custom made bondage device that keeps her long legs spread and her head tipped back, Daisy is in the perfect position for the dicking down she is about to receive. Her long thin neck dangles down, exposing her mouth hole. Her flawlessly shaved pussy makes a ripe target. Her oiled body gleams. We step right up and make full use of those waiting holes. First we try and loosen up that tight little throat. For a porn star, this slut needs practice. Lucky for her, Sexuallybroken specializes in throat training.

While we have a dick in one end, we take a rock hard 10 inch BBC and sink it home balls deep on the other end. Daisy’s eyes roll into the back of her skull as waves of pleasure wash over her bound body. Her muscles gleam as she strains and cums repeatedly. The drool flows out of her well used face pussy. The cocks own every inch of her tender flesh.

Time to take this home. Daisy is fucked silly, dicked down hard and leaking out of all of her holes. We fingerblast her cunt, ripping squirting orgasm after squirting orgasm out of it. Daisy is dazed and confused, her squirt dripping down and puddling on the floor, coating her belly and breasts. THIS is what Sexuallybroken looks like. And it is a good look on little miss Daisy.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Big titted Asain, is bound, brutally face fucked made to squirt. Extreme deepthroating and hard sex!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Hot Asian beauty Gaia is back and today she is taking it hard. This amazing gift from the heavens, was built for sex, lives on sex, is sex. Gaia is one of the few you can throw everything you got at, and she wants more.

It’s a simple update, we have Gaia helpless bound, and we are going to bring the cock. It a epic onslaught of hard dick that would most girls would have to tap out on repeatably. Not Gaia, we don’t think you can Sexually Break this girl. She takes everything you have and wants more. Words are hard to describe how hard we fuck this helpless tiny Asian girl, so we are going to let the free video preview clue you in on the action. In the end we make this slut, cum, squirt and beg for more cock, all while bound and completely helpless.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Raven Bay bound on movable sybian, brutal face fucking, deepthroating, made to cum over and over!

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Welcome the beautiful tiny Raven Bay to Sexually Broken. This hot exotic beauty was built for sex, no gag reflex, a amazing phat ass, pretty face and probably a textbook nymphomaniac. This girl is dirty and we love her for it.

We modified a dolly, put the world’s most powerful vibrator with dildo, and bound our sexy Nympho to it. Ravens elbows are bound behind her with her hands also cuffed in leather. There is nothing Raven can do, but cum over and over while we are brutal fucking her pretty face into subspace.

We simply keep turning our little bound slut back and forth as we abuse her perty face. Hard cock fucks her throat ,hardly giving her a chance for air. All the while the sybian is making her cum over and over. We have turned her into a piece of cock sucking furniture. Every second the vibrator is working on her clit, as we turn her between two hard cocks. Her eyes are glazed, she can’t stop herself from cumming, as the cock brutally fuck her throat over and over. In the end Raven is a mess, her pussy is swollen to about ten times it’s normal size, and her throat so well fucked it hurts to swallow. We love complelty used sluts on Sexaully Broken.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Redheaded girl next door Maddy O‘Reilly gets drilled by 2 cocks, epic deepthroat, multiple orgasms!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Maddy O’Reilly is an all natural redhead that at first glance seems way too innocent to be doing the hardcore things she does, but don’t let those wholesome looks fool you. She is as twisted as they come. This girl next door wants to go as hard and deep as she possibly can. Lucky for her, hardcore is what Sexuallybroken specializes in. Today we have not one but two cocks to bring to the table. Maddy is in for the ride of her young life.

Bound down with leather belts on our custom made wooden bondage fuck table in a classic head up ass down position, Maddy is about to get dicked down until she can no longer remember her own name. A blindfold cuts off all sight. She can not see or anticipate what is coming, all she can do is get lost in the sensation.

Two rock hard cocks step up to the table and unleash on Maddy’s tender flesh. It is an unrelenting drilling down that never slows down. never lets up, never gives her a chance to get on top of it. Today is about wearing her down and conquering her with cock. Maddy cums hard, earth shattering orgasm after orgasm. A dick in the mouth and a dick in the pussy, controlling every fiber of her body. The bondage and blindness and orgasms blast her deep into sexual subspace, leaving her shaken and breathless.

When we have had our fill of plowing her throat and pussy, we leave our lush fucktoy still bound and blindfolded on our fuck table. She makes a great decoration and we might come back later for seconds. Maddy is still blindfolded and gasping, ass up and waiting. She has no idea what we will do next…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Yamine De Leon gets completely destroyed by cock, brutal deep throat while bound, massive orgasms!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

There is face fucking and there is face fucking and then there is what Sexuallybroken does. Today Yasmine De Leon is here to get the Sexuallybroken treatment, which is to be bound down, made to cum and facefucked until her brains run right out of her pretty little skull. This is throatboarding at its finest.

The set up is beautiful in its simplicity, you don’t need fancy bondage to completely control someone. A few metal pipes and leather belts is all it takes to reduce Yasmine to a facepussy on her knees. On her knees is a very good look for her, and we walk right up and make full use of her face. Once the rock hard cock is introduced to her tender throat meat, Yasmine starts to grasp what she is in for. There will be no mercy, no restraint, no gentleness, just us using her face for all long and as hard as we desire.

The dick owns her mouth, the vibrator owns her pussy. She is reduced to a cumming, drool covered sexual animal in bondage. The tighter the restraints, the deeper the cock goes down her throat, the harder she cums. Her makeup is destroyed and her face is slick with her own juices. Gone is the pretty porn star that stepped onto our stage, the dick has reduced her to her essence-a sheath for our cock.

When we have turned this starlet into a babbling cummed out shell of her former self, when we have ripped every orgasm left out of her pussy, we wrap up. Yasmine’s eyes are clouded and vacant in her well fucked face. We leave her languishing in her bondage. We might be back for another round later-if we feel like it. Enjoy the ride my dear…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Eager cock slut Claire Robbins gets pounded by 2 big cocks, brutal deepthroat and punishing fucking!

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

We love Claire Robbins here at Sexuallybroken. This all natural redheaded cutie is the girl next door with a twist-she is a complete and total unapologetic freak. She does the dirtiest hardcore action imaginable with an angel face. And where to angel faced perverts go to get the hardcore action they so badly crave? Sexuallybroken of course.

Bound in a classic fuck me position on the legendary Sexuallybroken fuckbed with her white little toes pointed up to the ceiling, Claire is in the perfect position for the epic dicking down she is about to receive. Today is simply about turning this wholesome harlot into a bag of holes. And we are bringing not one but to massive cocks to the table to complete the task. The plan is simplicity in itself. Ragdoll fuck her all over the bed until she can no longer recall her own name.

Aided by our trusty vibrator and some rock hard cock, we proceed to destroy this cutie. It is an unrelenting takedown via dick and orgasms. Claire lives for this sort of thing and you can see her blissfully dropping into the subspace she so deeply craves. The bondage, the cock, the hard cumming are the keys that unlock the door to complete sexual abandon. Claire is reduced to a babbling cross eyed fuckdoll.

When we have had our fill of this slut’s mouth and perfect pink pussy, we walk away, leaving her still bound and twitching on the bed in bondage. She is a glassy eyed undone puddle of well fucked flesh. Which is just how we like them around here.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Cock sucking champion Lotus Lain delivers brutally epic deepthroat, is totally destroyed by cock!

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Today Sexuallybroken is proud to introduce Lotus Lain, a deep throat champion that we predict you will be seeing a lot more of. While this eager throat slut might be relatively new to the industry, what she might lack in experience she more then makes up for in enthusiasm. This is someone that gives it her all and holds nothing back, which is exactly how we like them here at Sexuallybroken.

Blindfolded and handcuffed down onto our trusty black fuck chair, Lotus can not see or anticipate the dick. A blindfold and a pair and cuffs is all it takes to reduce this slut into a bag of holes. We walk right up and slide down that well trained throat. It feels like home. She can take it to the base, balls deep, without hesitation. We rip off the blindfold so that we can look into her eyes while skullfucking her. The drool pours out like water and her eyes glass over almost immediately.

Moving quickly, we shift her off the chair and bring her down to her knees. Her makeup is already destroyed and her entire face is slick with her own juices. Lotus is starting to understand why we call this Sexually Broken. We continue to drill her face hole down with the dick, but this is just the warm up. Time for the main course.

Throwing her down on her back on our fuck stool puts Lotus at the perfect height for fucking and sucking. We open the floodgates. It is an unrelenting dicking down, back and forth, owning every inch of her tender holes. All she can do it take it. And she does. This is what someone flying in sexual subspace looks like, and this sort of handling is exactly why they keep coming back begging for more. When we have had our fill, we leave her blasted and dripping in her cum and drool, draped over the fuck stool and twitching slightly. This one was fun.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Newbie Katrina Jade with natural DDD breasts on her 1st bondage shoot is facefucked epic deepthroat!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

In keep thing with our tradition of combining both experienced sexual superstars and completely new talent, today we introduce a brand-new face to Sexuallybroken. Katrina Jade is freshly in the industry, and she brings her all natural triple D breasts and classic beauty to her first bondage shoot. How will this newbie handle the Sexuallybroken experience? Can she keep pace with the sexual athletes that we have grace our stage?

Bound out and crucified against a metal frame, Katrina is at the perfect height for facefucking. Rope keeps her arms out and neck immobilized. When they can not move their head to shift away from the dick and must simply endure the drilling down for as long as we wish to give it, we call it throatboarding. Katrina is about to get throatboarded until she can not get her eyes uncrossed.

We start off with cutting away her dress to expose those perfect natural breasts. After some quick thrusts down the back of her tender throat with a massive BBC to establish her place, we unbind and splay out her legs. Tying her legs open wide, we add in a vibrator and screw it in place. Now we get to assess her multi-tasking skills. Can she handle being throatboarded by cock while cumming her brains out?

We wear her down and it is a beautiful sight to see. This newbie gets to see what it takes to hang out here at Sexuallybroken. The relentless cock has reshaped her throatmeat. She has cum over and over. Drool dangles off her chin. Her eyes are misted over and gazing in a far off space. When we have had our fill of her facepussy, we walk off, leaving her bound and still cumming. Katrina will not be forgetting today anytime soon…


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!

Hot Filipina Mia Li is Bound, Oiled, Brutally Face Fucked and drilled with cock! Made to Cum and Cum

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Sexually Broken is happy to bring you yet another fresh face to its growing list of superstar models. Welcome Mia Li, this tan, sexy, big titted Filipina is as hot as they come. With amazing puffy blow job lips, an ass to die for and a throat for sucking cock, she is the total package.

We have Mia bound in custom leather cuffs, bent over, with her oiled tan legs spread while wearing her sexy high heels. Mia’s hands are bound to a pole and her neck is attached so she can not back away or move from the cock that is about to deeply fuck her face. Her perfect ass is sticking out just begging for attention as she struggles in futility.

Hard cock steps up and a quick slap to the face puts her in the right frame of mind. We make her jack off the hard cock with oil as she watches it grow in her hands. Mia knows she is making the cock harder and harder and soon it is going to brutally fuck her pretty face into subspace. The cock pushes pass her huge blow job lips and into the back of her throat as a huge black cock starts fucking her helpless pussy from behind. As she moans we push the cock deeper down her throat and now it is on!

Completely helpless in leather and metal bondage, we destroy Mia with cock. We brutally fuck her pretty face, while destroying her wet pussy with hard big cock. She moans and gags on cock, she fights for air and soon deepthroat spit covers her pretty face as the cock wrecks her brain. Her eyes focus and unfocus as the cocks continue to fuck up our helpless Pacific Island girl. Both studs breed her pussy hole as the cocks cum and come hard inside our broken slut. In the end liquid is oozing out of every hole and poor Mia stars off into subspace, still shaking from the orgasms that we just stole from her powerless body. Cock.


Sexually Broken = Inescapable Bondage Sex and Devastating Orgasms!